Feel the waves of nature.

Be a aware outside.

Intelligence is a good thing, but the wrong use of this intelligence is harmful. It is appropriate to grow up in the lap of nature and take care of it like a mother, but destroying greenery while living in nature is a crime. The intelligence that disturbs the balance of nature is going on in full swing these days and it is causing more loss to man instead of profit.

On the picturesque land of nature, each living creature is nurtured properly. The important thing here is that there is no inappropriate thing in nature. In it, there are living beings who make a direct contribution to human progress and also such creatures which are useless for humans, but they also have importance because of being an essential component of the life cycle. God has not created anything that can be called meaningless. A man keeps looking at the usefulness or uselessness of any object or living being on the criteria of his limited selfishness and considers them meaningful or meaningless, but the fact should not be forgotten that the earth was not made for only human beings.

It has been manufactured keeping in mind the needs of other living beings and the wider creation. Which creature has what kind of need in this vast world? It is not man’s job to make this decision. There is some other entity, which operates and controls the entire natural process and ecological cycle through its automatic system. To create and to kill come under the same system. If a man unnecessarily interferes in this process, then it will be called his ignorance. In this captivating creation of root and consciousness, the root nature has its importance and the beauty of conscious creatures is the expression of consciousness, which expresses the different relations of both. Human intervention is appropriate only till nature is beautiful and consciousness is developed, by violating this boundary line and taking steps in the selfish comfort zone, defects arise in the ecological cycle, which result in various types of diseases.
Talking about its physical nature, analysis of its condition has resulted in less profit and more loss due to human tampering in the name of so-called progress. But he should say foolishly that mankind has rejected long-term benefits for the sake of immediate benefits. But could not protect himself from the bad effects of nature.

Who is responsible ??

Human life is dynamic due to the innumerable benefits of earth, water, and air. Other planets of the solar system also have an important contribution in balancing this process. Whatever man has achieved in the physical field, his effort is less, and nature’s favorability has more contribution, but it seems that man has forgotten the truth that only in the condition of maintaining balance, can be taken advantage of. Due to the blind race of material progress, the entire environment has become polluted, and the imbalance of nature’s cycle is increasing. The nutritional quality of the atmosphere is getting depleted due to increased toxicity. Countless types of crises are emerging. Like the melting of the glacier, an increase in global warming, etc. The balance of the amount of 21 percent oxygen and 32 percent carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere has been considered. But the result of man’s selfish and small thinking, now the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is continuously increasing. It absorbs sunlight and existing radiation in itself. Prevents Earth’s heat from escaping into space. As a result, the temperature of the world is continuously increasing. A 5 percent increase in annual fuel consumption worldwide would increase global temperatures by 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next ten years.

Supervised in 1679. According to that situation, 147 million tons of carbon monoxide, 25 million tons of dust, 34 million tons of sulfur dioxide, 23 million tons of nitrogen oxides, and 35 million tons of hydrocarbons were thrown into the atmosphere in America. All these foreign substances come out in large quantities through various mediums. Today the increasing number of industries has made this situation even more critical. carbon monoxide, Many gases like sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide mix in the atmosphere and cause poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless but toxic gas, which is produced during the combustion process when the carbon in the fuel is completely oxidized. Sulfur dioxide is produced by burning oil and coal. 60 percent of sulfur dioxide is produced by burning coal, which is mainly used in thermal power plants. Hydrocarbons are produced from unburned fuels, with automobiles being a major source. Similarly, the toxic gas nitrogen oxide is produced by burning fossil fuels at high temperatures. It is produced utilizing transport and heavy industries.

Carbon monoxide is called a slow poison, which enters the body and causes disease in the amount of life-giving oxygen present in human cells. Due to this, there is a feeling of physical laxity and mental depression. The working capacity of a healthy person also decreases. The chances of getting into an accident increase due to mental stress. This gas plays a major role in promoting chronic diseases related to breathing and nerves. Sulfur dioxide stimulates the respiratory system and obstructs its normal course. Nitrogen oxides cause blood disorders and influenza in children. The main thing is that as much as the role of all these toxic gases are responsible for giving birth to mental disorders, the role related to environmental pollution is also remarkable.

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Experts conclude that after 1650 the temperature of the world started increasing. They are telling the reason for this to the increasing fog in the atmosphere. Many reasons are available for the increase of this fog – increase in the amount of carbon dioxide, increase in smoke from the chimneys of factories (smog), molecular tests in the ground, combustion of fuel in large quantities, etc. Apart from the atmosphere, due to the mixing of toxic chemical elements on the earth, the fertilizer capacity of its soil is gradually getting destroyed. Due to pollution spreading from chemical elements, about 40 to 60 percent of the land of Europe is no longer arable. One crore acres of land have been ruined in France. It is estimated that the area of desert is increasing every year by thirty thousand acres in the world. On the one hand, the growing population of the world requires more arable land, on the other hand, a large part of arable land is losing its productive capacity due to the toxicity of pollution. In such a situation, the food crisis may present in a more serious form in the coming days. covid is microbiological radiations.
Due to increased toxicity in rivers and seas, a serious crisis has arisen for those who use fish as food. There is a town called “Minamata” in the east of Kyushu Island, Japan. A huge factory in that city manufactures chemicals called vinyl chloride and acetal hydrate. A few years ago a terrible epidemic spread there. Many people started dying after suffering from the same disease. In the beginning, the organs and lips of the patient would become empty and after a week the ability to touch, speak and hear would end. Eye light also gets destroyed after a few days. Suffering severe agony, the patient would eventually succumb to death. Hundreds of people died due to this unknown disease, and thousands got sick and became disabled.

Mass suicide of a man.

Reason After doing some research, it was found that the fish of “Minimata” Bay has become toxic due to the pollution spread by the factory. The amount of mercury was found to be excessive in it, and since then fishing in the bay was completely prohibited. According to a survey study report, the lungs of policemen handling traffic for four hours in London are filled with as much poison as if they had smoked 105 cigarettes. Eye, nose, and throat diseases are the common complaints of seventy percent of London students. When the people of Tokyo were asked in a poll what they most needed, the answer was the same: “Pure air and a clear sky”.

Agricultural scientists think that about one-third of the agricultural area of the earth will be useless within a few years. India, Pakistan, China, West Asia, the US, and Canada are the main affected areas. According to another report, the fifth part of the earth i.e. three crores square kilometer area has reached the condition of complete dryness. Estimated, an area of 2 lakh square kilometers is becoming unsuitable for agricultural work every year. This is causing damage to crops worth Rs 130 billion. Experts attribute this to the indiscriminate felling of trees. Green attracts clouds to rain. Due to its eradication, the fertility of the earth is being destroyed. Trees, on the other hand, save the atmosphere from contamination by drinking the pollution in the form of air. A large number of them are being sacrificed every year in the production of poison in the form of tobacco.

According to Encyclopædia Britannica, for the production of 3 lakh 63 thousand tons of tobacco, in just one year in India, forests existing in 12 lacks 86 a thousand acres of land were deforested. The raw leaves of farm-harvested tobacco have to be heated with tree fuel to dry them. Experts say that “To cook tobacco for 1000 cartons of cigarettes, about 100 tons of wood is needed, which is an average of 20 large trees.” 170 million cigarettes and 440 million bidis are made in India. It takes an entire tree to cook tobacco for 500 bidis or cigarettes. An estimated 12 lakh 20 thousand trees are used to cook bidis for cigarettes made every day. Fuel will be needed. These are only the statistics of India. The greenery of a large land is being destroyed every year for tobacco products all over the world. Is this human progress??

The situation of serious crisis has now arisen due to the depletion of the trees that drink the poison of pollution and the continuous filling of toxicity in the atmosphere. Scientists predict that after a few years from now till 2028, due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, the average temperature of the earth will increase by more than 10 degrees centigrade and such disastrous conditions will arise which cannot be imagined. Can be Countless types of emerging crises indicate that if a man does not stop his blind progress and uncontrollable use of nature, then the present crisis will be even more serious and present in the form of an epidemic, and the entire human race will be forced to die by suffocation. will do. It is a self-invited mass suicide of man.


We are all heading towards the 4th world war.

solution by war ???

If we look back on the pages of history, then in every era, mankind has been fighting amongst themselves on some issue or the other. During the period when the human race lived in the forests, there were wars for the basic needs of food and shelter. After this, with the development of civilization, there was a trend of wars between small and big communities to get a share of land. After that, during the reign of Raj, there were wars and struggles for power between different rulers and kings. Long periods of war in the name of religion have also been taking place in the corners of the world. Even in the era of democracy, there were wars for ideologies between different countries. During the period of imperialism, the trend of war started for the dominance of economic, political, and resources at the global level. Under this, the human history of two world wars has been witnessed in the twentieth century, in which the destruction caused raises hair about the horrors of war. After the Second World War, there have been many wars even during the Cold War era, the process of which does not seem to stop to date.

The economic factor has been playing a decisive role directly or indirectly in the causes of war. In the mythological period, religion-dharma, policy-immorality, etc. were the main factors of war; Whereas in the historical period imperialist ambitions, freedom struggle, democracy or egalitarianism, the establishment of the juristic system, military monopolism, global supremacism have been the main causes of war. War is considered a last resort for the fulfillment of the national interests of a country. When diplomatic efforts or peaceful means of resolving political problems fail, the course of the war is resorted to. According to the ancient policymakers of India, when they fail after taking all the measures in the diplomatic solution, then there is talk of punishment, which takes the form of war on a large scale.

Undoubtedly, the battle is the last weapon in the hands of the group or state, which is exercised after all other options have been exhausted. The Chinese philosopher has even said that the greatest war is that which defeats the opponent without the use of any weapon and proves its purpose. That is why there is a trend of diplomatic warfare before the armed war. It was used till the war of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Angad and Hanuman Ji as messengers of Lord Shri Ram went to Ravana’s meeting with a peaceful solution, but after these efforts failed, there was a war with Ravana. Similarly, Lord Krishna himself went to the meeting of the Kauravas as a peace messenger, but after its failure, the war of Mahabharata took place again.

It is known that the war of Ramayana lasted for 84 days, which ended with the end of Ravana and his rule. The Mahabharata war lasted 18 days, in which it is estimated that 40 lakh warriors were killed. However, both sides had to bear heavy losses in this.

In a global context, the history of mankind has been a history of wars. Of the 375 years of ancient Greece, 235 years were spent in war. Of these, the number of wars that lasted throughout the year was about 210. They mainly went on between the Persian rulers and the Greeks. In the 876-year history of the Roman rulers, there were wars for 416 years. There were also 362 such wars, which lasted throughout the year. Many war campaigns went on under the leadership of the Roman ruler Julius Caesar. In this episode, the wars of Emperor Alexander, who went on the campaign of world conquest, were connected.

How many wars took place in different periods of the history of India, in which there is a description of the wars during the reign of the Mughals and the British, in which crores of people and soldiers were killed? The biggest wars in modern warfare include the World Wars of the 20th century; In which the figures of the dead and injured express their horrors, but humans, especially the ruling class, have hardly been taking lessons from them and they have been throwing humanity into its dungeon for their political ambitions and selfishness. The First World War was fought from 1914 to 1918 mainly between 30 countries in Europe. It had 17 friendly countries on one side and central countries on the other. It began with the assassination of the Austrian prince and ended with the Treaty of Warsaw, Poland, which marked the beginning of the Second World War. About 20 million people died in the First World War.

World War II was fought for 6 years from 1939 to 1945, in which about 70 countries were involved, with which the Axis countries were on one side and the Allies on the other. It began with the German invasion of Poland and ended with the defeat of Hitler and the fall of Germany. In this 8 crore, people were killed. This world war was also a witness to the incidents of the massacre of millions of Jews by Hitler. But this World War II ended with the US dropping the atomic bomb. The use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima immediately killed 1 lakh people and in Nagasaki 40,000 people. Along with this, lakhs of people were injured and crippled, whose brunt the citizens there were doomed to bear for generations.

Are we really considering nature in case of war?

The United Nations was established for peace in the world and after that two military organizations emerged in the world in the form of NATO and the Eastern Bloc and the world was divided into two poles, one led by the United States and the other by the Soviet Union. . After this the period of Cold War started, in which no major war took place, but small wars continued. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Cold War ended and the United States-led unipolar system remained. Despite this, there have been more than 30 armed conflicts in the world every year, in which more than 10 million people have lost their lives so far.

The latest in a series of wars is the Ukraine-Russia conflict, in which the role of the US and NATO cannot be ignored. Due to this, the sound of world war is being heard in this conflict. There is a danger of nuclear war due to both sides having nuclear weapons, the consequences of which shudder at the very image. At present, thousands of nuclear weapons are available to powerful countries all over the world. Even if they are used by accident, then human existence on this earth can be in danger. In this background, Einstein had said that how the third world war will be fought, cannot be said, yes it is so sure that the fourth war will be fought with sticks and stones, that is, there will be nothing left on this earth after the apocalyptic war.

According to the great historian Arnold Tenby, it is an indisputable fact that war has been one of the major activities of mankind during the last five thousand years. The amount spent in war is at the cost of peace, health, education, research, and creation. It seems that war is one of the innate diseases of civilization. Then one war gives rise to further wars. History testifies that a satisfactory and permanent settlement of disputes has rarely been achieved by war. Even if there are some solutions, it has cost generations, which have taken a long time to recover.

Because of all this, it is prudent that the causes of differences at all levels should be resolved peacefully by a joint sitting. Forgetting false ego, supremacist and obstinate attitude, and respect for propriety. The horrors of war can be avoided by taking decisions in the larger public interest. With this, it becomes the duty of every citizen to contribute towards making the country self-reliant and empowered; Because because of the global conditions, only a self-reliant and strong cultured nation can be a solid counter to war and a permanent basis of peace.