Challenge of AI

Finding a new solution

Karma is one of the natural responsibilities of humans. We have one of the most important human needs to play responsibilities assigned. Therefore, business, job, profession, education and employment have become an integral part of human society. Every person seems to be something, earns some money through some medium, even if the nature of his work appears differently. Certainly can not say The reason behind this is that in the last few days, with the rapid development of the technology up to the robotics from the machine learning, maybe we will expect new jobs in the next 50 years.
Today we are seeing automation and development in almost every field in the world of a technology revolution. Naturally, many people seem to be afraid that once everything becomes self-reliant, how would human jobs be available? People never felt such a fear, it does not matter. In the last century, when the period of industrialization was started, many people had felt that the results will be similar and many will lose their job. But history has shown that nothing happened. On the contrary, employment opportunities have increased, the life of the people has become happy and many new opportunities have been available to people prosperity and wealth. Despite such assurances from history, at this time people are not useless due to their fears of people, they are appropriate.

Generally, two types of powers are found in man. One is called physical power, while the other is called intellectual power. In the era of industrialization, the body of man’s physical labour took the machines, yet there was intellectual control of humans. With the advent of heavy machinery such as tractors in the areas of agriculture, industry etc., the role of factory workers has not diminished, on the contrary, it has increased; Because intellectual work like communication, suggestions and analysis do human same. It is a different matter that, the role of the human brain is seen in danger for the first time with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Usually, when a name is taken, people think that this is a computer thing; But the case is not that. Today we are seeing control as well in the field of biology along with social science. For example, driving is not only a case of intellectual and physical ability but also a case. Near the road standing person’s driver. How fast is he coming on the road? It should be estimated; So that he could break at the right time. But now the driver is also coming and these self-propped vehicles can do this work better than humans. Thousands of vehicles have landed in Europe and America and the next ten years, they will be used in everyday work all over the world. Now the question arises that in the next 50 years, if only self-propelled vehicles are going on in the whole world, then what will happen to the daily employment of so many people? What will they do in such a situation?

Artificial Intelligence not only can do any work properly but some qualities are beyond the ability of humans. The ability to make themselves great by updating themselves repeatedly. Humans often go back over time because I can not reconcile myself with the technique, But it’s not like Artificial Intelligence. For example, if a new method of medicine was invented in the United States, then it will be taught to doctors in Africa. Many years passed on this matter; But if there is an integrated network of Artificial Intelligence, then it is possible to spread that knowledge to the whole world. These are only some goal determination shareware that you can use. For example, the number of road accidents every year is about 13 million. If Self Propelled Vehicles are running everywhere, then reduce the number of accidents up to 90 per cent immediately possible. There is a reason behind this. This means that 35 per cent of accidents are due to driving by drinking alcohol, 30 per cent are due to wandering the attention of the driver at the speed and 25 per cent are accidents. All these accidents can be prevented immediately by self-driving vehicles. Also, such methods are being searched, in which Artificial Intelligence will be in a position to give advice and communicate according to his mood. He can also get access to a person’s relationships after a few decades.

Certainly, we think that the machine will dominate almost all human capabilities and its responsibilities. If so, it is equally true that if all payday works are completed through automation, then the use of human capacity and its intellectual capacity can be used in those tasks which are in the form of a challenge for human existence today. All these activities include incurable diseases to solutions to the environmental crisis. And not that this will create employment opportunities for people in those areas which we do not see today.

Deals with challenge

From this point of view, the future will not be competing between humans and machines, it would be more appropriate to say, if it was possible, then we would need to prepare human society for such a challenge. It is to say that in the era of industrialization, we did not need to give more training to men to run machinery. By running the vehicle in the war, till the factory control machinery, most people in the very small world learn in a few days. But at the moment most people are not ready to question that intelligence that we may need to control artificial intelligence and work it like humans. Just as a good wisher has never raised a gun in his entire life, it is not as challenging to leave it on the battlefield as it is to send any nine teachings to conduct a drone life without any preparation or knowledge. It seems that if we do not give people the necessary preparations and training today, because today we have a lot of work, there will be many wandering in the future, which will not be able to find themselves in any kind of employment. We estimate everything from financial problems due to unemployment to mental and physical health problems. Today, when the problem of mental stress is getting to see in the form of demonic groups, and if a huge human society falls into its clutches, it is possible that we have to face a large internal conflict or war in the future. An important issue in all these problems is that when all the needs of the outer world have to be completed from machines, we are forced to think about the main issues of human life.

What is the purpose, what is the purpose of our life in the form of human life, this question does not disturb man today; Because all his energy goes into work and money. If humans do not feel needed to meet these requirements, if they do not feel needed to escape them, then they will be forced to think about the questions of life and walk on the spiritual path. We can see this even today. Many people still wonder to meet their purpose in life; Because they do not have much money, and the peace of their mind has gone somewhere. In this era of growing self-governance, there are some issues that today’s society needs to be considered and addressed.


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