The Origin of everything this is!

Attract what you want??

Willpower is present in all living beings. Every living being desire to live life. If one wants, one can raise it to such a level that he can lead a meaningful life, and can make life successful with amazing achievements. Your willpower may be running below its capacity, which leads to negative energy in life. With proper effort, it can be empowered and making the best use of it can move towards the desired destination. Just as the pot fills drop by drop, similarly, with small efforts, the will can be strengthened.

If seen, we are alive based on the will and are using our organs and organs properly. God has given us eyes to see, but what we see or what we do not want to see – we decide for ourselves. Here willpower is activated, which is linked with the IQ of the person. In this way, if any work is being done consciously, it means that it is the result of the will, otherwise, it will be considered a lack of will.
Willpower is also directly related to physical health. A weak body does not make full use of the will and because in such a case the body does not have the power to follow the decision of the mind and disease reduces this will. A sick person has to put in a lot of effort in doing the ordinary work of daily life, which a healthy person can easily do.

In this way, the disease weakens the will and the person feels weak. When a nut bolt of a machine becomes loose, as if it is not able to work properly, similarly disease takes away the power of the person and leaves him in limbo.

Decode the true meaning of concessions.

Therefore, a healthy body has a strong will, but a healthy body doesn’t need to be needed for a strong will, there have been many rich and great people of character, who have been physically in fragile condition or suffered from serious diseases. His life was affected by illness, but his will was always paramount.
He proved that more than the body, the firmness of the mind and the zeal to live determine the success of life. When a person’s mind becomes doubtful and conceptual clarity is impaired, he lacks of normal will.

Willpower is linked to a human’s IQ. The one who decides, but the intensity will is not stubborn, the one who wants to see everything in his favour has no relation to reality. While the will knows how to bend, it has the necessary flexibility and knows how to adapt itself to the person, situation or event.

Thus willpower is the determining force of personality. If it is strong then everything else also gets fixed and adjusted in its place. Desire is not a mere desire, it is the deciding force, which every part of the human being has to obey. In fact, with will comes courage, with perseverance. Mental patients may also have visions of great willpower under an impulse, but it lasts only a few moments, with no decision-making ability and unable to cope with reality on their own. Thus willpower is one such characteristic of the individual.

One who has clarity and firmness of mind and can implement his decisions. Keeping in sync with reality, it fulfils its goal by taking its resolution to the conclusion. Undoubtedly a healthy body is its strong foundation. Based on a strong will, a person can do anything and his resolve creates the universe.

Willpower can be strengthened, it can be strengthened by doing the following small experiments in daily life.

  • By evaluating yourself regularly, try to bring clarity to your life and adjust it according to divine discipline, this will nurture the roots of will.
  • Timely sleep and morning awakening are the experiments of willpower, based on which a systematic routine is possible. If the habit of sleeping and waking is disturbed, then it can be carried forward by making small improvements every day, by strengthening the will.
  • Regular activities of morning walk, exercise, self-study and chanting-meditation etc. keep the mind strong. Strengthens the will. Needless to say, that willpower is directly related to a disciplined lifestyle. A chaotic life full of laziness weakens the will.
  • Thoughtful use of speech in practice demands willpower. When to remain silent in adverse situations, control over our emotions and impulses, and practice necessary tenacity and tolerance are the experiments of will. The practice of maintaining a balance between the dualities of life is its high-level application. Necessary improvements can be made on this basis in the bad habits and by implementing their independent thinking and decisions, one can move towards the set goal.

In this way, by using willpower in small actions, and living life consciously, it can be empowered. The art of living life is practised by balancing the internal and external aspects of life and making the best use of God-given assets and resources, life moves towards the ultimate goal by creating the necessary rhythm and music in life. Undoubtedly, at every step in the great journey of life, the will has a central role.


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