Sow the seed of positivity!

A healthy attitude

Achieve your life goal while living, it is the ultimate duty of all human souls. Being healthy is the natural nature of the body and our birthright. It has also been said that the first happy and healthy body is. Health is the first necessity of life. Without it, all the riches and splendour are meaningless. An unhealthy person is himself unhappy and a burden on others. He is neither able to make efforts for self-building nor can the family contribute to the building of society and the nation. When we look at the natural world, we find that the rules for staying healthy are very simple. Everyone can easily lead a healthy life by the following nature. The closer the body is made to the five elements of nature, the closer it is to nature, the healthier it will be. The more sattvic and simple a person lives, the more he will be closer to nature and healthier.

Perfect health means a disease-free body and a happy mind. Having a good appetite, having a sound sleep, having the power to walk miles and lift weights, generous and positive thoughts and depth of contemplation, generosity, zeal, enthusiasm, forgiveness, selfless service, etc. are the signs of complete health. “Making the routine systematic is the guarantee of health protection. Make a systematic method from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night. The division of time and the prescribed work method should be followed strictly. This will also make the internal system of the body systematic and active. Beware of the rules that we break that cause diseases. We must follow the rules of staying healthy that we know and can do. When we fall ill, we do everything we can to get well. Some put it at stake, but the big surprise is, that we do nothing to stay well.

But in today’s competitive era, the situation has changed. Apart from studies, tuition, homework, human life has become entangled in the web of T.V… Computer, Internet, social media, dirty culture etc. In these changed circumstances, man has to learn a new art of living. Such art in which he can face the present circumstances and achieve his life goal. You have to choose the art of living. But these good habits will accompany you for the rest of your life. These are not things but your exclusive friends. Other friends may leave you in trouble, and may also take you on the wrong path, but these good habits will never leave your side and will always take you on the path of progress. Hope you accept these good habits and make them yours and make yourself feel prosperous and blessed and make life successful.

Your first priority is your body.

Health is the first requirement of a healthy life. Only a healthy person can truly enjoy life; can go deep into the study; can sacrifice, penance and hard work to achieve his goal. A sick person is himself unhappy and a burden on others, follow the rules to be healthy. Do water fasting or take the juice. Avoid drugs. Health achieved through medicines is not true health. Follow natural laws for overall health. The greater doctor than nature, better cure than fasting and Usha: There is no better medicine in this world than paan. The rules of staying healthy are very simple. Sleep early, wake up. Drink a glass before sleeping at night and two glasses of water after waking up in the morning. Do Asana-Pranayama and meditation regularly. Make sure to do such labour or sports if you sweat every day. Take less food than hunger, and keep the stomach empty for one-fourth water and one-fourth air. Chew the food well and eat it calmly. Drink water one hour after meals. Take simple sattvic food. Avoid very hot and very cold foods, Pepsi, Colas, etc. It has also been said that the mind should become the food as it is eaten, so accept only the food of pure and honest earnings. Be free from addictions.
Healthy Eyes: Today due to mental stress and pressure, irregular life, and unnatural eating, even small children are victims of eye diseases. Eyes are a priceless gift given to us. Protect them. Remove the above causes of eye diseases. Use more green vegetables, fruits etc. Learn sun-bath, eye-bath, water-neti, palming, eye and neck exercises etc. and practice regularly. avoid stress. Do not study in too little or too much light. Practice Tratak at the Jyoti Bindu or the Black Point. If you take care of your precious eyes, then they will serve and play with you throughout your life.

The eyes are a unique gift of God to the living beings in this world. Keep the eyes healthy and play lifelong, it is the desire of every living being. Without eyes, the world is just darkness. Wherever it is – if there is an eye, then there is a world. Life is incomplete without healthy eyes. We pay very little attention to such useful eye health. If some simple things are implemented in our daily life, then this priceless gift of God will accompany us throughout our life.

While studying, make such arrangements that the light should come from the front and a little from the left. Read or write the bookkeeping it about a foot away. Do not study in very bright light and very little light. Do not study lying down or lying down. It is not good to read in the bright light of lightning or sunlight. Never work on a stove, in smoke or bright light. Due to this, Vitamin “A is deficient”. Reading while travelling in a car and reading immediately after meals damages the eyes. Get in the habit of looking naturally without pressure and stress. Don’t stare squarely. Keep blinking in between. T. V. Do not constantly look at the screen in program, film, or computer work. Do not sit directly in front of them, sit a little far and diagonally. Do palming and neck exercises in between, and wash your eyes with a splash of cold water. Improper diet and faulty blood circulation are also the main causes of eye diseases. To avoid and get rid of eye diseases, purification of the body through moderation of diet and freedom from constipation is a major basis. Keep more amount of fruits and green vegetables and salads in the diet. Sprouted moong and gram are also good. Carrot, beet and gooseberry juice is good for eyesight.

Transformations yourself.

Stay away from unnatural foods like fruits, green vegetables, salads etc. such as packaged, preserved, refined and deep-fried foods. Due to constant mental pressure and stress, the spine at the back of the neck The bone of the eye becomes stiff and the surrounding muscles contract, which is the main cause of eye defects. Try to be free from worry, negative thoughts, fear, hatred, mental stress, pressure etc. Palming: This is one of the best ways to give coolness and relaxation to the eyes easily. In this, the eyes are covered with palms without touching and darkness is seen by opening the eyes.

It is best to give rest in between tasks by relaxing and calming the mind and eyes. Eye-bath by sitting in the position of Kagasana or by leaning over the washbasin, fill the mouth with water. After that, sprinkle 10-15 or four cold water on the eyes. Then release the water from your mouth. Repeat the action by filling the mouth with water. Do 3 such actions. This action increases the light of the eyes. By removing the heat of the brain, headache, tiredness and burning of the eyes are removed. Doing this action before resting at night brings good sleep. Precautions – Those who have cataracts, recently had an eye operation or whose eyes are always red, please do not do this eye-bathing procedure. Soak 50gm Triphala in 1 litre of water at night in an earthen pot and filter it in the morning and take a bath in the eyes. Or wash the eyes with water kept in a green bottle.

Taking a sunbath with the rays of sunrise and sunset for 5 minutes with closed eyes is also best in removing the defects of vision. After this, take an eye bath with palming and splashes of cold water. Jal-Neti: It is best for the light and health of the eyes. Learn and do it. It is enough to do once a week. Learn and regularize different exercises for the eyes and neck. Asanas: Sarvangasana, Yoganidra San, Hastapad Chakrasana, Shirshasan, Bhumipad Shirasana etc. are very useful asanas in removing eye diseases. Regular sunbath, air bath, Usha: Paan, exercise, fasting etc. will accompany you throughout your life. Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana and Bhastrika Pranayama are useful. Learn and do them. Tratak: Fix the eyes on any point of light or black point. Start with five minutes and increase the exercise to 30 minutes. Due to this, the eyesight increases manifold. Keep the mind and mind healthy and stress-free with positive thoughts.

Every morning walk on the grass for half an hour and see the greenery. Massage the soles of the feet with sesame or mustard oil every morning and night. Never wipe or rub the eyes with dirty hands or dirty cloth. Also, pay attention to the health and cleanliness of the teeth. If the teeth are strong, then the eyesight will also be bright. Take bath with cold water as much as possible. Beneficial for the eyes. Make a fine powder of fennel and mix equal parts of sugar candy or sugar powder and keep it. Take a spoon before sleeping at night. It is good for eyesight.

A living Life 200 %

Taking all these measures, thinking positively is the main part. It is a proven fact that what a person thinks and does, he becomes so. The physical, mental and spiritual powers of man are infinite. He is usually able to use only 6 to 10% of these, the rest of the powers are lying dormant. The main basis for the awakening of these powers is positive thinking, the practice of practising positive thinking is all spiritual practice. The goal of all spiritual practices is to develop a positive mind in life. Without this, any sadhana will be said to be incomplete. The fruit of being constantly engaged in creative work is always as sweet as honey. All the great men and all the experiences of life point us towards positive and constructive thinking. A positive thinker also greets Yamraj knowing death as a newborn with a smile, enjoying the stars instead of complaining about the darkness. Even in difficult situations of life, he sees the compassion and welfare of the merciful God. He is humble and humble, but he is not cowardly or weak. He is full of self-confidence and full of self-confidence. He believes that no person, thing, glory, or circumstance in the world can cause sorrow and pain to anyone. He gladly accepts all situations, good and bad, as the fruits of the seeds of karma sown in his past. The fruits of karma come in life like a sunshade and go away, a person with positive thinking, while witnessing himself, remains always happy and happy watching these scenes of the drama of life.

While practising positive thinking, he has full faith and allegiance to the natural and eternal principles of the whole universe, the unshakable law of action and divine justice. He always keeps his thoughts pure, speech as sweet as honey, precious with gems and noble deeds, smelling of divine qualities. Blessed are those who practice positive thinking in life. Blessed are those parents who pass on the values of positive thinking to their children. Come! For the development of positive thinking in life, we should start efforts from today and from now onwards and through them sow the seeds of noble deeds to attain true happiness, peace, joy and love.


Attitude of gratitude

Rule of Third dimension

जीवन का सत्य कुछ और है। जहां आपको जन्म से लेकर मृत्यु तक का वर्तमान में आपकी चेतना विकास करती जाती है। इस जीवन के महत्व पूर्ण पाठ पर मृत्यु ही वह अंतिम सच और गुरु है। जहां आपका समर्पण होना तय है। हमारा आने वाला जन्म इसी बात पर तय होता है, की हमारे चेतना का स्तर कैसा है? हमारे विचार हमे क्या मार्गदर्शन करते जाते है? क्युकी जीवन तो सभी प्राणी जीते हैं! पर मनुष्य जीवन के साथ जीता है। सबसे महत्व पूर्ण बात यह है, मनुष्य के पास चुनने का अधिकर है। वह चुन सकता है, मेरा जीवन कैसा हो?

जल का बहाव अपने पथ पर अविराम बहता चला जाता हैं, दौड़ता चला जाता हैं। उनके पथ पर हजारों बाधाएँ आती हैं, हजारों मुश्किलें आती हैं, हजारों कठिनाइयाँ आती हैं, बड़ी-बड़ी चट्टानें और दीवारें आती हैं, पर वे सबको पीछे छोड़कर अपना मार्ग बनाता जाता हैं और अपने लक्ष्य की ओर और अधिक तीव्रता व संकल्प के साथ बढ़ता जाता हैं। अंततः वे सागर में विलीन होकर स्वयं भी सागर बन जाता हैं, महासागर बन जाता हैं। तब सरिता से सागर, महासागर होने का जो आनंद है, स्वयं का जो विस्तार है, उसे सिर्फ और सिर्फ वे ही महसूस कर पाता हैं, अन्य कोई नहीं। वैसे ही जो साधक साधना-पथ पर अविराम बढ़ते जाते हैं, जो साधना-पथ पर मिलने वाली मुश्किलों, कठिनाइयों, बाधाओं से न घबराकर उनका सामना करते जाते हैं, जो अपनी इच्छाओं को दरकिनार कर पूर्ण श्रद्धा और विश्वास के साथ भगवान के पथ पर आगे बढ़ते जाते हैं उन्हें अंततः उनकी मंजिल मिल ही जाती है।

सत्-चित्- आनंदस्वरूप प्रभु से घुल-मिलकर वे भी सत्-चित्- आनंदस्वरूप हो जाते हैं। वे भी बिंदु से सिंधु हो जाते हैं। वे भी जीवात्मा से परमात्मा हो जाते हैं। मानव से माधव हो जाते हैं। बिंदु से सिंधु होने का आनंद ही परमानंद है, ब्रह्मानंद है। इस आनंद के समक्ष दुनिया के सारे सुख, सारे आनंद बहुत तुच्छ और फीके जान पड़ते हैं।
इस परम सुख, परम आनंद को सिर्फ और सिर्फ सच्चे साधक ही अनुभूत कर पाते हैं अन्य दूसरा कोई नहीं। इस अध्यात्म-पथ पर, साधना-पथ पर चलने वाले लोगों में बहुत थोड़े ही ऐसे होते हैं, जो इस अवस्था को प्राप्त कर पाते हैं।

अध्यात्म जगत का अलंकार : समर्पण

जो लोग आलस्य कर या तो साधना मार्ग से विचलित हो इस पथ का परित्याग कर देते हैं या फिर साधना को ही, अध्यात्म को ही झूठा बताते फिरते हैं। वैसे लोग साधना- पथ पर देर तक टिके नहीं रह पाते क्यों ? क्योंकि उनकी श्रद्धा की जड़ें गहराई तक नहीं गई होती हैं। उनके विश्वास की जड़ें उतनी गहराई तक नहीं गई होती हैं। फलस्वरूप वासनाओं का लोभ का प्रलोभन का कोई प्रवाह उनके अंदर जैसे ही उभरा वैसे हो, उसी पल, उसी क्षण उनकी कामना की जड़ें हिल उठती हैं। उनकी श्रद्धा की, विश्वास की जड़ें उस प्रवाह में उखड़ आती हैं। ऐसे लोगों के लिए साधना मनोरंजन से ज्यादा कुछ भी नहीं। अपितु ऐसे लोग ही साधना में असफल हो हताश-निराश होते हैं। पर जिनकी श्रद्धा की जड़ें, विश्वास की जड़ें गहरी से भी गहरी हैं उनकी साधना को कामनाओं, वासनाओं, इच्छाओं का प्रबल-से प्रबल वेग भी बहा नहीं पाता। ऐसे शूरमाओं को ही साधना पथ पर विजयश्री हस्तगत होती है।

साधना-पथ पर चलते हुए अक्सर हम अपनी ही मान्यताओं, मनोकामनाओं व इच्छाओं को अपने सिर पर मंडराते फिरते हैं और इसलिए हम साधना में असफल हो हताश व निराश होते हैं। आवश्यकता है अपने सिर पर रखी अपनी ही मान्यताओं, मनोकामनाओं और इच्छाओं से भरी भारी-भरकम टोकरी को उतार फेंकने की और स्वयं को पूर्णतः भगवान के हाथों सौंप देने की, स्वयं को पूर्णतः उनके हवाले कर देने की। ऐसा समर्पण साधक तभी कर पाता है, जब उसकी आत्मा से यह पुकार उठने लगी हो कि बस, अब काम, क्रोध, मोह, लोभ से भरा हुआ जीवन बहुत हो चुका, अज्ञानमय और अंधकारमय जीवन अब मुझसे और सहा नहीं जाता और न यह आनंद देता है, और अब तो हमारे जीवन में भगवान के चैतन्य का अवतरण होना ही चाहिए!

हम अच्छे-बुरे जैसे भी हैं हम भगवान के हैं और भगवान हमारे हैं। अस्तु हमें अब अपने आप को भगवान के हवाले कर देना है। हमें स्वयं को पूर्णतः भगवान को सौंप देना है। अब मेरी कोई इच्छा नहीं। यही आत्मसमर्पण की, पूर्ण समर्पण की दशा है। समर्पण की इस भावदशा को प्राप्त करते ही साधक के सिर पर उसकी निजी मान्यताओं, मनोकामनाओं और इच्छाओं की टोकरी नहीं, वरन भगवान की मान्यताओं और इच्छाओं की टोकरी होती है। वह वही करता है, जो भगवान उसके हाथों से कराते हैं। वह वही सोचता है, जो उसके अंदर वास कर रहे भगवान सोचते हैं। वह भगवान के अधरों पर लगी उस बाँसुरी के समान है, जिससे अब भगवान के स्वर फूटने लगे हैं, जिससे अब भगवान के अपने ही गीत, भगवान के द्वारा ही गाए जाने लगे हैं। साधक तो सिर्फ बाँसुरी बन भगवान के अधरों पर बैठा भर है। उसमें न तो उसका अपना स्वर है और न ही गीत। बाँसुरी में स्वर भी भगवान के हैं और गीत भी उन्हीं के हैं।

पूर्ण समर्पण के बाद साधक एक कोरा कागज मात्र बनकर रह जाता है। ऐसा कागज, जिस पर साधक ने स्वयं कुछ भी नहीं लिखा। न ही अपनी इच्छाएँ, न ही अपनी मान्यताएँ। वह कागज अब कोरा है, जिस पर कोई धब्बा नहीं, कोई लकीर नहीं, वह सिर्फ और सिर्फ सफेद कागज भर है। साधक के ऐसे कोरे हृदय पर ही भगवद्इच्छा अंकित हो सकती है। सचमुच मनुष्य की इच्छा, उसकी व्यक्तिगत इच्छा उसको सीमाओं में बाँधे रखती है, अटकाए रखती है। जब तक मनुष्य, जब तक साधक पूरे का पूरा कोरे कागज-सा नहीं बन जाता, तब तक उस पर भगव इच्छा अंकित नहीं की जा सकती और जब तक साधक के चित्त पर, हृदय पर, आत्मा पर भगवान की इच्छा अंकित नहीं हो जाती, तब तक मनुष्य का, साधक का रूपांतरण संभव नहीं और तब तक उसे भगवान के हाथों का यंत्र हो जाने का अवसर और सुयोग भी नहीं मिल पाता। अस्तु भगवद्इच्छा के को धारण करने के लिए मनुष्य का साधक का आत्मसमर्पण, पूर्ण संपूर्ण आत्मदान आवश्यक होता है और जब वह के ऐसा कर लेता है तभी उसकी स्थिति कोरे कागज जैसी हो पाती है, जिस पर भगवान स्वयं कुछ लिखते हैं, कुछ ऑकित करते हैं, जिससे मनुष्य को पल भर में ही  लोक-परलोक का सारा सौंदर्य, समस्त आनंद हस्तगत हो जाता है।

मनोमय कोश

समर्पण का अर्थ ही है स्वयं का अर्पण अर्थात स्वयं को पूर्णतः दे देना, स्वयं को पूर्णतः खाली कर देना पूर्ण समर्पण का अर्थ है स्वयं को समग्र रूप से, सम्यक रूप से खाली कर देना प्रथम समर्पण तो मन से ही होता है। इसलिए पहले तो मन ही खाली हो जाता है। सब शांत होने लगते हैं, समाप्त होने लगते हैं। उसका मन तब भगवान का मन हो जाता है। तब उसका मन भी उसका मन नहीं रहता, वरन भगवान का मन हो जाता है। ऐसे में उसके देह, प्राण, मन, बुद्धि आदि सभी भगवान के हो जाते । हैं। वे सभी भगवान के अंग-अवयव बन जाते हैं।

तब उससे भगवान ही सोचते हैं, भगवान ही विचारते हैं, भगवान ही उसके हाथों से सब कुछ करते हैं। वह तो भगवान के हाथों का एक यंत्र मात्र बन जाता है। वह पल-पल यह अनुभूति कर रहा होता है कि, उसके अंदर एक असीम आनंद का दरिया वह रहा है। उसके अंदर ज्ञान का प्रेम का सागर उफन रहा है, लहरा रहा है और वह उसमें साक्षी भाव से बहता जा रहा है। सचमुच संपूर्ण समर्पण ही भगवत्कृपा, भगवत्स्पर्श और भगवत्प्राप्ति के का आधार है। संपूर्ण समर्पण से ही होता है साधक का संपूर्ण रूपांतरण। संपूर्ण समर्पण से हो बनता है साधक भगवान के हाथों का यंत्र

आज तनाव बढ़ रहा है, इस लिए महत्व पूर्ण है, की अपनी इच्छाओं पर नियंत्रण रखना। तनाव और खुशी यह सब मन ही तो खेल है। यही मन को यदि योग्य दिशा दशा प्राप्त हुई तो हम स्वयं भगवान को अर्पण कर अपने कार्य को सफल बना सकते है। आज जरुरत है की, मन को अतिरिक्त भार से मुक्त करने की। आध्यात्म जगत का सौंदर्य भी समर्पण ही हैं। हमे धन्यवाद के भाव की ऊर्जा को अपने जीवन में उतारना होगा। तभी जाकर जीवन सफल बन सकता है।

Your words are so powerful

Human stability = Rest and Recreation??? Only!!

The human body is the reserve of energy. This energy we spend in some form. The use of that energy is to do any work, if any work was at the mental level, then we put any energy into talking. Our human body is spent talking about maximum energy. We have to understand the effect of the word. If the word can give energy to someone, then a word can defeat anyone. Every word out of our mouth is a reserve of energy. Which appears in the form of positive energy and negative energy. Whatever the word we give to someone, the word is in any way we receive. This is the rule of nature. You get a hundred times more than you give. The human body provides the most word.

What is the energy in the world, your mental level is visible above? We call condemnation negative energy. What effect does the body have to condemn? It will have to know us. A rule of nature is that we should not condemn anyone. Behind this recognition, a rule of science works. There is an internal power in words. When we speak, they throw the words out with waves. When these airwaves fall into the ears of the listeners, they respond to favourable or adverse reactions according to the inner meaning of those words. When we praise someone’s flattering or admiring, the listener is happy and when we call someone abusive, it becomes sad, hurt or excited.

When Words are converting into energy??

Thus only use the words we impact on others. According to sun science, there are other types of air in the world, out of which there are five types of Vaayu (air) in our body, which are then placed in different organs of our body. “Udan” air lives in the brain and plays the work of the expression of speech. In the rules of nature, there is also a rule that ‘what will happen, what will be done and what is doing, it keeps the nature itself. Who is doing well or bad to make this decision, when we make a person’s evil or condemnation, then our act is interfering in the works of nature, and then he punishes us for it? Udan air, which expresses the expressions of our mind by speech, is a fire element, which consumes the nicely to burn the sin of the judged and turn it into the reversal condemnation.

Thus, the creator itself becomes a victim of their words. On the basis of this science, the brightness has said that never do anybody’s evil, because it has the reverse effect. Based on this rule (Confession) is the rule when there is a sin to humans, to avoid its influence, come to the church and accept the vocal speech and accept your sinner. By doing so, nature will forgive you in this recognition of Christianity, which is the fire element in the udan air, it is employed. When you accept your sin by speaking, the voice consumes its influence and you get sin free.

This is the word science behind ‘Confession’. Another recognition related to word science is that ‘we should never tell anyone their master mantra.’ Nor should we ever tell the auspicious interest and good work done by himself ‘, doing so, the power of our master mantra ends. It means to tell the master mantra that you gave your ‘password’ to someone- I e. gave it to the other. By describing your good actions, you lost some virtue. There is only a science-consuming science. In today’s era, we consider religion to fashion. Therefore, there is a lot of decoration in Gita, Satsang etc. to show even if true reverence. We donate a little but his hints beat more.

What do we want to be??

Enjoys us in the evil of others. The sin made by you hides in the bottom Lawner of the mind. And spell your qualities. In such a way, if everything is not peaceful in our minds, then how do you wonder? That’s why we should say that we do not want to speak. Our progress is in itself. The performance of your weakness is caused by the condemnation of you, which reflects the idea of a low level. If you have to jump at the height then make ideas high. The root cause of all our sorrow is the same, we all do not know our powers of ourselves. We have never thought about that. We live confused. We have forgotten that ultimate power is divine. That is why we are involved in any situation, it is not important. Important things are not what we are present. The most important is what we want to be?

The art of self-realization

Increase your glow with self-confidence

Today the circumstances are being attacked severely and cruelly on the human race. We are becoming slaves of those situations. We are getting entangled in the entanglements. Today we have forgotten, our original form is to be as bright as the sun. . We are born so that we can make our dreams come true. A tree is made from a seed, keep the strength to fight the troubles.

What we need today is to recognize ourselves. To use our powers. Who am I?, What can I do?, Why do I want to be successful? What do I have to make me successful?

The answer to all these questions is not in any book, the answer to these questions will have to be asked by oneself, one’s self-power, one will have to search within. Winning is the reason to be successful. We are responsible for failing, it is not a crime to fail, taking the path forward, your determination, self-confidence, faith keeps you glowing. We will have to recognize

Will have to understand, What to mourn for in the past? To zealously make effort in the present, to face the future boldly, is the secret of a successful life. Because the present is the truth. The right to act is only in the present. Your future is dependent on your present. Efforts to find happiness in the present will lead you to success. You have to live a moment like that which is your last day. Dedication will give you hope to move forward. With which you will be able to face the problem fearlessly on the path of life.

Happiness and sorrow keep on coming into everyone’s life. Everyone’s circumstances are different. For this reason, less comes in one’s life and more in one’s life. What to regret now on the pleasures and sorrows that you have experienced in the past? No one can change him. Yes, you can take lessons from them by reflecting on the past. And by taking education from them, one can make a full effort in the present, so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated, and losses can be avoided.

What do I want?

Along with this, ‘how will the future be,’ this matter should also be considered with foresight and seriousness, and mental preparation should be done for the future. Because we cannot run away from the future, we have to face it. Worrying or worrying will do nothing. You have to have courage. Have to be patient, and make wise decisions, what is the environment around us like? How are the people? Who among them are our friends, and who are our enemies. From where can those enemies harm us? These things have to be seriously considered. We have to beware of those enemies and maintain a friendship with gentlemen. Will take the help of friends when in trouble, and will also help them when needed. In this way, you have to work with intelligence and courage.

The person who will live his life by this method will be least unhappy in his life, will get maximum happiness, and his life will be successful.
What am I?, What am I doing?, What position am I in?, How am I? All these things don’t matter. Only one thing matters.
“What do I want?”
So be a good thinker, make your thoughts beautiful, you will automatically become beautiful

The conscience of human beings, listening and understanding, the same is true, the same is true knowledge. The disciplined man can achieve the philosophy and real knowledge of the truth. On the achievement of real knowledge, all the mourning and sorrow of man becomes self-resolved. Where there will be light, there will be darkness and where knowledge will not be sad. The lack of light is dark and the absence of knowledge is only sad. There is no other fundamental existence of sadness.