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Strong and calm minds can only adapt to change.

The room in which the fire burns, gets completely hot. If there was fire, it is within the limits of fuel, but its light spreads far and wide. The sun travels far away and carries its light and heat to the earth. The sound of clouds can be heard far and wide. Energetic people carry the effect of their fierce personality to far-flung areas, and also change the circumstances. The environment is affected by them. The power that produces this effect is the life force, in whatever form it is acting. She can be of both the level of god and devil. Its improper use leads to the same destruction as a proper process produces good results. This conflict of life process is the main reason among the subtle causes of conflict between divine and demonic forces.

One of the laws of heat is that more heat flows towards the device with lower temperatures coming from its touch. If one hot-other-cold iron is kept close to each other, then the cold will start getting hot, the hot-cold. They will exchange their qualities with each other and try to reach the same position. This is also the speed of electricity. Electricity will run in all the areas as soon as the current touches the wire. His power will be distributed in that area. The effect of life-electricity is also proximity.

As much as the superiority of the conscious energy over matter is, there is a difference between the physical and the life electricity. Prana Vidyut is innumerable times refined and sensitive. Hodgkin Huxley and Ackles, the Nobel Prize-winning scientists in biology, have discovered the electrical impulses operating in human cognition fibres. According to his propositions, the knowledge fibres are a kind of electrical conducting wire, in which electricity keeps running continuously. If these threads are put together from the whole body and kept in a line, then their length will be more than one lakh miles. It is to be considered how much power will be required to keep such a large system moving in different directions.

Analyzing one part of the body, the brain independently, there are about ten billion neurons in it. Each one of them is in contact with about twenty-five thousand other nerve cells. Many research details have been published in the book ‘Awareness’ by parapsychologist woman Eileen Garrett about the aura that surrounds the human body, in which she has depicted an electric fog around the body. She considers the changes in the colours and heights of this fog to be the result of the ups and downs of her thoughts. The pictures of this aura have also been taken by the Soviet scientist ‘Kirlien’ and have said that they keep on changing. These effects of changes were not only considered as a symbol of physical health but based on that, the causes of diseases hidden in the inner part of the body have also been tested.

The state of electricity present in the human body is different. It has both the elements of consciousness and sensation. She rules over the whole body, the mind is her central institution. Even so, it cannot be called body power. The electricity that burns in the bulb does not originate from it, that power comes from somewhere else, where it shines. The electricity found in the human body is conscious. It is called the soul-image. It is not only power but also sensation. Thoughtfulness is his special quality. It perceives moral and immoral facts and on that basis does not remain the same as physical electricity.

How is such a big factory stored in such a small skull? Seeing this, one has to be amazed at the workmanship of the creator. If such a resourceful electronic brain is to be built and built, then all the electrical equipment around the world will have to occupy as much space as the factories built. man. If we consider every single cell of the brain, then there is a storage capacity of up to 8 GB. Undoubtedly, man is a living powerhouse, but the light that flickers, and the normal electricity that burns cannot be compared to it.

The biological plasma torso.

Pavlov, President of the Moscow Medical Institute, has gained a special reputation for having found the study of the aura to be very useful for disease diagnosis. This aura is called the direct subtle body. Its scientific name is ‘The Biological Plasma Body’. Researches from the Kirov University of Kazakhstan say that it is not wrong to consider this aura to be a group of excited electrical molecules of the body, but it should be added to it that bacteria are also included in it. At the same time, when its power is mixed, it is a systematic and automatic unit, it has its production, access and transmission capability.

Once a scientist from Bologne’s physics observed a current of electricity coming out of a frog’s leg during an experiment; Due to this, the muscles of that frog are getting excited. Based on this information, Dr Metucci, a resident of Forli, gained much new information and was told that electric currents are generated due to the contraction and expansion of muscles. This showed that the bodies are hidden treasures of electricity in the inner institutions. This English scientist Walter made many discoveries and provided the benefits of those discoveries to the medical world.

There are strong waves of electricity in the human body; This thing first appeared in a form of observation by doctors in the April issue of ‘Medical Times and Gazette’ coming out of France in 1866. A child was born to a householder in Lyons. When the child turned seven months old, he started complaining that touching the child’s body gives an electric shock. By the tenth month, the situation became such that it became difficult to even go near the child. Unable to bear his blow on his family members, they fell in shock. So the child died. A light blue light erupted from his body 10 seconds before he died. The doctors also took his photos but they could not do any analysis of him. When the child died, there was no heat in his body, nor any shock. From this, it has been proved that there is a power like electricity in man, whether it is generated from the food consumed or from some other etheric mediums, but it is certain that this electricity is the sustainer of life, consciousness. The reality of human life cannot be known until its knowledge is not known, no matter how much progress science may make?

Professor Harald G of Neurology at Yale University has proved that every living being is surrounded by an ‘electrodynamic cover’. His conscious ability is facilitated by this field to communicate outside and capture other influences. Later in the research on this electrical cover, scientist Leonai Rovings proved that it is not an iron shield, but it can be made lighter, heavier, shallower and deeper by the influence of the brain. Its efficiency can be increased or decreased.

The infinite wealth of world knowledge is called the ‘Universal Memory of Nature’. This is also discussed in the name of the ‘Book of Life. The history of world consciousness from the beginning till now is written in this book. It can be explained as a giant library of ‘micro movies’. It is not known in a rough form where what records are inscribed, but experts can find out what is kept in which section of the cupboard of this museum, and in which place?

Animal magnetism

Mindfulness is practised to attain proficiency. Material scientists can develop this process in their way and soul scientists in their way. This is also possible through meditation and austerity practices and also through those parapsychological experiments, which are being adopted by the experts in this field these days. The importance of many known and unknown currents of electricity is being understood in the physical field. Even more important achievements are expected to be achieved in the next few days than the benefit that is being taken under its influence. Similarly, there is a possibility of many uses of human electricity. Science is actively engaged in this field and is confidently in a position to achieve many achievements.

Biologists in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Bulgaria are particularly interested in the supersensory abilities of humans. They have achieved astonishing successes in the last thirty years. Doordarshan, collection of thoughts, and predictions have now become old subjects of research. There is a new link in it ‘psychokinesis’. The abbreviation for this long word is – (P.K.). It means the ability to influence and operate things with the power of thought. Just as with the help of fire or electricity, the form and use of objects can be changed, they can be moved, so there is the possibility that the level of consciousness can be affected by the specific level of electricity found in the human body. Will be able This will not only provide benefits from the development of the supersensory ability but also helps a lot in the prevention of physical and mental diseases.

Kaminsky and Karl Nikolaev, a Russian parapsychologist, citing many details of their research, have said that distant sensations happen to people spontaneously, but are specially trained for them, this feeling can be further clarified and developed. could. A detailed description of the tests conducted in this context was published in the Pravda Magazine under the name of an article titled ‘Cosmos Body’. The physical structure of man is strange and amazing compared to other creatures. The structure of the hands in the sense organs is such that with the help of which proficiency in many crafts and skills can be achieved, the eyes are not only useful for seeing, but the radiance emanating from them is also useful for attracting influence to others.

The brain itself is an extraordinary electrical institution. Till now, only intellectual power and morale were praised. Now those flows are also being detected, which are capable of affecting and discovering a wide area. So much that can be achieved if understood and in pursuit of the dignity of self-realisation, is engaged in the promotion of products, and is quite praiseworthy in comparison to the material achievements so far.

The aura casts a shadow around the entire body. Its circumference decreases towards the feet. Gradually it becomes wider and by reaching the brain, its width increases. In almost the same way, this beam of light spreads around. Its width is found outside the body from 3 to 7 feet.

Astronomers know that there are many stars in the sky whose light takes thousands of years to reach the earth. A star may have died thousands of years ago, but its light has started coming on the earth with its speed and continues to shine for thousands of years, while it has died long ago. The speed of light is 1 lakh 86 thousand miles per second (estimate) He does not run more than this speed, but the human mind is more speedy than this.

Manifesting life goal

It is to be noted that the mind is not merely an image, but if conscious energy is attached to it, it becomes a powerful fact like light. And do the same work, which forces like space-wide heat, and magnetism work.

If it transcends the speed of light and reaches where the light waves of a thousand years ago have not reached, then undoubtedly all the events of that time can be seen directly, as if just now. That’s what they are happening. If our powerful unconscious electrical systems enable the meditative consciousness to lag behind the speed of light, then there is no reason why we cannot see and understand long past events, and individuals. Not only this, superhumans who died thousands and millions of years ago can make a connection with the aura lights flying in their space and enjoy the same benefits that would have been possible by sitting near them or taking their influence. A person who achieves the above success can listen to the Gita emanating from the mouth of Shri Krishna Ji in the same way as Arjuna listened to while sitting nearby. It will not be difficult to hear the Yogavashistha narrated to Rama by Vasistha Ji in this form even now, all the events of Ram’s character and Krishna’s character can be seen in sequence. Trikaldarshi Rishi had become proficient in this knowledge and had the power to know everything in his hands. Not only this, but they could also turn around the possibilities of future events.

The visionary person can see or know the events currently happening in different places, interact and exchange messages. Not only this, if he has any motivating and useful ability of his own, then he can also benefit him by motivating him for someone else; But for this, it is necessary to edit the self-power acquired by austerity. If we wish, we can also edit the manifestations of self-power like the wealth of body, intelligence and money, and its magnetism-radiance can be so strong that it can affect the persons and things on the base in the desired quantity and our human being can give you. To be able to prove successful in every field.


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