Bioelectric energy

Amazing power

An amazing incident was also incident in 1664 in that country. The cricket match was organized in those days. He came to the audience to see the cricket match. He started heavy rain at the time of that match. There was a cloud burst in that city. What is the game now? When the groundwater is filled with water, it could not be possible for a long time. To avoid this calamity, it was considered to be appropriate to help the tantrikas. The Malaya Cricket Association President called the well-known Tantric of Renbau. His use was also amazing. On the cricket field, one drop was not lost by an invisible umbrella.

The third incident has also remained the subject of international discussion. The Year of the Dragon was the film. On the day the principal shooting was to take place, it rained on the same day. On this occasion, the help of a Tantrik was taken and the shooting area was protected from rain the whole time.

The then President of The Royal Astronomical Society and other prominent people have written an eye-opening account of the wonderful acrobatics of Mr Daniel Douglas Home. Sir William Crooks, the eminent scientist, and the creator of the radiometer, Helium Gollum, also studied Daniel Douglas Home with the utmost attention and found him to be devoid of cunning. These miracles include rising high in the air, walking and swimming in the air, and holding burning embers in hand. Sir William Crookes was the top chemist of his time. He inspected the palms of Mr Home thoroughly and did not find anything in them. Hands were soft and delicate. Then looking at Crooks, Mr Home picked up the brightest red coal and placed it on his palm. There were no blisters on his hand.

In the Report of the Dialectical Society and Committee of Spiritualism, Lord Adare has also given the details of Mr Home. You mentioned that he was present with eight people in ‘One Cyan’. Mr DD Home not only placed the blazing embers on his palms but also placed them in the hands of other people.

True ??

Four of these were women. Two other men could not bear it. Lord Adare has also written many such experiences, which Mr Let us shed light on the developed psychic abilities of Homa and their relation to the invisible forces. In the presence of many people, all the items in the room were bought by Mr Home trembling at the mere desire, raising a single object (like a table or chair etc.) 4-6 feet in the air and Mr Their hanging there till the desired time of the home, the marble stone and paper, the pencil remaining in place etc. Sir William Crooks also described the sudden appearance of a beautiful hand, the breaking of a flower leaf on the Sir Home button by that hand, the movement of an object, the formation of a bright cloud on its side, and then the cloud is transformed into a clear hand. And on touching that hand, sometimes very cold, sometimes hot etc. have been written.

Dr Ralph Alexander, a psychologist from America, has experimented with awakening the para shakti, removing the clouds at will and creating them. He had been experimenting for many years to concentrate the mind and influence the clouds with its power. In 1651 he collected some rain clouds in Mexico City within 12 minutes. Scientists and other scholars from many places were gathered there on that occasion. There was a difference of opinion among them regarding the power of Dr Alexander, yet everyone accepted that when there was not a single cloud in the sky, then it is surprising to see clouds arise in ten-twelve minutes and even a little drizzle.

That’s why Dr Alexander again decided to do such an experiment, in which there was no doubt. He said that out of the clouds present in the sky, whomever the spectator would call, he would show it by removing it with the power of his will. A demonstration was held for this on September 12, 1654, in a place called Oreo Oreo. In it, about 50 scientists, journalists and city officials gathered to witness this miracle. So that no one can doubt the success of this experiment. It was also arranged that, when the clouds were to disappear, many very fast cameras would take their pictures. This was needed because some thought that Dr Alexander used ‘collective hizotism’ on the audience to make a scene that doesn’t move. Due to this, the human mind can get confused, but then the automatic camera will take the picture of that scene, and then there will be no room for doubt. The same thing will come in the picture of the camera, which will be in front of it. The details published by a local newspaper ‘The Daily Packet and Times’ about the subsequent incident are as follows,

When everyone had gathered, Dr Alexander told them to choose a cloud for themselves, which they wanted to make disappear. There were many clouds near the horizon. The sky was also visible between them. In them, a thin band of clouds was quite dense and fixed in its place. That was made the target of the experiment. The camera took many pictures of him.

Dr Alexander did pranayama for a while, raised his eyebrows and started looking at the same band of clouds. A change was visible in those clouds. That band of clouds began to widen and then gradually began to thin. The cameras were on and a picture was being taken every second. A minute after minute passed, and the bandage started getting thinner. Within eight minutes everyone saw that the band had completely disappeared from the sky, while the surrounding clouds remained stationary.’

‘The eyes of the people were astonished by wonder, but Dr Alexander himself was not yet satisfied. Maybe some people think it’s just a matter of luck. Clouds keep getting worse and worse. He asked the people to choose another cloud again and the cameras were then focused on that new cloud. The same experiment was done three times that day and all three times Dr Alexander successfully made the clouds disappear. When the films of the camera were cleaned and the photos were taken, it was seen that every time the clouds disappeared, completely descended on them, then the major newspaper there published this news by giving a huge heading of ‘Cloud destroyed by a doctor’ Did.

In America, this science is called ‘Psychokinesis’ or PK and those who practice it claim that after some time they will be able to move not only clouds but also many other substances by this.

Believe yourself

A yogi used to roam the streets of Varanasi. Finally, after taking out the warrant, the wandering monk was ordered to be put in jail. Eight or ten police personnel found out, it was found that the Yogi is sitting at Manikarnika Ghat at this time. In the scorching heat, while it is difficult to even get out of the house, seeing a yogi sitting on a hot stone like a burning pan of Manikarnika Ghat, the police kept watching at first, but after all, they had to be caught, they went ahead. The monk was smiling at the policemen as if he knew all the plans the police. At the same time, he was sitting as if he were the king of Varanasi. Don’t be afraid of anyone. When a police officer is not afraid of anyone after getting minor legal rights, he still feels like enjoying the game like a child, yo say, attainment of happiness is the goal of life. If this yogi named ‘Sreetailangaswami’ has also been interested in such pleasure through child-friendly simplicity and play, then what is the surprise?

Police were barely two yards away when Tailang Swami stood up and proceeded towards Gangaji from there. The policemen chased Swamiji and jumped into Gangaji. Poor policemen jumped out of fear of getting their uniforms wet, yes they surrounded it from all sides, but one hour, two hours, three hours – the sun was above the head, still it started sinking but Swamiji did not appear. It is said that he took samadhi underwater. For that, he had thrown a huge rock underwater.

No one has seen him eat anything, although his age is said to be 300 years. The wonderful stories of Tailang Swami are still prevalent from house to house in Varanasi. Despite being fast, his weight increased by one pound every year. He weighed 300 pounds when the police went to catch him. Despite having such a gross body, the police could not catch him. After all, when the night came, the soldiers thought that they might have drowned. So he returned to the police station to make another arrangement.

A yogi used to roam the streets of Varanasi. Finally, after taking out the warrant, the wandering monk was ordered to be put in jail. Eight or ten police personnel found out, it was found that the Yogi is sitting at Manikarnika Ghat at this time. In the scorching heat, while it is difficult to even get out of the house, seeing a yogi sitting on a hot stone like a burning pan of Manikarnika Ghat, the police kept watching at first, but after all, they had to be caught, they went ahead. The monk was smiling at the policemen as if he knew all the plans the police. At the same time, he was sitting as if he were the king of Varanasi. Don’t be afraid of anyone. When a police officer is not afraid of anyone after getting minor legal rights, he still feels like enjoying the game like a child, yo say, attainment of happiness is the goal of life. If this yogi named ‘Sreetailangaswami’ has also been interested in such pleasure through child-friendly simplicity and play, then what is the surprise?

In the morning the police reached there again. Swamiji was smiling like this, as if there is nothing else in his life except smile and joy, power is power after all. The present incident is quoted from the book ‘Mysteries of India and its Yogis written by Louis de Carta. A French tourist named Carta discovered such strange things in India by roaming all over the country. The famous yogi Swami Yogananda has also described the above incident in the 31st paragraph of his book “An Autobiography of Yogi”.

A cold wind was blowing in the morning. When the SHO proceeded towards the lock-up, his body drowned in sweat after seeing the scene of that time, when he saw Yogi Tailang walking with pleasure on the terrace of the lock-up and consuming air, the doors of the lock-up were closed, the lock was also on. Then how did this yogi reach the roof? Eventually, Yogi was again put in lock-up. The lock on the door was sealed at night. There was a guard all around and the police officer slept in the police station with the key and got up very early in the morning to see the condition of the prisoner, then if there is a bite on the body, there is no blood. The sealed lock is properly closed, on which Tailang Swami is practising pranayama sitting on the terrace. The SHO’s eyes were wide open, he left Tailang Swami at last.

Yoga of immortals

The human body is an instrument, life is its energy, fuel is its power, and the mind is the engine and driver. Whatever kind of wonderful works can be taken from this body is more wonderful than physics. But all these powers and strengths are embodied in Yogavidya, Yogasadhana, which only the possessors find eligible and get pleasure benefits.

In this method, oxygen becomes the basis of our entire process. Anyway, with the beginning of life, at the time of being born unknowingly, we took a long breath under the pretext of crying. With the awakening of our brainpower, the internal activities of the body had started, that is, in childhood, the mother and father made us cry and made us do Pranayama. The oxygen entered through pranayama and the scientific complete internal exercise and relaxation provided by pranayama do self-healing of our body. Pranayama is self medicine and self-treatment. Even with pranayama, we get some degree of freedom from the operations of the knot and spinal cord. We are also saved from heart surgery. Then it seems Pranayama is a unique mode of self-operation. With pranayama, when the level of the anabolism of the body is always at an advanced level and the level of catabolism is low, then the ageing process is also reduced, that is, we get longevity by avoiding untimely old age. With the evidence of the scientific results of the experiments of Pranayama, we can say that when an element called Prana i.e. oxygen is introduced into our body by certain methods in a certain amount of time and with the right conceptual direction, it automatically positively enters the body. Changes start taking place and Prana starts working as a complete medicine. This is the essence of Yoga Vidya. This is the basic mantra of health and this is the basis of building a healthy, prosperous and sensitive person and nation. The nature of Pranavidya is found in the Vedas as well.


The art of time management

A limitless values

This is valuable every moment. Those who know how to benefit from this, are easily opening the successful way in our lives and those who abuse them, have to endure their bites for a long time. From nature, all of us have received a valuable gift for some time. We can produce your part by proper use of each of them. There is no moment in this, which does not take us with himself with a golden future. Due to the waste of the black, it is no other way without repentance of the future waste. Each function is a fixed period. The work is decorated only by working, and after the right time of the prescribed work is left, it does not have any use of work. That’s going to work. Though the farm is dropped in the field, the crop of the crop is dropped, but it does not use anything and does not have any benefit of the crop, and the time of any work is finished, it does not have the importance and utility even after completion of any work.

If iron is hot, it can be shaped by him; But once it became cold, then it is not used for any of the ways, but it does not use anything. Okay, there is a fixed time limit for any work and it is very important. The opportunities that come in life are important and they can use them right, which are skilled to manage time. The person who used the time to prepare himself has to say that he understood the mantra of life. It is meant to be moving towards time and to live in the direction of life. Inside the person who is in the last time, learning the art and capture of completing the decided task, it is very smooth on the way to success. But for that, we should have taken your steps and taken their steps on it. The person who has a fixed determined by planning time is never left behind. She continues to go ahead and achieve her success. Time management means, completing your actions in a certain time so that they can be saved from unnecessary stress, anxiety, and hopper.

The reason for not being completed in a time of time is that we are very much to increase in one’s work, or a habit of avoiding work, so that our work is always hanging on half. It comes back to us when it comes to the end of the scheduled time of the work. Then, by putting it, keeping the scandal, hindrance, the endurance, the endurance, they are completed, but it is affected by the quality of that work.

Many people experience many types of efforts, also experiencing the time of manufacturing. The main reason behind this is that they can not be determined the priority of the work. What work is to do before and after which work, they do not like to decide. This causes unnecessary work as well, But the essential works fall back and what a penalty has to suffer in the future. To determine the priority of the work, we must give special attention to this thing that the most important work in front of it, which is necessary, which is necessary to do.

Success mantras

After which there are those works in the work list, those who have come nearly close to the definite time boundaries to complete and it is also very important to meet them. It is very important to give special attention to these things to manage time. Often we will take some time to do some time to complete this work. With this incorrect assumption, our other works are impressed with impressions. Ever-ever-sometimes we take more work than our ability and guarantee the guarantee to complete the work timely. But they can not remove enough time to do and then they partially remain. So we should have to verify that the first time is your speed to do any work. If this time is less, we should make a plan to make those informed actions. If our work speed is very high, we should complete the work by planning work accordingly.

It is easily and easy if it is not very difficult to manage time. We only need to study it well. We also fall by the study and need to understand self-being and understanding ourselves. It is right that we will be able to seek and adopt new ways to the management of time. We have the balance that we have to do is the balance, it will already be able to outline. If the start of the work is to do in the morning, then it should be done in the night, and it should be done as soon as the morning. Therefore, it will save time and does not work. Before starting the work, it is necessary to see whether we are familiar with the method of working.

We will take a lot of time to learn what we have never done before, and we will take a lot of time to work, and that we have a lot of time to work so that they make a lot of time, we should take special attention to the work of the work for the first time we have for the first time In this way, all those works may be well-fulfilled. Managing time is an art. It is necessary to have a continuous study of dominion to gain dominance in it. By managing time, we can achieve success in our life, but we can also forget the knowledge that we have to do. Therefore, we always have to keep meditating and try to walk.

The art of self-realization

Increase your glow with self-confidence

Today the circumstances are being attacked severely and cruelly on the human race. We are becoming slaves of those situations. We are getting entangled in the entanglements. Today we have forgotten, our original form is to be as bright as the sun. . We are born so that we can make our dreams come true. A tree is made from a seed, keep the strength to fight the troubles.

What we need today is to recognize ourselves. To use our powers. Who am I?, What can I do?, Why do I want to be successful? What do I have to make me successful?

The answer to all these questions is not in any book, the answer to these questions will have to be asked by oneself, one’s self-power, one will have to search within. Winning is the reason to be successful. We are responsible for failing, it is not a crime to fail, taking the path forward, your determination, self-confidence, faith keeps you glowing. We will have to recognize

Will have to understand, What to mourn for in the past? To zealously make effort in the present, to face the future boldly, is the secret of a successful life. Because the present is the truth. The right to act is only in the present. Your future is dependent on your present. Efforts to find happiness in the present will lead you to success. You have to live a moment like that which is your last day. Dedication will give you hope to move forward. With which you will be able to face the problem fearlessly on the path of life.

Happiness and sorrow keep on coming into everyone’s life. Everyone’s circumstances are different. For this reason, less comes in one’s life and more in one’s life. What to regret now on the pleasures and sorrows that you have experienced in the past? No one can change him. Yes, you can take lessons from them by reflecting on the past. And by taking education from them, one can make a full effort in the present, so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated, and losses can be avoided.

What do I want?

Along with this, ‘how will the future be,’ this matter should also be considered with foresight and seriousness, and mental preparation should be done for the future. Because we cannot run away from the future, we have to face it. Worrying or worrying will do nothing. You have to have courage. Have to be patient, and make wise decisions, what is the environment around us like? How are the people? Who among them are our friends, and who are our enemies. From where can those enemies harm us? These things have to be seriously considered. We have to beware of those enemies and maintain a friendship with gentlemen. Will take the help of friends when in trouble, and will also help them when needed. In this way, you have to work with intelligence and courage.

The person who will live his life by this method will be least unhappy in his life, will get maximum happiness, and his life will be successful.
What am I?, What am I doing?, What position am I in?, How am I? All these things don’t matter. Only one thing matters.
“What do I want?”
So be a good thinker, make your thoughts beautiful, you will automatically become beautiful

The conscience of human beings, listening and understanding, the same is true, the same is true knowledge. The disciplined man can achieve the philosophy and real knowledge of the truth. On the achievement of real knowledge, all the mourning and sorrow of man becomes self-resolved. Where there will be light, there will be darkness and where knowledge will not be sad. The lack of light is dark and the absence of knowledge is only sad. There is no other fundamental existence of sadness.