Learn to talk with my self

True consciousness

There is only one way to know the conscience that it is always curious and conscious about it. The more curiosity and consciousness in which the more curious and conscious, it makes a deep search about it and certainly finds him one day. You should be more and more curious and conscious about your soul. You will be familiar with your soul, listen to her speech, you will be free from ignorance and will be the official of peace in life. The curiosity of the conscience should practice listening to the sound of the conscience on behalf of the mind. The body’s lust seems to be very dear to your worthy time, but their cord is so odd that, do not solve. The family of problems arising from trash is more than that. Take the money, it is necessary, because your dependents can run properly. It should be done by satisfying as much as possible, and the remaining powers should be applied to the immunity, Parmarth. But who does it? Everyone’s Havish ran from lakh to lakh to millions. To deposit, it seems so dear that, continuous restlessness continues to fulfil it. The business of trade made to fulfil the rest is so much that gold and food do not get too much.

Even knowing that the result of selfishness is the result of sadness and para march, people usually repeat the same mistake – leave the path of Paramarth and walk on the path of selfishness. Even while living on the desire to adopt credit, it seems to be a mind and hesitant in mind, even when the shame and fearing seem to grow in the same direction. The name of the person who constrains to walk towards sadness except for the path of happiness. People are attracted towards today’s momentary benefits, that in the future, there is no attention to his adverse effects. In other words, it can say ignorance.

One thing is to consider with very seriousness if our life ends today and death is standing in front, then how can they resolve problems, aspirations and worries which are now troubling us. Life has been called transient like water bubbles. He is not unreal. In the youthful youth, the bodies of the age passed through the eyes every day, the soft children from the flowers are wounded, then what is sure about our only one will get the opportunity to survive till the age of hundred years? Because of the day which passes fast, hundred years can be held in a few days. It is a matter of thinking that if the tragic clock is present in front of yesterday, the problems will be resolved.

The proper requirements of the body can be easily completed. Fabrication of cloth and family proper nutrition to fill the stomach. Whose ambitions are limited, it can get enough time for true full Sadhana. If the control is received on lust and trash, then the brain can get great leave for self-contemplation. The ambitions of the trash, the creation of the trash, keep sucking all the oz of man. If they can get rid of this Devil, then every man has something to think about and survive some time to do something that he would complete his goal. This unique science reserve is rich in the human body. Using the human body by utilizing immortality to the era and the era. There can be two use of life. Busy life in the jandal of a trashy and lust, in which there will be no desire for the sadhana of autism. Secondly, with the limited aspirations, while spending time, like Karmayogi, it is also edited to the Paramarth, playing peacefully the responsibilities of the world. Certainly, the second life is more prolific and more profitable, but it is a matter of surprise and regret that all of us are adopting the life that there is no more about unrest, destruction and afterwards. These two types of life sequences should be considered and thought to compare.

How much thinking is done in solving many ordinary problems? His effective solution search is removed. It is a matter of regret that we are more valuable than millions of crore rupees. The question of utensils of this rare human life is in ignorance. This neglect is how much painful, how much such a look is possible, it is possible if it is possible to put it today, then this mistake is improved today. Lack of time usually lives for those things that understand the important, unusable, useless thing.

Observe yourself so advantage, and staying at the time to enjoy the body, it is justified for us to take twenty-four hours? There are two pathways of uplift and downfall in this world that go in conflicting directions. One of them is called Paramartha, second to selfishness. They only call them with virtuous sin, credit-dear. The path of praise and condemnation, peace and unrest are also the same. Of these people can voluntarily choose anyone for themselves. And your future happiness can make peace or tribal. Walking on the credit route, a man reaches divinity at the end, by adopting the greatness of humanity and ruining the circumstances of heavenly enjoyment. On the contrary, walking on the beloved path, man has won the life full of animalism, and in the end, reaching the situation of anger and hell to scorching in the turbulent and troubled mood.

Self consciousness.

Do not worry about the far-reaching results, but by thinking immediately, man is to be killed to misbehave but if his thinking is that I will get permanent peace, then his approach will be of another way, then he will think like that? Likewise, think ?? And do the same as good thinkers. The basis of the character is the only visionary approach. The happiness and peace of the world are dependent on the development of this intelligence. The creation of civil society is the main atmosphere of fulfilment that humans became visionary, keep the attention of tomorrow prospects before today. Take work from discretion. He should do what he thinks of which to think is appropriate. The brain that will be able to stop the brightness towards the tempting on the path of ignorance, which will be victory in the same warrior life struggle. The same will be available tomorrow’s boon of his sadhana, he can become the officer to be called divine personality person in this world. This land receives the glory of the earth, by such patience, it becomes false heaven. Today, it seems to be discovered and constructed. Here every best person has had to go through the difficulties, in the fire tests of inconveniences.

Those who have adopted discretion, and do not remove any reason behind the condition, literally crosses this Bhavnagar, the same is left with the magic of Maya and it is meant to hold the human body. The route of credit is great. It is not difficult to walk on the virtue of Virtuality, superiority and greatness. And it is also not difficult to make peace available continuously in this direction. The requirement is only that, that man immediately abandoned the greed and considered the results and manufacturers its activities based on it. The truth of truth is the conscience of man. By being pure, Buddha and self-consciousness can never increase the darkness of ignorance. The presence of untrue near God is impossible, in the same way, it is not possible to enter the untrue.

The conscience of human beings, listening and understanding, the same is true, the same is true knowledge. The disciplined man can achieve the philosophy and real knowledge of the truth. On the achievement of real knowledge, all the mourning and sorrow of man becomes self-resolved. Where there will be light, there will be darkness and where knowledge will not be sad.

The lack of light is dark and the absence of knowledge is only sad. There is no other fundamental existence of sadness. There is only one way to know the conscience that it is always curious and conscious about it. The more curious and conscious of which remains more curious and conscious, it is very deep in the subject, and certainly one day it gets. You should be more and more curious and conscious about your soul. You will be familiar with your soul, listen to her speech, you will be free from ignorance and will be the official of peace in life. The curiosity of the conscience should practice listening to the sound of the conscience on behalf of the mind.


The conscience is a friend of man and always wants his interest, then why is he not direct, why does it live? This question can arise in any person’s brain. This is the answer, that the soul is always directly direct, but it is the only view of man that he could not see it. Sun always is direct when there is a disruption between him and sight, the sun is indirect for him. The purpose of the mind between the man and his soul has been curtained, due to which the direct soul is also indirectly for humans. If a man ignores the priority of this mind, then surely his conscience is direct to him.

Here everything is rooted, the pancratium. Which is all inaccessible, ruthless. Dear is the only soul. While the soul’s aura does its extension, there is an experience of lovely, sweetness, beauty, greetings. The same proportion is useful and helpful for the same proportion to the same proportion. This fact is very full of truth. Everyone knows it so much but how wonderful, knowing that all of us are unaware, they are forgetting the importance of the soul and they are mad behind the substances. Sometimes it is thought that without managing in their internal situation Why do we stay poor? Why do not you accept all the property of your country (God) to accept your limited money? Why do we experience friends, the lack of strangers? Why do not you accept all Vasudha? Why are we helpless and weak? Why do not you develop infinite force filled in your soul? This will be the same as the development of the world, the world will seem to be helpful and useful for us. There is a lot inside you. Not too much is everything.

Outside is only within the shadow. This is a lot of insides, finding, understanding, improving, making and enhancing this. The importance of spirituality is infinite. The expansion and importance of the spiritual sector are extremely huge. His successes are so great that intellectual people enter into that area by sacrificing bigger than large suffering in physical life. Rishi, Muni, Tyagi, ascetic was not stupid, they were true behaviour. He had followed the practical policy of sacrificing small profits for the big profit. While scattering seeds in the soil, the farmer also does this. Given the process of sadhana, the loss of loss, even if it is is not the same thing. There is a lot of essence in it. There are factories, reverence and trust, courage and patience, concentration and stability, perseverance and resolve, on which these cultivates are successful.

The soul is the centre of knowledge science. The basic basis of happiness and peace is the same. The seeds of advancement and prosperity are hidden in it. The basis of heaven and salvation is the same. The Kalpavraksha is not within himself. The satisfaction of the unauthorized wishes can be possible only by self-confrontation. The soul is universal which is touching black-coloured human life like iron, it transforms into divinity. This is the nectar which is a solution to the era of era. The soul is full in itself, who has seen him, the same truth which has acquired him, was not left to get something else. The soul should understand the atom of Vishwanath. We should recognize ourselves.

A Real “I”

You are all troubled by internal unrest. The solution to this question of life is not in external successes or the world. Their solution is inside humans. The basic base of spiritual progress is to make the pure and cleansing of Karan. The satisfaction that appears above also goes sterilized in the absence of accuracy of the end. That man is a fortune that has made his end of his end and whose life is being oriented towards spirituality.

Spirituality is the philosophy of life, based on which all the prosperity and all achievements of the unbroken universe are useless. hard work is required to fulfil your goal in life. The sadhana and diligence of continuous are called by the virtue of the tenacity, but the one who is done for sacrificing is the same. Can not be called to penance for tenacity. He has body and mental disorders. The purpose of self-procrastination can not be received. There is no place to collect with tenacity. The actual tap can be called to endure the trouble on their body for the benefit of other people. To achieve the goal of my life, for lifestyle, experience Virat sensation and the divine energy of the universe will show to be genuine, only then will be able to get the real “I”


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