Test of success

Goal should be high and high

Every person in life wants to be successful and success is also the birthright of every person, but in the blind race of success, when it becomes beyond understanding, then the person can not get happiness even after achieving success. In such a way, there are questions on success and it is necessary to consider the overall look of success, which is connected to the overall development of personality. The first importance of physical health success is full basis. The success of health will be considered incomplete; Because in such a situation, the person is deprived of happiness and pleasure of life, which can realize the success of success, and the basis of health is the restraint of diet and balanced routine. This can be understood as a sense of feeling.

Effects protected from Self-improvement is the basis of success with health. In this context, awareness and healthy life elections are followed. Mentally also becomes empowered. The second basis of success is mental health and balance- which is determined by the positive and positive state of mind. Thinking is negative, and if your goal is not to be closed, then such a volatile mind can not be linked with a successful life. It is necessary to remain stable for success. The basis of mental health balance – the concentration of mind, and mind. Which ideas do we live with throughout the day? How much are we moving towards our life goals? How much hope is full of hope and enthusiasm? It becomes important. This comes out as a peaceful and delightful state of life.

It is also necessary that we can stabilize the mind how quickly the top of the fluctuation, loss of benefits, values, values like humiliation. We can keep an emotional balance between anger. The ability of such mental tenacity decides the success of life. In this way, a solid basis of success in life is prepared and it remains a direct connection with its duty. For overall success, it is necessary to follow the duties related to different areas of life. Laziness – Pradhan kept the person deprived. With his mind and conscience, he has the highway to follow the duties of his family, society, nation and gross humanity, which gives deep satisfaction and significance to the person. This is the simple formula of life, which are the basis of success and prepare its deep foundation. In such a way, the success of life is in the form of a personality construction. Under this, the person enhances his qualifications and his talent and unless the person is not healthy based on body and mind, it is not balanced and not following his duties, then the personality construction could not move forward properly and in such a situation. It remains only. The success received in shortcuts without completing these steps does not last long. Those who can not face adversity Success based on a solid foundation can not be said. It may take time, but the success of the success made with it is immense.

A structure of success

With the completion of the above phase, the situation of creative excellence is naturally tangible. It is based on a lot of a person’s nature and underlying attributes and is determined by them. With the completion of these steps, the target dimensions of personality seem to be flowered with their accomplishment and in life, with the multi-coloured shade and the flower blossoms of personality starts. This process, with full integrity and wisely in its totality, is naturally for spiritual such. In this way, with the development of the overall personality of life, there is a phased manner.

There is no such thing in the world that you can not do! The talent, which is with a man who has a person, is also present in the seed form. You will be able to do what you like. Practice only to be concentrated! Learn to change the best and high thoughts into functioning. With this, you will be able to achieve successful success in life. You will be determined by today from today that we will swack your inner powers, and believe I am going to be successful.


Change the result! of your circumstances.

Become an example.

Today we are living in the era of #artificial intelligence with #internet. In this life of information and technology, humans have transformed themselves into a machine. If we talk about studies after class 10, then students are studying now only to get the percentage. We must keep in mind that in #india, the meaning of studying has become limited to just getting more marks, and the relationship between the student and education has become only to getting exams and marks. This is what a government and private company chooses based on its merits, it becomes successful. Is getting a job the goal of your life?? Or does resigning from a job mean a waste of life?? Do we have to think about which # generation we are preparing for the future??
And when we go through this situation, we feel tired and experience burnout due to stress and chaos. Dynamic life, fierce competition, peer pressure, family expectations, physical limitations, and many other reasons make our lives hopeless. We are often at peace.

Q: Can we make our lives successful? Tell us about the way of life.?

Answer: Yes! The person who lives life can choose whether to make themselves successful or not.  So, first of all, believe in yours and elf, build a strong belief in yourself to lay the foundation of #success in your life. Also, understand that you are human, not a God. It doesn't have to be that hard. Learn to simplify your life. You gradually develop yourself slow way. The more peaceful you are, the more successful your life will be.

Q: How do we simplify our lives? 

Answer: Here we have to try to understand the meaning of the word simple. That is, we have to learn to adapt ourselves to the situation. You have to make yourself better, i.e., simple. As an example, you may feel negative energy, dishes, money and discord that a workplace, Hom another place in the office. You have more appointments to fit into your Cale, and household chores, and also give social some of other things. This will make you feel overwhelmed and hasty. Clarity and prioritization are important. Really achieve something in life you need to create space in your homes, life, relation environment antienvironment. Learn to reduce, cut, and simplify. Man has to learn to organize himself towards themselves er Nature, not far from him. Don't misuse time: The philosophy of 'having enough' and being satisfied is miraculous. Not only do they make you extremely peaceful within, but also make a successful path for you in life. More sub-of anything.
Q: Can we make our lives successful? Tell us about the way of life. 

Answer: Yes! The person who lives life can choose whether to make themselves successful or not.  So, first of all, believe in yours and elf, build a strong belief in yourself to lay the foundation of #success in your life. Also, understand that you are human, not a God. It doesn't have to be that hard. Learn to simplify your life. You gradually develop yourself slow way. The more peaceful you are, the more successful your life will be.

Q: How do we simplify our lives?

Answer: Here we have to try to understand the meaning of the word simple. That is, we have to learn to adapt ourselves to the situation. You have to make yourself better, i.e., simple. As an example, you may feel negative energy, dishes, money and discord that a workplace, ,Hom another place in the office. You have more appointments to fit into your Cale, and household chores, and also give social, some of other things. This will make you feel overwhelmed and hasty. Clarity and prioritization are important. Really achieve something in life you need to create space in your homes, life, relation environment Learn to reduce, cut, and simplify. Man has to learn to organize himself towards himself er Nature, not far from him. Don't misuse time: The philosophy of 'having enough' and being satisfied is miraculous. Not only do they make you extremely peaceful within, but also make a successful path for you in life. More sub-of anything.
Q: When life is going through a difficult phase??? What to do??

Answer: When life is going through a difficult situation, you have to understand that not everything is in your favor, your plan can go awry, unprecedented obstacles can block your path and cause you damage for a long time. During this circumstance, it is important to remember that this time will pass. It's just one step. Learn the necessary lessons from the events. So do not waste time, mind and #energy on small things. Focus on the big things.

Q: "Do you treat other people like that?"                                                                              
Answer: As they wish!  People skills are about knowing how people feel, react and think. Try to be sensitive to the needs and #emotions of others. Try to go out of your way to do something good for them. Don't be critical. Be generous, polite and sensitive. Don't compare that person to yourself. Never consider yourself inferior.  Make your family a priority, your family should always be your priority. Look for ways you can modify your career and work so that your family has primary needs.

Q: When is it important to be happy in life?

Answer: If you want to be happy, start living life in this moment. The present moment is reality and we must live it to the fullest. The past is immutable and tomorrow's future is today's present, which can be changed. You can shape your #future and #destiny the way you want. Stop thinking about past events and worrying about the future. It is completely wasteful and a waste of time and energy. Focus on the present and do everything you can to make your life more enriching, rewarding, and interesting. So try to choose the future, not see the future. The future is in your hands, today's present can be your tomorrow's future, make the present beautiful. It is necessary to develop a positive mental attitude for a beautiful present.
What do we think all day? 

Our thoughts control us, The circumstances around us influence our personality, influence our reactions, shape relationships and our personality. Try to shift your thoughts from negative to positive. With a #positive approach, you'll be surprised that desires will continue to manifest to see the circumstances around you adapt. Keep yourself ready to learn something all the time.  Learning is a life-long process

Q: What good trait is to be emotional?:

Answer: Being passionate about something makes you a magnet for people. They are attracted to you and will be #inspired by you. You have so much energy and vitality that others get motivated by your presence. Being full of love for something important not only makes you good at it, but also creates new paths and things. If you can make your passion your livelihood, nothing can be better than this. Otherwise, a choice you are extremely passionate about can bring surprises about your growth in life. Spend some quality time with yourself alone. Reflect, introspect and self-analyze your thoughts, reactions, and problems. You will not only come up with creative situations, but also become a better person. Think about how you could have handled a particular situation. This will give you a chance to understand yourself, attracting you to the life-changing impact in your life

Q: How to make the right and positive choice???                        

Always give your best for everything and forget about the rest. Overcome the passion of being perfect in everything.
Stop complaining. If life is a problem, try to solve it, find another new way. Crying and complaining will make you weak. Your body is the precious gift handed down to you, make the best use of it. Do not blame others for your problems, by doing this you will become angry. Don't make excuses and be overly sensitive. Invest your energy and #mind space in finding solutions to problems. Success is a by-product of living a full, meaningful, balanced and disciplined life. Acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude are tools to make our lives more fulfilling and happy.
Why is it important to give thanks??                                                  

Answer: Make a list of things and people to be grateful for in life and remember them every day. A wonderful family, parents, spouse, children, job or profession, a healthy body, good friends, etc. There is everything to be grateful for in life. Not everyone is blessed with these blessings. You can get and receive everything, but not at the same time. We have only 24 hours a day and need to balance family, work and many other commitments every day. Our focus changes. That's why we need to prioritize thanksgiving.

The struggle is good ???

Take a test of your life. Really!!!

If you have got human life, then both happiness and sorrow also come, and if you want to live life, you have to make yourself powerful by squeezing from struggles. Only then will you understand the meaning of human life. Struggle gives you strength. When we go to school, we are asked, what will you become when you grow up? Then everyone says in response, will you do a job or do some government work? But everyone likes to be in their comfort zone, and not take risks. Rather, risky actions have talked about changing the world, this is also true

When you are living a life full of struggle, there is an effort made to do something, especially when you go through this difficult situation and you have to be ready to face a complex problem at a moment. Struggle can also be considered as you are trying, working hard, and that you are moving towards an end goal. Struggle and time are both true and best teachers. The struggle is not only a part of negative things, but you can also consider it as the right path to success, it is a part of your success. There is nothing wrong with it. Fear or an attempt to avoid conflict is a symptom of foolishness as it can hinder personal and professional development. It’s very painful to think about not doing anything and just wanting to do something. Acting requires courage, determination, and activism. Struggle marks that you are on the right path of progress

Another name for conflict is power: When you learn to see your struggles as opportunities to learn more, you become wiser, stronger, and better. Struggle provides you with #power and #strength to face the world. It protects you from becoming dependent. You get a unique addition to self-confidence

Identify your inner face.

It is through struggle that you become a good disciple or orator. You learn a lot. It is only with mistakes and small failures that you can rise above and finally, #achieve success. It develops more solutions, self-confidence, independence, and the ability to make good decisions. Conflict erases your inner fears of failure, ridicule, and ‘what will people say’. Obstacles prepare us to handle different situations smartly. Conflict teaches us whether or not the goals we are pursuing matter to us and how much. When we are not really confident and emotionally invest in what we want to achieve, obstacles are inevitable and when we accept defeat sooner, our self-confidence becomes very weak

Rewards are made part of the journey: After working hard and struggling to achieve something, when we get results, the rewards feel more appreciated, well-earned, valued, and fulfilled. Things that come to us easier and faster have less #emotional value. When our struggles lead to #achievement, we feel good at earning it. In this, increased self-esteem and self-worth begin to shine as a precious heritage.

When we encounter struggles at a difficult stage of our lives, we inspire many others who are afraid to try, hesitate to take the first step, anxious about the future and consequences, and fear failure. We set examples of how consistency and consistency help us move forward on our journey to achievement with confidence and hard work.

When people see you in a good position, they also respect you more and are inspired by you if they see you overcome their struggles and limit your #limitations to succeed in the end. People who have seen you work hard will value you more as a person and will appreciate your perseverance, resilience, tenacity, willpower, and determination to succeed. Learn to manage and embrace your struggles. Sometimes you should make your struggle a part of your life’s journey. Only then can you taste the #TEST of life

Subsidy available for human body.

You are more foody.

In the current situation, an unexpected question has arisen before human society. This problem, which is one of the many problems faced by a man right now, can be seen and experienced as a major challenge. Therefore, it has become a major responsibility for us to resolve it promptly and properly. This is the problem with bright and nutritious diets. This is one of the most pressing human needs

To fully solve this problem, we need to be aware of the situation that existed two hundred years ago, and in the past, there was a shortage of food and food, or it could be said that it was not possible to provide equal amounts of food to all. It was almost difficult for many poor nations to obtain food that could be easily obtained in rich and developed countries. The result was that in some countries people had more food than they needed, while in others people were starving and malnourished. On the one hand, in many countries, people are seen throwing away food and wasting it

Ever since food became available to almost every person in the world, the nature of this problem has completely changed. In the last 50 years, the average weight of a citizen of almost every country has increased more than ever before. One reason for this week is that today people are eating more than ever. Frozen food, junk food, instant food, cheap food, mand any types of food are now easily available in different types of supermarkets and malls, even in the smallest city. The result is that even a typical family is consuming high-calorie foods in abundance.

According to last year’s data from the World Health Organization, each person’s daily calorie intake capacity has increased by more than 500 calories over the past 50 years. The result is quite clear: we find that a large section of society is struggling with obesity, rising wei,ght and health issues. Another problem is that today people are seen consuming an unbalanced, unrestrained diet. Restaurants and orders online food have become more prevalent than home-cooked meals

These changes in today’s lifestyle are generally ignored. Today, the amount of physical has come down, people take the help of vehicles even for short distances. There is a kind of inertia in people’s lifestyles and routines today. Today, one-third of people’s lives are spent sitting in front of a mobile screen or at an office ‘table’, and all these factors contribute to weight gain. Whatever the reason behind this; the consequences of this change are devastating. Obesity not only causes diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, but it is also one of the leading causes of many types of cancer. One of the major tools that prevent this is physical exercise and physical exertion.

Do attention on Physical exercise?? Properly!!!

What is noteworthy here is that once a person is obese, regular exercise prevents him from gaining weight; But exercise doesn’t play a big role in reducing it. The reason behind this is that physical exercise makes a person hungry and he consumes almost the same number of calories as he spent due to exercise. Yoga has been many times more effective in achieving this goal. Most yogic processes, in which the body is gained control by controlling breathing. Exercise also plays a special role in this. Those who suffer from problems like laxity must first make yoga and yoga asana traditions an integral part of their daily lives

Another way to reduce obesity is to gain control over diet. Today, people from Western countries to small villages are seen dieting, but here too, the problem is that even after doing so, the results fail.
For example, looking at the results of dietFITS research, it is clear that even after eating a carbohydrate-free diet, people’s weight did not change. According to Indian tradition, the long tradition of fasting is more effective in this regard. Fasting any day of the week not only gives a person spiritual energy but also helps him to lose a certain amount of weight. For those who want to control weight through diet control, fasting, fasting, and Vedic protocol experiments can be helpful in weight loss from both physical and spiritual perspectives. While adopting these methods, fast food,and junk food have be resi,s ted and eating a balanced diet also gives the best results to the human being

In addition to these major causes, some people suffer from weight problems due to genetic reasons. One study found that people who had a gene called “CREBF”
The gene is responsible for obesity in 30% to 40% of people. This cause needs to be explored; Because it can’t even be tested in the lab, every person needs to follow some methods to maintain a healthy body

The scientific conclusion is that it is the first duty of man to fully healthy the human body. Obesity has become an epidemic due to the distorted lifestyle and unbalanced diet in the present day. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to make one of the above methods part of our lifestyle. Those who adopt this healthy tradition in their lives also get the subsidy of a healthy body easily

The sun culture

Standard operating procedure.

If you look at the development of human beings, one thing is clear there is only one witness between primitive man and man: the sun. The sun has been a source of security and speed for the primitive humans living in the forest. The needs of primitive humans were very small. So as long as the sun is bright in the sky, primitive man must have been convinced that there is no danger to us from these violent animals. And that started being human. It later turned into faith and then devotion. Therefore, in all the civilizations that have emerged and disappeared in different places on the back of the world, we see the sun as the main energy source.

After the two dawns of day and night, I saw, observed, and noticed the importance of the various shining stars rising in the night sky, the sun rising every day, and the stars shining in the sky when it sets. These are built into a rule. Primitive humans began to understand this. Who created those rules? The ideas were not yet clear. But nature is rule-bound

As humans began to understand the importance of the sun, they understood the two important concepts of time and time. The animals that live on this earth know time, but they are not aware of time because at sunrise the empire of light spreads all over the world. Herbivorous animals go out in search of food when it’s time for hunger and satisfy their hunger. It was all about time. But they don’t know the times. Because they can’t count the time. They don’t even know how long their lives are: they can’t even tell. The ones who could count during this period later became known as human beings.

The very basic concept of time came into being with the rise of human civilization. If you look at the sky from the Earth, it seems that the Earth is stable. The sun rises in one direction every day and sets in the opposite direction. Its intensity varies from day to day, and the sun doesn’t rise in the same place every day. The eastern horizon line extends from north to south, and for six consecutive months it has moved from left to right, i.e. north to south, and for the next six months it is moving south

Change is the law of creation. Therefore, this series of changes in the environment of creation is also known as Ritu in the Sanskrit language. While the Earth is rotating around itself, the sun is rotating in an elliptical orbit, and the axis around which it rotates is 23.45 degrees towards its center, i.e., the equator, which means that the 360-day concurrent is now divided into 2 ions, 6 seasons, 12 months and 24 fortnights. Something was needed for the general public to understand easily. The human brain is the organ that stores memories. Based on good and bad experiences, the lessons learned and the wisdom that has come, he is sharp, skilled, and trained. It is also related to astronomy and geography, and it is difficult to remember the changes in the environment based on it, and the changes to the routine accordingly. Therefore, the ancestors have tried to give the right direction to life by resorting to some pleasant memories

Considering the moon, sun, date, constellation, etc., in the sky, what is to be done or not to do special every day? A methodology (standard operating procedure = SOP) was developed. The story was crafted to popularize it. Celebrating an astronomical event (Sharad Purnima) together creates a pleasant memory and helps to remember all the points of astronomical and geographical information. It is this series of joys that sweetens every moment of life. The most important issue is which date is at sunrise. In colloquial terms, festivals are celebrated according to ‘the time when the sun rises’ ‘. Therefore, the Sun is considered to be a god in Indian Vedic culture.

That is to say, once a person has the understanding of chronology when there is something funny, interesting, and long-cherished in the process of doing it, then everyone participates in it, and automatically all these things remain memories of everyone. Long before the concept of ‘education with a smile was discussed in the modern world, our ancestors introduced it

Adjusting the inner frequency : 9

Birth of self.

Putting yoga into practice means practicing a sequence of postures or postures. A practice that involves reawakening energy that is not functioning in the body through a specific physical encounter to experience the Supreme Being. By doing regular yoga, these centers or chakras are activated and useful for further development and expansion of the mind. Through it, parts of the human brain system are opened one after the other. From Mooladhara to Sahasradhara Chakra is the journey from normal to abnormal and finally to the attainment of liberation.

This spiritual journey is not just about sitting and thinking. The real practical thing is that there should be a change in the intellect or brain of the person. I would like to say one place that it is necessary to change the mind or brain. If you want to make the desired change in the mind or brain, you have to go through a certain way of being and living. Once this change is made, you are considered independent! But this change cannot happen without balance. All the methods of Yoga Sadhana aim at empowering the mind, expanding it, and reviving the human brain system. Hence a person who practices yoga becomes not a three-dimensional but a multi-dimensional person. This is the purpose of yoga.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are still with us today as authoritative written material. Sutra means a perfect arrangement in minimum words. As a result, one has to comment on the topic of the sutra and explain its meaning. Formulas are short but perfectly edited sentences, which we cannot change, but can interpret. a technique that is a thread connecting from Yogasana to Mukti. He perceives the smallest meaning and adds it in such a way that he realizes a formula. We cannot deny one part of it and only consider the other part.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are authentic and authoritative in my opinion. Because there is no such ancient literature available on the subject of ‘Yoga’ the later texts “Yoga Ratnavali” and “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” also consider and refer to Patanjali. What does Patanjali say about yoga? In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali says, “Ath Yoga Anusanalam” is where the practice of Yoga begins. Immediately after that it is said, “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha” ie Yoga creates the ability to keep away all the vrittis that disturb the mind. This is the only place where Patanjali defines yoga.

Yoga is good for health. It rejuvenates the body system. Regular yoga should be done. But Yoga is not just postures, it is higher and deeper, the remedies and practices mentioned in the Yoga Sutras remove the mind from its limitations and negative thoughts, give us the vision to see everything as one, from the third-dimensional world we know to the multidimensional world. In this journey, one fulfills the highest purpose of life. Life develops and expands by taking on new dimensions. Travel from three-dimensional to multi-dimensional. This state is called the attainment of the supreme essence. This is the real purpose of yoga.

Yoga says that it is important to have yama and niyama, meaning rules and regulations. How you live, what you eat, and what you drink are all very important. Because all this creates a balance in the state from which the mind tries to come out. The mind becomes more and more subtle. The subtle mind also activates non-functioning systems of the brain. When this happens consciousness expands and sees the whole world as one. So this yoga is not just asanas. Asana, pranayama, yama, and niyama are all just postures with desired changes. All we need is to activate the dormant centers in our system. These centers sometimes work spontaneously, but generally, they are gradually opened through regular practice. Meditation is a beautiful energy, so anyone reading this blog today should incorporate the process of meditation into their lives to fulfill my purpose of writing this blog. Inspire many people. Give them appropriate material to read. Our one step will become an inspiration for many to live in a beautiful world. It is true, make the thoughts beautiful and the world itself will become beautiful. Read more if the series on Adjusting the Inner Frequency ends here

Adjusting the inner frequency : 8

Just start watching!!

We see many individuals have a habit of looking at their mobile every few minutes. And if that person can’t see the mobile then they get upset, and anxiety arises. Turn off your cell phone for just one hour a day so that it doesn’t become a habit that worries them about what’s going on around them. Just keep away if you want. Eat light food during holidays and festivals so that you don’t have to exert much effort to get food. Turn off the TV. Then find a place to sit. Then this place can be your bedroom, the floor of a building, land, or even a hotel. Because of this, no one will be able to distract you. If in a hotel or resort, write down ‘Do Not Disturb’. Sit comfortably by the window. So that you can experience the open air and the world outside, after sitting on a chair in prayer, keep your eyes open and look at the outside world. If it is raining, look at the falling drops, if there are clouds in the sky, look at them. And experience whatever sounds you hear outside. Then make sure that the room is ventilated and keep the window open. This process is very simple and simple yet effective process is useful to identify yourself.

Take a deep breath and imagine that the fresh, beautiful energies of the world or earth you live in are entering your body as you breathe. Because when you breathe, it enters your body as energy. The closer you are to Mother Nature, the more happiness you get. As you sit near the greenery, you experience the beautiful green airwaves that surround you entering your lungs. The body also feels it. Be alive with these experiences and let the subtle parts of the body feel it.

After some time the process of inhalation and exhalation removes all the impurities from your body and only the beautiful energy enters the body, which you have taken from the environment around you. Normalize the breathing process after inhaling and exhaling for some time.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the pulsations and heartbeats in your heart and communicate to yourself that I am a beautiful image of God. I.. am infinite and have divine power with me every moment. I am taking off in this wide and open universe like a party without confining myself to a small idea or world. May my mind expand and reach great heights. I will free, free, free the mind without locking it in a dark or black box. Generate such feelings

After having this conversation with yourself, open your eyes and look around. You will see that everything around you is brightened. Now get up, stretch your legs and walk some distance, sit down again, and visualize whatever you desire. If you want a beautiful home, then imagine furniture and your favorite sofa, on which you sit comfortably and experience the world outside through the window. Do this kriti every morning or night before going to sleep to get whatever you want.

However, you may face many obstacles while doing so. The first obstacle is your obsessive thinking! Does thinking alone bring about everything? If you are thinking negatively like this, nothing will happen, then definitely nothing will happen to you. And yes, you’re better off trying nothing. Stay where you are happy.

Adjusting the inner frequency : 7

Dive into powerful imagination .

Along with physical development, the human race has built big cities, established businesses, made many discoveries in the medical field, made space research, and brought the whole world closer to humans, all this was possible because of imagination. World famous scientist Albert Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge. The secret of imagination is great. What we want to achieve in the future, the way we want to see the world, if we complete the concept picture in the way of imagination, if we can do it repeatedly with the help of imagination power, one day, whether we believe it or not, one day we can bring that idea into reality.

To understand this, first of all, our mind has to be open. When the mind is free and open and there is a strong, strong desire to achieve something, the ways to achieve the desired are open. It is a kind of high-energy quote that clears the mind and opens doors to achieve what the soul desires. You ask me, is there any technique to do that? why So I would say, first of all, it is a question of attitude. Once the attitude is clear, we have some methods, which help to free the mind from prejudices. Once the mind is opened through this means, it is ready to receive higher-quality energies. These methods are much more creative than we think.

We need to understand some rules so that we can realize the idea. Many times there are reasons why an idea doesn’t materialize or doesn’t happen. There is no need to think much about it. Because today we want to think about what is happening rather than what is happening. The secret of imagination or creative thinking is basically to believe that what one wants can be created in the mind only after giving it a concrete form. We can do this because our subconscious mind takes us to that higher level. We can call it the superconscious mind. This superconscious mind instructs our brain on what to do to achieve what it wants to achieve. It is the elevation of one’s plans to the higher realms and the descent of one’s plans. Well, you can also call it a blessing or common mental energy; So that it achieves what it normally cannot achieve. For this, the mind has to be first made strong and healthy in every way or freed from unnecessary thoughts. The most important step in this is to always state or affirm that my knowledge or my understanding of any situation with me can never be perfect. Perhaps, it will have many more layers, more consequences, and even sides. We can only see a few sides of it, but it can have infinite aspectss and angles.

An explanation of one of these methods will help you. It is not a ritual. You can call it a kind of mental exercise or psychological technique if you want. First of all, for a few days, even two days, you should go away from your place of work or the place of your daily activities. Go to a new place, the more beautiful the place, the better. Where there are many trees, there is greenery. Where you will wake up in the morning with the sweet songs of birds. Choose a place where you can see beautiful mountains from your window or where there is a beautiful beach with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Go to such a place. And read the next post!!!

Adjusting the inner frequency – 6

What exactly do you want ??

If take a look at some of our great men, scientists, and philosophers, we will know that many who were born in very difficult and adverse circumstances did not accept that situation and do what they want to do, without any thought that they can’t do what they want to do because of this situation. They have achieved what they wanted. This statement is true for a Yogi, a researcher, or a great person in any field. People who do not let their minds become negative and constricted by their circumstances can overcome any difficulty or lack and fulfill their purpose. Meditation is a magical process that helps to fulfill dreams. One should be able to understand its proper method and path. A perfect way to do this is to pray according to different ways of thinking and thinking. But many people do not believe in prayer. Why should I pray? They believe that praying is a form of pretense.

Believe me, prayer is not a plea but a beautiful mental exercise. Prayer helps you overcome situations that limit your progress and overcome obstacles that hinder your progress in the present situation. Prayer works by invoking the higher faculties of the mind to achieve what you would not ordinarily achieve. Prayer helps you.

You can also refer to this higher capacity of mind as God. Or if you don’t want to say, God, that’s fine. But your achievement is to overcome all limitations and move unlimitedly.
You say then how to pray? Is there a specific method to it? Yes, of course. There are many ways to pray. If you believe in the Infinite God, put all your energy and concentration into what you want or want and pray hard. It is very simple. Anyone can do it easily. Complete the prayer with a great feeling.

Your body and mind living in the Third Dimension help you to feel and sense in achieving your goals. Because when you start that prayer, you will not have any obstacles in it. Only through prayer is this possible. So pray, do it in the morning, and do it in the evening too. Do it whenever you have time. Do it not only for yourself but also for others. But one thing is true the more you pray, the more your goal will be imprinted in your mind. Until it is done, it will become stronger and stronger. This is possible only through prayer.

Human beings have one faculty, which is not found in animals, and that is imagination. Of course, animals think too. Animals are also very intelligent. Sometimes, to our surprise, they are smarter than us in many ways. Animals are intelligent. But one thing they lack is imagination. Humans can imagine. That ability belongs to God. It has been gifted to man. The human heart is full of breath. It is a symbolic way of saying that a mortal man or a human being has been endowed with divine abilities. It is this idea of evolving, improving, and reaching that state that has created the human mind, mankind. For this reason, how to make the mind beautiful, definitely read the next series.

Adjusting the inner frequency – 5

Experience life, wholly and keep your spirits high.

When we see a person crossing the road and see a speeding car coming, the brakes of that car apply at some distance from the person and the person reaches the other side. Seeing all this, a storm of thoughts starts running fast in your mind. Your eyes are looking for that person. Where will he be? If not dead? You see it. He is busy with his work and moves on.

What comes to mind if you think about it carefully? Let’s review it!! The person crossing the road has his boundaries about himself. Like I’m sick. Due to old age, I cannot run fast. I can’t even see well. I am very weak. Such beliefs and thoughts hypnotize the person’s mind.

He is kept within a boundary. But when it comes time to save a life, all the physical systems and the mind come into play. He overcame all the thoughts and limitations of his mind to save life at any cost. In short, the person forgot his limitations and crossed the road without any concern. Although this action was involuntary, it was accompanied by ‘thoughts’ following desire. Sometimes there is a difference in our thought process. At that time the mind takes control of our thoughts. The same must have happened to that person. It was a life-or-death situation. At that time the old man’s mind takes control of all his limitations and thoughts about it and he immediately crosses the road speedily and saves his life.

Of course, psychological and scientific explanations can also be given behind this. There is a substance called ‘adrenaline’ in our body. During times of anger, fear, and excitement, this substance mixes with the blood and helps to control the activity of our heart. During this very critical period of the person’s life, this substance mixed with the blood and created a wonderful kind of power. That is why he faced this difficult situation in his life. Mixing this substance was a physical process. But where was that drain button? How did this suddenly happen to that person? Who dropped it? If that person had thought about his limitations at that moment, would he have been able to cross such a road? Of course not. It would have been impossible for him to move from one side to the other if he was balancing whether I could cross such a crowded road.

At such times he acted without any thought. That is why he succeeded and was able to save lives. I will not say that you should not think! But our mind has multiple dimensions that operate beyond our normal, rational, and logical thinking. I think we should take this lesson from this story. Thinking is very necessary for our daily life. It is also needed. But you should be able to find a natural way to get yourself out of it. We should be able to remove as many negative thoughts from our minds as have hypnotized us. And we must break all the restrictions imposed on our minds by this third dimension of living. Going beyond ordinary thinking, we must unleash the immense potential that is eager to emerge from our minds. There are many ways to do this. Meditation is a classical way of doing this. This is the way to reach the deepest depths of the mind or even beyond. It is possible to develop great potential by awakening deep-seated latent powers. There is no doubt that these abilities will take us to an infinite height of mind.

Adjusting the inner frequency – 4

Rising beyond it.

When we are thinking about some thoughts, in our mind, and our body, they have a vibration of thinking. Accordingly, there are various Hormonal changes in the body. If the idea is negative, then the disease arises. Provide positive energy. This is the matter if any thought came to mind! But do not even think of anything. What do you need to do to think of your mind? There are many ways for this. One of these backports means to get out of the presence of the mind. When a delivery or ceaser is to be required or to remove Kidney stones, the body is zero from the unbearable pain. So the pain of cutting or touching does not seem to be the body. ‘Anesthesia’ is a medical method. This was a way of the body in a way. Your attention is focused on the same thing in this process of Hypohan. Focusing on one place is also the objective of Hypnosis and Help. But when you get out of consensus, then return to your state. Again your mind was centered on many things. Being a whole human being going is living in a conscious consciousness or energy. The ancient wise and gurus have also said this. The hypothesis is consumed by consciousness, conditional hypnosis, or the attraction of the world’s attractions, many such stages and types. The human mind in it was hypothetical. It is a process of monitoring and the mind is a multi-dimensional process. If Swali has to be out of Hypnothan, then will be free from hypnagar. There will be a collapse limit of mind. Have to be far away from the usual thought process. It is the same way of liberation from negative thoughts. The mind has to be free from the fatal ideas in the mind. The restrictions and limitations of the mind, suppose that the way of the mood is freed.

You read what I have written, whether it is true in practice At beginning of reading this, you will have to keep two things in mind. The first thing is that the mind can be made to be demolished and another thing is that we can free the mind from this hypocrisy. I realized that a way of mind can be found and can also be implemented. The blA person or an elderly person appears to cross the road near the Annail Street Light. We have seen the burden on his back. The vehicle is on the road to the street. On top wool is of fever. This is the first thought that can cross the road from the age of an elderly person. Then your mind starts rapidly. Can all of the traffic cross the sabbath to see the responsibility of your work? If you do not blow the daughter of wealth fast in the faster? How tired of how tired it appears. Before crossing the road, it will come under the old train or die … this thought creates interest in your mind. It is also keen to see him crossing the road. When your thoughts begin to speed, he is in the middle of the old road. At that time a car is coming at the speed of the wind. The circle has the rush to reach somewhere. As if he has overtaken its mind to speed up. He will give a wake of the first thing, the brake presses the brake. The idea is that all ends are now. But luckily the car would have stopped. But at that moment, what was the thought of you in your mind? For this, you have to save the blog of 5 numbers in this series.