Lead a rich life.

Stay in the company of positivity.

Here are some practical formulas for this path, which make the journey of the spiritual path more simple, easy, and more effective.

Spirituality is that element of this life that, even after the highest achievements of human life, fills the space left in life. This is the easy step of consciousness leading towards the ultimate development of one’s life. Under the laws of nature, every component of the creation, every creature is on the path to perfection, but man has got this specialty that he can achieve spiritual progress through his worthy efforts.

First of all, stop complaining about life. Who we are is the result of our prarabdha karma and for what we want to become next, we have to rectify our present karmas. According to your goal, you have to determine your thoughts, deeds, and feelings. If the present does not seem satisfactory to us, there are shortcomings in it, then by evaluating it, go to its root, find your truth and start your journey from there. Choose a definite path according to your nature, nature.

In human society, everyone’s composition is different, some are active, some are known and some are passionate, then some are meditative and some are a mixture of these different expressions. This way of life is illuminated in the light of the light emanating from his life in the presence of the Guru. As much as the truth becomes apparent, stick to it. Slowly moving forward in the path more light will start appearing. In this way, while walking on the path of self-restraint, self-study, spiritual practice, and service in a gradual manner, we will grow progressively on the path of spiritual development.

Pay special attention to your diet; Because diet has a direct effect on the mind. Therefore, take only the food you have earned for your honesty. Pay attention also to the sensations received from the senses; Because they determine the nature of the mind in the form of subtle food. It is important to have a pure and sattvik diet.

The effect of tamasic thoughts, along with the stimulation of the senses, pollutes the thoughts and also causes unnecessary deviation and tension in behavior. Care taken in this context proves to be a big step towards spiritual progress and spiritual peace. Negligence and overconfidence in this context can be fatal in their own right, and this can also be seen.

Claim your mind!! and grow your spiritual path.

Here the importance of a disciplined routine according to one’s spiritual goal becomes clear. Along with this, it is important to pay special attention to your duty. There is no such spiritual path, which teaches the individual or society to deviate from duty. Dispassionately survives amid life’s struggles, divine vision awakens while performing one’s duties faithfully. Unless it is mature, it is not possible to completely relinquish worldly duties.

Harmony with our surroundings is an important component of this. This is naturally possible while performing one’s duties. Our actions are often self-motivated. We can begin to come out of this narrowing of life with an act in which there is no selfishness of our own. The work is dedicated to the welfare of the people.

Such a coincidence is easily available in the form of time donation in spiritual life. Fierce love for one’s truth, one’s master is the central element of the spiritual path. They may appear to be different elements, but in essence, they are all different manifestations of the same truth. On this basis, the minimum program of the Sadhana path gets completed easily. With this, a new seed of worship germinates and gives a new dimension to the spiritual path.

For this, a fixed place and time can be fixed. The solitude, calm and sattvik environment outside is very helpful in this. If nothing like this is available, then inner solitude can be practiced. The meditation of the rising sun accompanied by the chanting of Gayatri Mantra, the determination of the image of one’s guru, in the midst of it according to one’s feeling and reverence, fulfills the purpose of worship. In the light of the rising sun, the sense of sophistication and empowerment of our gross, subtle and causal bodies is further intensified.

In this series of meditations, it is possible to publish new blogs on meditation and meditation on Panchkoshas and Shatchaks. Along with all this, understand the trick of the mind. Everything will happen so easily, not necessarily. Continuous awareness is the only solution. The practice of awareness on breathing for twenty-four hours makes a few minutes of meditation and worship intense and effective. In this way, the proper sustenance of worship and worship moves life towards the ultimate goal of perfection on the path of spiritual progress.


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