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Extraordinary Sensory Perception In the attainment of knowledge, other centres of the unconscious part of the brain also work, but the use of the Agya Chakra is the most. In another case, if it is not possible to see even one’s figure in the mirror, then what will be the work of the oblivion wheel? If dust is collecting on the lens of the camera, then where will the clear picture come from? Where do the visions appear when the eyes hurt? Similarly, the sleeping command cannot manifest its potential in a dormant state. To make it capable, it needs to be made clean and awake. This department is called the third eye in the language of spirituality. The existence of divine vision is found in him, the meaning of the divine vision, which is not visible with normal eyes!

The famous magician Gogiyapasha succeeded in an experiment with the help of the government. Where he has succeeded in his feat of running a motorcycle on the crowded streets of densely populated by having both eyes bandaged. Before these demonstrations, experts had tested in many ways that there is no scope of seeing with the eyes in this condition. There were also government arrangements to avoid accidents during the demonstrations, the performances were completed with complete success and everyone in the audience had to believe that it was possible to see a lot without the aid of the eyes.

A similar incident happened in America as well. A woman named Poddesiya claimed to see the scene and recognize colours in the dark, with a blindfold on her eyes. She was examined by the scientists of Barnard College, New York, and the chairman of the examination committee, Dr Richard Justus, has declared that the woman has the same potential as her statement. In the book ‘Encyclopedia of the Occult’, many such examples are described, in which the supersensory abilities found in humans are mentioned. The French citizen, Foton, was born blind, but he knew everything by touching it with his fingers, as the eyes of the blind would know by seeing. The French poet and scientist ‘Jules Romans took a keen interest in the science of indirect vision and proved in his research efforts that similar to the cognition fibres that carry visual information to the brain through the eyes, sensory threads are also present in other parts of the body. live. If they can be developed, the vision purpose can also be fulfilled with the help of other components.

Professor Malin Rizl’ of the Institute of Parapsychology of Czechoslovakia and Professor Veliyev’ of Leningrad University, in their research review, concluded that the existence of supersensory potential in man, but why it develops and how it is developed. can be extended? It is still a matter of mystery.

A divine vision

Gavin Maxwell has taken a keen interest in discovering the existence of celestial vision, and after investigation, he has found that many have the spontaneous vision. With constant effort and practice, they are found to be endowed with that ability even without any practice, but they are often afraid to reveal their experiences. Due to reasons such as feeling bad, not having complete confidence in one’s feelings when it is not right, or making fun of them, they are not able to reveal it and keep them hidden. If the tradition of the manifestation of forebodings goes on, then it would appear that there is a large amount of existence like intelligence in humans. If developed with effort, it can be made even more capable. Just as IQ is increased by educating the illiterate, it is also possible to enable and benefit from the divine vision found in general and special in some specialities.

Gavin Maxwell describes an eighty-year-old blind man in his research, who helped locate and retrieve the dead body of a fisherman who had drowned in the sea. He specifically mentions this ability to be found in the people of the island groups of the Western Plateau. A fisherman drowned in the bay near the village while fishing on Shams Fierna Island. The whole village was eager to take out his body and bury it properly. All the boats kept circling the bay continuously for several days, but there was no corpse stuck in any thorn in despair. Then an eighty-year-old blind Callum McKinnon said – You guys take me in a boat and keep rolling in the bay. Maybe I’ll get the body found. That’s what was done. On getting to the right place, the person shouted, put the thorn, the corpse is right below. That’s what was done. As a result, the deceased was taken out and duly buried.

This divine vision is useful in seeing the invisible in the material realm and knowing the unknowable and develops farsightedness and discernment in the spiritual world. Such divine visions are called Tattvadarshis, those who see them. He is of a very high standard. It is possible through this Tatvdarshi vision to see consciousness in matter and soul in living beings. In the philosophy of Indian Sanatan, this is famous by the name of “Ritambhara Pragya”, it is worshipped in the Gayatri Mahamantra. On its achievement, one’s soul is seen scattered everywhere and from this, the ultimate goal of self-realization and God-darshan is attained. Lord Buddha said, ‘When the eyes of the third are opened, one begins to see others in himself and himself in others. To attain this supreme light is the ultimate goal of human life.

That was many years ago. An extremely surprising program was broadcast on Moscow television. Rosa Kuleshova, a 22-year-old girl, read a newspaper article by touching the third and fourth fingers of her right hand and recognized the photographs without any help. The event was witnessed by thousands of Russian citizens and other countrymen and expressed great surprise.

Rosa works as a teacher in a private blind school. One day while she was teaching, she realized that she could see. He gradually increased the practice. She started recognizing the number by touch. Within a few days, she even started knowing the colour of the paper by just touch. In December 1662 he performed in front of members of the Ural branch of the Soviet Union, the Psychological Association. Immediately read out the newspaper from the press with the help of fingers. Not only this, where were the pictures in the newspaper, their poses and how were those pictures dressed? She told all this to the very minute detail only by touch, how she recognizes letters, colours or pictures by touch, Rosa could not give any definite answer, but she did tell so much that touching any object causes some wave. Like lines start running in the brain and everything becomes clear.

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The scientists were very surprised, a psychologist from Kharkiv University said – objects may emit infrared rays and their vibrations are detected, so some experiments were done on ROSA. Objects were shown through the polished glass. Now that the possibility of infrared rays was stopped, Rosa still reported everything as before. Not only this, show him the colours across a long tube, then he put a finger on the mouth of the tube and told everything correctly. Scientists could not understand any reason, in the end, the Russian newspaper ‘Izvestia’ accepted, that it is a miracle of some divine vision.

After watching the program on television, a doctor from Kharkiv, Olga Blizhnov, did this experiment on her daughter and found that, like Rosa Kuleshova, she knows all the colours of blue, black, green, and red with just a touch. That too was tested. A full bundle of square papers was placed in front of Lena Blizhnov and under it was hidden something written on a piece of paper. Wondering that by touching the top paper of the bundle, he told what is written on the bottom paper? Not only this, she recognizes photos, pictures, colours and letters even by keeping her fingers two-and-a-half inches away. While his eyes are covered with a strong bandage.

Professor Alexander Smirnov studied this science deeply. He also discovered some boys of such ability, but could not find out the secret of this secret. These discussions were also heard by Professor Dr Richard P. Use of Barnard College in New York, who told that, in 1636, a girl named Patricia Ainsvers at a high school in Kentucky also had such a vision. So Dr Use repeated the experiment on college boys and later reported that 15 per cent of the 135 students could increase their vision through practice. This is proved by the declaration. That everything is not seen with the eyes alone. Apart from this, the ability to see and understand is also present in the organs. The brain uses the eye photography camera and the pictures of the objects which are taken by the lens of the eyeballs, based on their reaction, the brain’s cognitions conclude, the name of the same. The eye is the best medium for this. The sense organs of the eye have a direct and close relationship with the visual centre of the brain. That’s why usually we take the task of seeing with the eyes and based on them the brain sees its observation activity in motion.

But it should not be understood that the power of vision is limited only to the eyes. The brain can also serve that purpose to a great extent by developing the knowledge fibres that are connected with the brain of other organs. Every matter in the whole world carries with it electric rays of heat and light. They spread their flow in this world with all the vibrations. Through the etheric element, they reach far and wide and if they can be captured properly, then the scene which is located a far away, the events which are happening in distant areas, can be seen like near objects. The eyes are suitable for capturing these visible rays. He sees the near view and the third eye (the agya chakra located in the equator) can be used to see the distant view. Even so, it should not be understood that the form element is related to the eyes only. Beauty vibrations are generated by the predominance of the fire element. The eyes represent the fire element in the body, but it should not be assumed that the fire element is not present elsewhere in the body. The whole body is made up of the five elements. If the fire element of any other organ will be developed or is developed through meditation, then the great need of the eyes can also be fulfilled through them


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A description of an eight-year-old girl named Voldaya Denshik appeared in the issue of ‘Moscow News’ on August 22, 1680. This girl can see with her lips even in the dark. Even after covering twenty-five papers on a very finely written paper, it tells everything that is written in the paper below? Dr Stanley Michal, a Chicago-American hypnotist, has claimed that there is a man of his identity named Ted Sirius, who can take a picture of any distant place in the world by mere mental imagery. They don’t need to be from the present time, it is also from the past, it is a matter of time when the camera was not even invented. For example, if he wants, he can shoot all the scenes of Alexander’s war, who were present there at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the kind of work the labourers did when building the pyramids of Egypt, all those scenes.

Hearing such news, Paul Belch, editor of America’s world-famous magazine ‘Life’, and his colleagues were very curious. He took the same camera from the ‘Life’ office. Reel too filled his hand and went to Dr Michel’s office. Ted Sirius sat down on a chair. Then he took that camera in his lap and fitted it in such a way that his face came in front of the lens. Now he seemed to be remembering some incident from the past. Concentrating in his mind, he pressed the button of the camera. The first two or three pictures came out vaguely, but the one picture that came out very clearly was a picture of some very ancient statue of Greece.

Mr Michel was a hypnotism specialist, so Mr Paul Belch feared that this photo might have occurred as a result of his hypnotism, so he again called Ted Sirius alone in the office of ‘Life’ magazine. Camera film also filled by ‘Life’ office. Paul Belch said – This time he wants a picture of a 17-storey building whose windows are visible. Sirius sat down again as before. He put the same picture in the camera through mental imagery. It was not known which city this building could be from, but that picture was printed in ‘Life’ magazine. People were amazed at the amazing ability of Ted Sirius. Ted also says that today people only see me, but I will soon prove that the body has a luminous power and can see the whole world sitting in one place. Ted has also brought out such pictures of soldiers of the First World War and America’s War of Independence, which were true pictures of the then conditions.

Powerhouse: your body

In general, time is not a thing, it is just an expansion of the universe or the soul, if we achieve that original light point, then we can become omnipresent. Eyes, ears, nose and senses are not necessary to move and feel, the light form of the soul itself is full of these abilities.

Till now it was believed that if an object is to be seen, then light and eyes are the only two things necessary. When the light hits the retina of the eye, then the part of the eye (knowledge-cell) gives all the information to the brain by performing a special kind of chemical action. A mind is a third object, which experiences the light and the working of the eyes and divides them into other parts of the body by preparing new types of plans, orders, experiences, that is, if there is no mental consciousness, then even though there is light and eyes. Impossible to see
Research on the eyes was done in 1667. Three scientists of the world were awarded the Nobel Prize, one of them was Dr Wald. While explaining the structure of the molecules located in the ‘retina’, he told about a unique element called ‘Visual Purple’ (Rhodopsin) and said that it converts light particles into electric waves, these electric waves go to the brain and do shadowing. One more thing is known is that light is not able to show the object directly unless it is converted into the potential of electric impulse.

The ‘British General of Medical Hypnotism’ published similar news and told that only one organization used to work in Bangkok, which trains the blind to see with their cheeks. Its operators claim that human cheeks are more sensitive than all other parts of the body and that there is an abundant flow of subtle spiritual powers. The importance and direction of kissing are so that this sensitive part can be used only for the right purpose and to make good use of the subtle abilities of the person.

You have a source of infinite

In 1654, a doctor from Bangkok experimented with the help of psychology on a 13-year-old boy. It is noteworthy that along with training in psychology, he was also told to meditate and meditate. In meditation, he is asked to concentrate the mind on the cheek. After 6 months of treatment, he regained the ability to see through his cheeks. After this, experiments were done on ten people who cannot see with their eyes, out of which 6 were completely successful this experiment. Now they look with pleasure on their cheeks. These examples show that there is such an importance in the world, by developing a limited amount of which, even extraordinary powers can be awakened.

Scientists also believe that such a network of fibres has spread inside the animal that whatever new problem comes, they can present the solution. What can be seen with leather eyes is very common. The work of seeing is done by the lens of the eye, but their range is very small. At a distance, their limits are exhausted. Objects that can be seen come in them, but this world is very vast. Not all forms of matter are visible. The unseen is much more than what is seen. Take only the movements of the atoms, the sky is more numerous and more active than the planets and constellations. If it is possible to see and understand the electric currents and action of the atoms, bacteria, and energy working in the body, then it would appear to be as large, wonderfully capable as this vast-universal universe. Where are the eyes possible to see all that?

Even in the visible objects of the visible world, only a small area comes into our eyes, to understand it is further things. This purpose is fulfilled by the internet, newspaper, telephone, radio etc. Seeing that the power of the eyes is not working, we have to increase the field of information by other means, the more those who have these resources, the more he benefits.
We have another eye which extends beyond the nearness of gross vision to the infinite, which is called the subtle vision of divine vision. One can develop this eye if one wants through yoga practice.

A man also has a similar instrument given by God, which can be said to be much more powerful and comprehensive than the combined achievements of inventions. There is no need to buy it or take any major education to operate it. Ajna Chakra located in the middle part of the equator is its third eye. By doing sadhna to open it, that inner light can be developed, through which many events can be experienced. Not only this, but this third eye also has the power to understand the state of mind, emotion, imagination, plan, desire, faith and nature of living beings. The practice of developing this command wheel can give us the unique gift of sharpness and breadth of vision. This gift is capable of not only getting the introduction of the present but also foreshadowing what is going to happen in the future.

A third eye 👁️

A mythical third eye is also shown in the images of Lord Shiva and Parvati. This can be done like a television. The divine instrument of Doordarshan is installed here. Sanjay had narrated all the scenes of Mahabharata through this medium.

This third eye is very effective. It can also be seen, understood, invisible and visible. Just as the rays of X-rays pass through solid materials and take pictures of objects that are not visible to the eyes, similarly the camera of this command wheel can see the invisible. Through this, not only the purpose of seeing the objects are fulfilled, but it is also possible to understand the state of mind of living beings. The matter is not completed only by seeing and understanding, the ability of the command wheel is beyond this, it can also influence and change others. In mesmerism and hypnotism, this divine potential can be exercised through the gross eyes.

This Ajna chakra is nothing but to concentrate the acquired prana in the equator on the middle screen of the skull in sufficient quantity (focus) and then collect various types of information by its deposition. Through this, the mind can be concentrated.

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You are self-illuminated

If light rays are collected at one place through Mr Atishi’s mirror, then fire is generated from it. Light consists of fire, energy, and electricity. Everyone knows the importance of these powers. It is through the magic of rays that the internal defects of a complex instrument like the body are detected. Everyone is familiar with X-rays today.

In 1664, for the first time, American scientist Dr Charles Towne proved that light is an even more wonderful and wondrous element. A gem of aluminium oxide in which a small amount of chromium is also present; When he converted ordinary rays into “laser rays” by this gem, his immense power was revealed. Just as no remarkable work is accomplished by purposeless thoughts and fantasies, in the same way, the scattered rays of light also wander about incapable and purposeless. When Charles Town strengthened them, their power became limitless. Today these strong laser rays are counted as the eighth wonder of the world. For that Charles Towne was also awarded the “Noble Prize”. Although these rays were also discovered in 1660 by a scientist named Theudar Simon. It is possible that the Nobel Prize may not have been given to him due to a lack of information about the process of use.

There are no two opinions about the power of laser rays. America has created a device that generates 500 million watts of electrical power from a single laser beam. The surprising thing is that this ray is very fine and thin. A glass lens as small as a centimetre to a thousandth of a centimetre in diameter is used to regulate and discipline the diffused rays. If even their power could be even more terrible. If minced, this power can be traced to the fact that the carbon which takes hours to melt into steam, the laser rays melt it to a millionth of a second.

It is like some magic and it compels one to think that not only Indian yogis but also accomplished great men of other countries make someone good in a moment. He was powerful with amazing powers, doesn’t human consciousness make use of this light element in that?
Diamond is a very hard metal, it is difficult to cut it. Laser rays can pierce a diamond in – 1/50000 second, that is, if 50000 diamonds are placed in a row and a laser beam is entered from one end of them, it will pierce 50000 diamonds in a second. The blade will cut a hundred-inch thick wood in several hours, the laser will cut it in a total of 1/7 second.

Get vibrations converted into physical reality.

The benefit of this organized-disciplined power of light was also found in such operations of the eyes, in which even weapons and weapons cannot be touched. By this method, only the rays of light are entered into the eye and it performs subtle to subtle operations. It is said that in the Mahabharata period, there were such weapons, which were operated by mantra power and they used to work as per their wish, while their physical form did not appear. Narayan Astra, Pashupati Sudarshan Chakra, Varunastra etc. belonged to this category. Till now the theories of these powers in the Mahabharata period have been considered very effective, but laser guns have now proved that such instruments and such achievements should be fact not mere fiction.

It is said about Mr Sanjay Ji, the great reviewer of the Mahabharata war, that he had attained Yoga-Drishti, his third eye was awake. In the gland of the middle of the forehead called the agya chakra, Indian philosophers say that by concentrating the mind, spreading it in the form of electromagnetic waves, sending it anywhere, knowledge of things in any direction, weather forecast, listening from afar and so on. Many other miracles can be done. All these facts were confirmed on July 21, 1666, when America’s first Chandrayaan landed on the Moon and its commander Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon and installed a laser instrument there. With the help of this device, a ray can be communicated from one end to the other by making a wire-like medium, weather can be predicted, the distance of planets and constellations can be measured, and views of the distant world can be taken. And now it can also be used in medicine in such a way, which can be given the form of mantra therapy. The power of laser rays is more powerful than the atomic bomb and it is estimated that in a few days light science will completely change the way of today’s industry, social life and culture, so it is not surprising. . Light can be used even in esoteric things like knowing the thoughts of people.

In the chapter on Indian literature by Nighantu Granth (5/6), there is a description of 31 deities. All these deities are said to be departments of the same conscious being. Light is a form of the original consciousness, its many forms are still not known. The day its complete information will is available, for any living being living in any part of the world, the entire creation will be like a village in which there is less number of buildings and few familiar citizens reside. A similar entity exists in the human body, which is called “Prana”. Body heat, magnetism, radiance etc. are manifest properties of him. The subtle body made up of these pranamaya energies in the unmanifested form is filled with such amazing powers as laser rays, by which a person can wake up.

Anima (to make the body weightless), Garima (to gain a huge weight), Laghima (to become smaller), Mahima (enlargement), Pragya (acquisition of difficult things easily), Prakamya in the science of Yoga. There is a detailed description of the eight siddhis (wish-fulfilment), Ishtva (omniscience), and Vashitva (to subdue all).

The supersensory abilities that Western psychologists have discovered, they divide into parts.

  1. Clare voyance means that information about things or events that is available without the general basis of knowledge acquisition.
  2. Precognition (future knowledge) knowledge of future events without any valid basis.
  3. Retrocognition: Information about unknown past events without any valid means.
  4. Telepathy (idea-communication) without any basis or device to transmit one’s thoughts to others and to receive the views of others.
  5. The basis of all these siddhis is prana sadhna, based on which the pranamaya kosha or pranamaya body is developed, controlled and utilized.
  6. These facts may have been revered till now, but now science has started accepting and discussing those facts as well.
  7. Prana is such a force, which can be fully manifested, then man can become the master of those divine powers that to the common man seem like great miracles.