The sun culture

Standard operating procedure.

If you look at the development of human beings, one thing is clear there is only one witness between primitive man and man: the sun. The sun has been a source of security and speed for the primitive humans living in the forest. The needs of primitive humans were very small. So as long as the sun is bright in the sky, primitive man must have been convinced that there is no danger to us from these violent animals. And that started being human. It later turned into faith and then devotion. Therefore, in all the civilizations that have emerged and disappeared in different places on the back of the world, we see the sun as the main energy source.

After the two dawns of day and night, I saw, observed, and noticed the importance of the various shining stars rising in the night sky, the sun rising every day, and the stars shining in the sky when it sets. These are built into a rule. Primitive humans began to understand this. Who created those rules? The ideas were not yet clear. But nature is rule-bound

As humans began to understand the importance of the sun, they understood the two important concepts of time and time. The animals that live on this earth know time, but they are not aware of time because at sunrise the empire of light spreads all over the world. Herbivorous animals go out in search of food when it’s time for hunger and satisfy their hunger. It was all about time. But they don’t know the times. Because they can’t count the time. They don’t even know how long their lives are: they can’t even tell. The ones who could count during this period later became known as human beings.

The very basic concept of time came into being with the rise of human civilization. If you look at the sky from the Earth, it seems that the Earth is stable. The sun rises in one direction every day and sets in the opposite direction. Its intensity varies from day to day, and the sun doesn’t rise in the same place every day. The eastern horizon line extends from north to south, and for six consecutive months it has moved from left to right, i.e. north to south, and for the next six months it is moving south

Change is the law of creation. Therefore, this series of changes in the environment of creation is also known as Ritu in the Sanskrit language. While the Earth is rotating around itself, the sun is rotating in an elliptical orbit, and the axis around which it rotates is 23.45 degrees towards its center, i.e., the equator, which means that the 360-day concurrent is now divided into 2 ions, 6 seasons, 12 months and 24 fortnights. Something was needed for the general public to understand easily. The human brain is the organ that stores memories. Based on good and bad experiences, the lessons learned and the wisdom that has come, he is sharp, skilled, and trained. It is also related to astronomy and geography, and it is difficult to remember the changes in the environment based on it, and the changes to the routine accordingly. Therefore, the ancestors have tried to give the right direction to life by resorting to some pleasant memories

Considering the moon, sun, date, constellation, etc., in the sky, what is to be done or not to do special every day? A methodology (standard operating procedure = SOP) was developed. The story was crafted to popularize it. Celebrating an astronomical event (Sharad Purnima) together creates a pleasant memory and helps to remember all the points of astronomical and geographical information. It is this series of joys that sweetens every moment of life. The most important issue is which date is at sunrise. In colloquial terms, festivals are celebrated according to ‘the time when the sun rises’ ‘. Therefore, the Sun is considered to be a god in Indian Vedic culture.

That is to say, once a person has the understanding of chronology when there is something funny, interesting, and long-cherished in the process of doing it, then everyone participates in it, and automatically all these things remain memories of everyone. Long before the concept of ‘education with a smile was discussed in the modern world, our ancestors introduced it


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