The struggle is good ???

Take a test of your life. Really!!!

If you have got human life, then both happiness and sorrow also come, and if you want to live life, you have to make yourself powerful by squeezing from struggles. Only then will you understand the meaning of human life. Struggle gives you strength. When we go to school, we are asked, what will you become when you grow up? Then everyone says in response, will you do a job or do some government work? But everyone likes to be in their comfort zone, and not take risks. Rather, risky actions have talked about changing the world, this is also true

When you are living a life full of struggle, there is an effort made to do something, especially when you go through this difficult situation and you have to be ready to face a complex problem at a moment. Struggle can also be considered as you are trying, working hard, and that you are moving towards an end goal. Struggle and time are both true and best teachers. The struggle is not only a part of negative things, but you can also consider it as the right path to success, it is a part of your success. There is nothing wrong with it. Fear or an attempt to avoid conflict is a symptom of foolishness as it can hinder personal and professional development. It’s very painful to think about not doing anything and just wanting to do something. Acting requires courage, determination, and activism. Struggle marks that you are on the right path of progress

Another name for conflict is power: When you learn to see your struggles as opportunities to learn more, you become wiser, stronger, and better. Struggle provides you with #power and #strength to face the world. It protects you from becoming dependent. You get a unique addition to self-confidence

Identify your inner face.

It is through struggle that you become a good disciple or orator. You learn a lot. It is only with mistakes and small failures that you can rise above and finally, #achieve success. It develops more solutions, self-confidence, independence, and the ability to make good decisions. Conflict erases your inner fears of failure, ridicule, and ‘what will people say’. Obstacles prepare us to handle different situations smartly. Conflict teaches us whether or not the goals we are pursuing matter to us and how much. When we are not really confident and emotionally invest in what we want to achieve, obstacles are inevitable and when we accept defeat sooner, our self-confidence becomes very weak

Rewards are made part of the journey: After working hard and struggling to achieve something, when we get results, the rewards feel more appreciated, well-earned, valued, and fulfilled. Things that come to us easier and faster have less #emotional value. When our struggles lead to #achievement, we feel good at earning it. In this, increased self-esteem and self-worth begin to shine as a precious heritage.

When we encounter struggles at a difficult stage of our lives, we inspire many others who are afraid to try, hesitate to take the first step, anxious about the future and consequences, and fear failure. We set examples of how consistency and consistency help us move forward on our journey to achievement with confidence and hard work.

When people see you in a good position, they also respect you more and are inspired by you if they see you overcome their struggles and limit your #limitations to succeed in the end. People who have seen you work hard will value you more as a person and will appreciate your perseverance, resilience, tenacity, willpower, and determination to succeed. Learn to manage and embrace your struggles. Sometimes you should make your struggle a part of your life’s journey. Only then can you taste the #TEST of life