We are all heading towards the 4th world war.

solution by war ???

If we look back on the pages of history, then in every era, mankind has been fighting amongst themselves on some issue or the other. During the period when the human race lived in the forests, there were wars for the basic needs of food and shelter. After this, with the development of civilization, there was a trend of wars between small and big communities to get a share of land. After that, during the reign of Raj, there were wars and struggles for power between different rulers and kings. Long periods of war in the name of religion have also been taking place in the corners of the world. Even in the era of democracy, there were wars for ideologies between different countries. During the period of imperialism, the trend of war started for the dominance of economic, political, and resources at the global level. Under this, the human history of two world wars has been witnessed in the twentieth century, in which the destruction caused raises hair about the horrors of war. After the Second World War, there have been many wars even during the Cold War era, the process of which does not seem to stop to date.

The economic factor has been playing a decisive role directly or indirectly in the causes of war. In the mythological period, religion-dharma, policy-immorality, etc. were the main factors of war; Whereas in the historical period imperialist ambitions, freedom struggle, democracy or egalitarianism, the establishment of the juristic system, military monopolism, global supremacism have been the main causes of war. War is considered a last resort for the fulfillment of the national interests of a country. When diplomatic efforts or peaceful means of resolving political problems fail, the course of the war is resorted to. According to the ancient policymakers of India, when they fail after taking all the measures in the diplomatic solution, then there is talk of punishment, which takes the form of war on a large scale.

Undoubtedly, the battle is the last weapon in the hands of the group or state, which is exercised after all other options have been exhausted. The Chinese philosopher has even said that the greatest war is that which defeats the opponent without the use of any weapon and proves its purpose. That is why there is a trend of diplomatic warfare before the armed war. It was used till the war of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Angad and Hanuman Ji as messengers of Lord Shri Ram went to Ravana’s meeting with a peaceful solution, but after these efforts failed, there was a war with Ravana. Similarly, Lord Krishna himself went to the meeting of the Kauravas as a peace messenger, but after its failure, the war of Mahabharata took place again.

It is known that the war of Ramayana lasted for 84 days, which ended with the end of Ravana and his rule. The Mahabharata war lasted 18 days, in which it is estimated that 40 lakh warriors were killed. However, both sides had to bear heavy losses in this.

In a global context, the history of mankind has been a history of wars. Of the 375 years of ancient Greece, 235 years were spent in war. Of these, the number of wars that lasted throughout the year was about 210. They mainly went on between the Persian rulers and the Greeks. In the 876-year history of the Roman rulers, there were wars for 416 years. There were also 362 such wars, which lasted throughout the year. Many war campaigns went on under the leadership of the Roman ruler Julius Caesar. In this episode, the wars of Emperor Alexander, who went on the campaign of world conquest, were connected.

How many wars took place in different periods of the history of India, in which there is a description of the wars during the reign of the Mughals and the British, in which crores of people and soldiers were killed? The biggest wars in modern warfare include the World Wars of the 20th century; In which the figures of the dead and injured express their horrors, but humans, especially the ruling class, have hardly been taking lessons from them and they have been throwing humanity into its dungeon for their political ambitions and selfishness. The First World War was fought from 1914 to 1918 mainly between 30 countries in Europe. It had 17 friendly countries on one side and central countries on the other. It began with the assassination of the Austrian prince and ended with the Treaty of Warsaw, Poland, which marked the beginning of the Second World War. About 20 million people died in the First World War.

World War II was fought for 6 years from 1939 to 1945, in which about 70 countries were involved, with which the Axis countries were on one side and the Allies on the other. It began with the German invasion of Poland and ended with the defeat of Hitler and the fall of Germany. In this 8 crore, people were killed. This world war was also a witness to the incidents of the massacre of millions of Jews by Hitler. But this World War II ended with the US dropping the atomic bomb. The use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima immediately killed 1 lakh people and in Nagasaki 40,000 people. Along with this, lakhs of people were injured and crippled, whose brunt the citizens there were doomed to bear for generations.

Are we really considering nature in case of war?

The United Nations was established for peace in the world and after that two military organizations emerged in the world in the form of NATO and the Eastern Bloc and the world was divided into two poles, one led by the United States and the other by the Soviet Union. . After this the period of Cold War started, in which no major war took place, but small wars continued. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Cold War ended and the United States-led unipolar system remained. Despite this, there have been more than 30 armed conflicts in the world every year, in which more than 10 million people have lost their lives so far.

The latest in a series of wars is the Ukraine-Russia conflict, in which the role of the US and NATO cannot be ignored. Due to this, the sound of world war is being heard in this conflict. There is a danger of nuclear war due to both sides having nuclear weapons, the consequences of which shudder at the very image. At present, thousands of nuclear weapons are available to powerful countries all over the world. Even if they are used by accident, then human existence on this earth can be in danger. In this background, Einstein had said that how the third world war will be fought, cannot be said, yes it is so sure that the fourth war will be fought with sticks and stones, that is, there will be nothing left on this earth after the apocalyptic war.

According to the great historian Arnold Tenby, it is an indisputable fact that war has been one of the major activities of mankind during the last five thousand years. The amount spent in war is at the cost of peace, health, education, research, and creation. It seems that war is one of the innate diseases of civilization. Then one war gives rise to further wars. History testifies that a satisfactory and permanent settlement of disputes has rarely been achieved by war. Even if there are some solutions, it has cost generations, which have taken a long time to recover.

Because of all this, it is prudent that the causes of differences at all levels should be resolved peacefully by a joint sitting. Forgetting false ego, supremacist and obstinate attitude, and respect for propriety. The horrors of war can be avoided by taking decisions in the larger public interest. With this, it becomes the duty of every citizen to contribute towards making the country self-reliant and empowered; Because because of the global conditions, only a self-reliant and strong cultured nation can be a solid counter to war and a permanent basis of peace.

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