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You are more foody.

In the current situation, an unexpected question has arisen before human society. This problem, which is one of the many problems faced by a man right now, can be seen and experienced as a major challenge. Therefore, it has become a major responsibility for us to resolve it promptly and properly. This is the problem with bright and nutritious diets. This is one of the most pressing human needs

To fully solve this problem, we need to be aware of the situation that existed two hundred years ago, and in the past, there was a shortage of food and food, or it could be said that it was not possible to provide equal amounts of food to all. It was almost difficult for many poor nations to obtain food that could be easily obtained in rich and developed countries. The result was that in some countries people had more food than they needed, while in others people were starving and malnourished. On the one hand, in many countries, people are seen throwing away food and wasting it

Ever since food became available to almost every person in the world, the nature of this problem has completely changed. In the last 50 years, the average weight of a citizen of almost every country has increased more than ever before. One reason for this week is that today people are eating more than ever. Frozen food, junk food, instant food, cheap food, mand any types of food are now easily available in different types of supermarkets and malls, even in the smallest city. The result is that even a typical family is consuming high-calorie foods in abundance.

According to last year’s data from the World Health Organization, each person’s daily calorie intake capacity has increased by more than 500 calories over the past 50 years. The result is quite clear: we find that a large section of society is struggling with obesity, rising wei,ght and health issues. Another problem is that today people are seen consuming an unbalanced, unrestrained diet. Restaurants and orders online food have become more prevalent than home-cooked meals

These changes in today’s lifestyle are generally ignored. Today, the amount of physical has come down, people take the help of vehicles even for short distances. There is a kind of inertia in people’s lifestyles and routines today. Today, one-third of people’s lives are spent sitting in front of a mobile screen or at an office ‘table’, and all these factors contribute to weight gain. Whatever the reason behind this; the consequences of this change are devastating. Obesity not only causes diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, but it is also one of the leading causes of many types of cancer. One of the major tools that prevent this is physical exercise and physical exertion.

Do attention on Physical exercise?? Properly!!!

What is noteworthy here is that once a person is obese, regular exercise prevents him from gaining weight; But exercise doesn’t play a big role in reducing it. The reason behind this is that physical exercise makes a person hungry and he consumes almost the same number of calories as he spent due to exercise. Yoga has been many times more effective in achieving this goal. Most yogic processes, in which the body is gained control by controlling breathing. Exercise also plays a special role in this. Those who suffer from problems like laxity must first make yoga and yoga asana traditions an integral part of their daily lives

Another way to reduce obesity is to gain control over diet. Today, people from Western countries to small villages are seen dieting, but here too, the problem is that even after doing so, the results fail.
For example, looking at the results of dietFITS research, it is clear that even after eating a carbohydrate-free diet, people’s weight did not change. According to Indian tradition, the long tradition of fasting is more effective in this regard. Fasting any day of the week not only gives a person spiritual energy but also helps him to lose a certain amount of weight. For those who want to control weight through diet control, fasting, fasting, and Vedic protocol experiments can be helpful in weight loss from both physical and spiritual perspectives. While adopting these methods, fast food,and junk food have be resi,s ted and eating a balanced diet also gives the best results to the human being

In addition to these major causes, some people suffer from weight problems due to genetic reasons. One study found that people who had a gene called “CREBF”
The gene is responsible for obesity in 30% to 40% of people. This cause needs to be explored; Because it can’t even be tested in the lab, every person needs to follow some methods to maintain a healthy body

The scientific conclusion is that it is the first duty of man to fully healthy the human body. Obesity has become an epidemic due to the distorted lifestyle and unbalanced diet in the present day. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to make one of the above methods part of our lifestyle. Those who adopt this healthy tradition in their lives also get the subsidy of a healthy body easily