Is our development limited to population only?

Development has to be stopped from becoming destructive.

Control on population

The castes in the world were more reproductive, they also become undeveloped ‘Dynosaurus’ and ‘Brantosoron’ castes found in European are the state of the state, now they do not even see one man in the world. His women grabbed the second capability and they were fighting and destroyed in the name of eating. While there is a little bit of Spartans in Israel and Kazakh number, there is a glorious place in the world. The principle of ‘population remains alive’ can be experienced by these exames. You must have seen the operations by the Russian military in Ukraine in luxury. And the race to become a superpower has started. Swine is the most child-giving animal. It has to do with your abdominal dirt. Its self is very weak. On the other hand, ‘Lion’ gives very few children. His physical ability is so huge that when the roar, then the next claws take the earth, then roar. It is feared that the earth should not be burst anywhere.

When he fills the roar, then all the trees and plants of that area tremble. India has always introduced restraint to India on the world. Whose roots are virtuous. Therefore, the Vedic life method of India is best.
The ridiculous thing is that on the one hand, this ‘dinosaur’ of population growth is coming to swallow, on the other hand, the human race, becoming blind to lust and material development, is imagining the crisis to be averted by hiding its face in natural calamities. This is evident from the fact that despite many warnings, the rate of growth of the population remains constant every year. On the one hand, there is a concern everywhere with the increasing population of the world and the matter of controlling it is being said everywhere. Everyone is talking about making themselves the best. Our educational institutions are based only on marks, so there are some countries which are trying to increase their population. I am sharing this some old thing with you that in some countries on earth like Bulgaria, the story is completely strange. It was necessary for every woman to give birth to two children there, or will be, for the future they are duly given incentive rewards. Grant is given to two children. If a couple produces twins, they will be given a comfortable house free of cost. Along with this, a free pass would also be available to travel anywhere in the whole country by train.

What to call these delusions, rules, and practices that when the existence of human beings is being questioned on one hand due to population growth, on the other hand, this fact is not being given serious attention. If immediate efforts are not made in this direction by paying attention, then more control over the current enthusiasm for population growth and scientific progress will be difficult in the coming days. Yes, so much effort will be made that at least a way should be found for the survival of mankind for at least a hundred years. Efforts have already been started for this and from the year two thousand. Whatever is to be done, whatever is to be done, what is to be done in the period from the year two thousand to twenty-one – today its outline should be clear in front of everyone and there is a need to start the necessary efforts in the time to complete it.

have to eat grass.

Even after this, if proper efforts are not made to stop the population growth, then in the next days from food crisis to various legal crises will arise. As we all know that in countries like Sri Lanka, the President has to resign because the clouds of a food crisis are looming. Essays have been published, and some of them are summarized as follows:-

These days the population of the world is increasing at a very fast rate. According to the compounding sequence, this number will increase further in the next few days. Of the new offspring, girls start producing a new generation on average at the age of 16 and boys at the age of 21. In this way, there is a surprising increase in the annual increase of population growth. If there is no extraordinary impediment in the current activity, then in the year 2025 this rate will reach up to 22 crores annually. It is estimated. It is also said that in 2035 to 2050, a situation will arise that if the final condition of the Great War is approaching, then the population will make the subsistence of human beings in the world unaffordable and due to the limited resources of the earth, the increased population will face starvation or starvation. The pandemic will only balance it. In this episode, a disease like a corona is a living example.
Every person of thoughtful level is concerned to stop the growth of the population. In every country, the government is doing various propaganda and gathering resources to control the population, yet this flood is being controlled in very less quantity than hope and need. In the world there is an abundance of low levels of pollution of the educated and mental level, that too has not been aware of the ill-effects of unnecessary increase in child production and are voluntarily in this increase, even if it results in whatever, anyone, how much Why not suffer?

The biggest crisis for the growing population will be the shortage of food items in the next few days. The amount of food that is produced in the world now, will be filled with great difficulty. The multifaceted efforts of production are lagging in comparison to the increasing population and the result of all efforts to produce food remains insufficient. Where the pictures of food waste in 5-star and 7-star hotels in many programs are miles away from the agenda of the media world and other institutions.

In increasing the habit of non-vegetarian food, it is thought to provide some relief in the consumption of food; But due to the increase of humans, the problem of habitat and fodder for the animals is getting complicated. Slaughterhouses are unable to meet the consumption of leather and meat, the proportion of animals in the world is rapidly decreasing and the shortage and inflation of milk, ghee, meat etc. is coming to the fore. In no time the animals will be forced to lose their existence in the competition of humans. Those who understand the seriousness of the situation say that there will be no cows and no goats in the next few days. Due to the clearing of the forest, it will also become difficult to get the meat of wild animals. With the speed with which the rivers are throwing the toxic water of factories of big cities into the sea and the amount of ash being dumped in the sea of nuclear power and nuclear power plants, the life of the fish will also become impossible, then neither will the fish. The meat will be available, neither domesticated nor wild animals.

If atomic weapons like Great War and Pandemic Catastrophe do not work, then one will have to worry about food items for the increasing population of human beings and at least such a way will have to be found so that the hearts of the dying of hunger and suffering will have to be found. Didn’t have to watch the disastrous scene.

Then what?

To solve the food problem, visionary thinkers are thinking that because of the crisis presented in the availability of food or milk and meat, ‘grass’ should be made the main medium of diet. When innumerable animals feed on grass for a living, what and why should man find it difficult to depend on it? In mobilizing arrangements for housing, agriculture, industry, transport, transport, education, governance, medicine etc. for the increased population of human beings, the greenery-producing part of the existing land will be reduced. Then the animals will have to end their existence on this earth. Cow, buffalo, horse, donkey, sheep, and goat will not be seen by anyone. In such a situation, the grass and straw left over from agricultural production will become the medium of subsistence for humans. Wood will not be available if the trees keep going. Grass will be converted into the wood by special chemical reactions. The needs of clothes, paper etc. will also have to be met by the grass itself. Out of this, whatever part is useful for human beings, will be converted into food items. Due to lack of practice, people will probably find it difficult to eat grass like animals. Teeth will not be able to chew it properly, the stomach will not be able to digest it in raw form. In such a situation, the scientific class has thought of this remedy that the grass should be changed in such a way that the shape and taste of the present food items can be obtained. This is not just a fantasy or a plan, but a fact, which these days, rapid efforts are being made to give practical shape and promising success are also being found in them.

The need for protein in the diet is considered to be the highest, in the past, efforts have been made to obtain it through oil seeds and the substances made from it, ghee, milk, eggs, meat, dry fruits etc. have been substituted for food items. Is. By mixing ingredients like sesame, groundnut, linseed, mustard, and soybean in flour, biscuits, sweets, dishes etc. are being made. Due to this, where the shortage of food is fulfilled, nutritious elements are also available there. What remains after the oil is extracted is still often fed to livestock as nutritious food, But the next day there will be neither animals nor food for them. Then cheap rotis will be made by mixing that animal food with flour and the new generation will eat them tastefully as a sign of their good fortune.

But it is also a matter of confusion when even the food becomes scarce, then from where will only crops containing oil be grown so that the work of that increased population can be done. Therefore, keeping in mind the cheapness, the matter will come on ‘grass’ only. These days the grass is eaten by the animals, and the straw of the cereal plant would then be used to solve the human food problem. It has been found that up to a hundredweight of protein can be obtained in one ton of grass. Green-coloured protein powder will be extracted from the grass by making pulp. By mixing three-fourths of its quantity and one-fourth of grain flour, almost the same shape and edible items will be made.
Milk is being obtained from soybean. If there are no animals in the next days, then even real milk and ghee will not be seen.

In such a condition, only such a substance as milk will be made from the seeds and plants, which will at least serve the purpose of amusing the mind and the demand of time. Grinding peanuts and soybeans is still becoming a thing of the same level, but in the next days only the powder of such grass will be made white and thin with the help of chemical substances and by adding a few drops of chemical aroma like milk, it will be made like this, Which milk can become a medium of entertainment for the people. The market is still full of spurious ghee, and vegetable ghee; But there is a difficulty in that coconut, peanut etc. are going to become scarce in future. The oil used in them is made from the seeds. In the future food items like food grains, oil etc. will be as expensive as today’s dry fruits and sweets, and they will not be used by the general public. The grass will also become a lubricant like ghee. There is oil in the trees of pine, deodar etc. One will have to depend on such cheap vegetation for lubrication. Well, he won’t need much. People with weak digestion will automatically avoid lube and consider its use unnecessary. Whatever deficiency is left in the foods made from grass, will be
The rotting of sugarcane, rice, etc. would be accomplished by adding yeast to it, then double loaves and bread made of grass would ridicule the backwardness of today’s cuisine. yeast and hay double.

Waking up to life will not be a compulsion

Bread made from a mixture of grass will be consumed. It is estimated that after about thirty years from today, when the grass will remain the staple food of humans due to increased population, there will be no kitchen to cook daily food, but big corporations and companies will increase the circulation of packed food and also earn profits. The attention of botanists and government institutions has turned to do more effective research in this context. Mechanisms and chemicals capable of converting grass into food grains are being introduced. It is estimated that the land of vegetable production will then give priority to growing grass of the developed variety and people will be able to enjoy food in some way by cutting many of its crops.

Yet the question of space constraints will remain. Two-storey, three-storey buses are running in big cities. The trains will also become two-storey in the next days. Multi-storey buildings are being built. The field on the top of the field may also become like this. Not only railways, and roads, but also settlements will be established under the ground. By stopping every drop of rainwater from entering the sea, it will be used to quench thirst, for irrigation and factories. Online education will and will be done at home for education. This method will be simple to save the space which is surrounded by schools and colleges. There will be a flight or a rope car for traffic so that the crowd crawling on the earth does not die by being crushed, some such measures will have to be used.

The smoke of tomorrow’s factories running to meet the non-essential needs of food, human beings and subsistence needs – both these crises will be the biggest curse of the increasing population. Even these days pollution in the air is increasing at an alarming pace. The factories are engaged in poisoning the water from rivers to the sea.

Similarly, we have to make a worthy effort to save Mother Nature. That prediction of 2012 was a prediction, it had come true, but based on the Conscious State, this disaster was merged. The time from 2012 to 2027 is the time of change for the earth based on the conscious state of all of us. This merger is possible only by making the right selection by increasing the energy from the Collective Consciousness. The time of covid has proved to us the best example of solitude medicine. We need that all of us together return to nature once. Understand the message of nature.

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