Bioelectric energy 💡 3

Ultimate change 🥏

A description of an eight-year-old girl named Voldaya Denshik appeared in the issue of ‘Moscow News’ on August 22, 1680. This girl can see with her lips even in the dark. Even after covering twenty-five papers on a very finely written paper, it tells everything that is written in the paper below? Dr Stanley Michal, a Chicago-American hypnotist, has claimed that there is a man of his identity named Ted Sirius, who can take a picture of any distant place in the world by mere mental imagery. They don’t need to be from the present time, it is also from the past, it is a matter of time when the camera was not even invented. For example, if he wants, he can shoot all the scenes of Alexander’s war, who were present there at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the kind of work the labourers did when building the pyramids of Egypt, all those scenes.

Hearing such news, Paul Belch, editor of America’s world-famous magazine ‘Life’, and his colleagues were very curious. He took the same camera from the ‘Life’ office. Reel too filled his hand and went to Dr Michel’s office. Ted Sirius sat down on a chair. Then he took that camera in his lap and fitted it in such a way that his face came in front of the lens. Now he seemed to be remembering some incident from the past. Concentrating in his mind, he pressed the button of the camera. The first two or three pictures came out vaguely, but the one picture that came out very clearly was a picture of some very ancient statue of Greece.

Mr Michel was a hypnotism specialist, so Mr Paul Belch feared that this photo might have occurred as a result of his hypnotism, so he again called Ted Sirius alone in the office of ‘Life’ magazine. Camera film also filled by ‘Life’ office. Paul Belch said – This time he wants a picture of a 17-storey building whose windows are visible. Sirius sat down again as before. He put the same picture in the camera through mental imagery. It was not known which city this building could be from, but that picture was printed in ‘Life’ magazine. People were amazed at the amazing ability of Ted Sirius. Ted also says that today people only see me, but I will soon prove that the body has a luminous power and can see the whole world sitting in one place. Ted has also brought out such pictures of soldiers of the First World War and America’s War of Independence, which were true pictures of the then conditions.

Powerhouse: your body

In general, time is not a thing, it is just an expansion of the universe or the soul, if we achieve that original light point, then we can become omnipresent. Eyes, ears, nose and senses are not necessary to move and feel, the light form of the soul itself is full of these abilities.

Till now it was believed that if an object is to be seen, then light and eyes are the only two things necessary. When the light hits the retina of the eye, then the part of the eye (knowledge-cell) gives all the information to the brain by performing a special kind of chemical action. A mind is a third object, which experiences the light and the working of the eyes and divides them into other parts of the body by preparing new types of plans, orders, experiences, that is, if there is no mental consciousness, then even though there is light and eyes. Impossible to see
Research on the eyes was done in 1667. Three scientists of the world were awarded the Nobel Prize, one of them was Dr Wald. While explaining the structure of the molecules located in the ‘retina’, he told about a unique element called ‘Visual Purple’ (Rhodopsin) and said that it converts light particles into electric waves, these electric waves go to the brain and do shadowing. One more thing is known is that light is not able to show the object directly unless it is converted into the potential of electric impulse.

The ‘British General of Medical Hypnotism’ published similar news and told that only one organization used to work in Bangkok, which trains the blind to see with their cheeks. Its operators claim that human cheeks are more sensitive than all other parts of the body and that there is an abundant flow of subtle spiritual powers. The importance and direction of kissing are so that this sensitive part can be used only for the right purpose and to make good use of the subtle abilities of the person.

You have a source of infinite

In 1654, a doctor from Bangkok experimented with the help of psychology on a 13-year-old boy. It is noteworthy that along with training in psychology, he was also told to meditate and meditate. In meditation, he is asked to concentrate the mind on the cheek. After 6 months of treatment, he regained the ability to see through his cheeks. After this, experiments were done on ten people who cannot see with their eyes, out of which 6 were completely successful this experiment. Now they look with pleasure on their cheeks. These examples show that there is such an importance in the world, by developing a limited amount of which, even extraordinary powers can be awakened.

Scientists also believe that such a network of fibres has spread inside the animal that whatever new problem comes, they can present the solution. What can be seen with leather eyes is very common. The work of seeing is done by the lens of the eye, but their range is very small. At a distance, their limits are exhausted. Objects that can be seen come in them, but this world is very vast. Not all forms of matter are visible. The unseen is much more than what is seen. Take only the movements of the atoms, the sky is more numerous and more active than the planets and constellations. If it is possible to see and understand the electric currents and action of the atoms, bacteria, and energy working in the body, then it would appear to be as large, wonderfully capable as this vast-universal universe. Where are the eyes possible to see all that?

Even in the visible objects of the visible world, only a small area comes into our eyes, to understand it is further things. This purpose is fulfilled by the internet, newspaper, telephone, radio etc. Seeing that the power of the eyes is not working, we have to increase the field of information by other means, the more those who have these resources, the more he benefits.
We have another eye which extends beyond the nearness of gross vision to the infinite, which is called the subtle vision of divine vision. One can develop this eye if one wants through yoga practice.

A man also has a similar instrument given by God, which can be said to be much more powerful and comprehensive than the combined achievements of inventions. There is no need to buy it or take any major education to operate it. Ajna Chakra located in the middle part of the equator is its third eye. By doing sadhna to open it, that inner light can be developed, through which many events can be experienced. Not only this, but this third eye also has the power to understand the state of mind, emotion, imagination, plan, desire, faith and nature of living beings. The practice of developing this command wheel can give us the unique gift of sharpness and breadth of vision. This gift is capable of not only getting the introduction of the present but also foreshadowing what is going to happen in the future.

A third eye 👁️

A mythical third eye is also shown in the images of Lord Shiva and Parvati. This can be done like a television. The divine instrument of Doordarshan is installed here. Sanjay had narrated all the scenes of Mahabharata through this medium.

This third eye is very effective. It can also be seen, understood, invisible and visible. Just as the rays of X-rays pass through solid materials and take pictures of objects that are not visible to the eyes, similarly the camera of this command wheel can see the invisible. Through this, not only the purpose of seeing the objects are fulfilled, but it is also possible to understand the state of mind of living beings. The matter is not completed only by seeing and understanding, the ability of the command wheel is beyond this, it can also influence and change others. In mesmerism and hypnotism, this divine potential can be exercised through the gross eyes.

This Ajna chakra is nothing but to concentrate the acquired prana in the equator on the middle screen of the skull in sufficient quantity (focus) and then collect various types of information by its deposition. Through this, the mind can be concentrated.


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