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I’m Vivek, a philosopher, passionate about wisdom, and true spritual value. Thanks for visiting!

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There are many types of knowldge and science in the world. People learn and take advantage of them all according to their own interest. But above all these science there is a such a grate science, without which all other sciences are incomplete and useless. Spiritualism is that philosophy of life on which inner and outer progress, and prosperity and happiness & peace depend.

Knowledge of science gives strength to men and property. But without spiritual knowledge, there can be no achivment of cooperation, love, intimacy, joy and gaiety. Spritualism is that grate science, without the knowldge of which all the splendors of the earth are meaingless and on attaining even a little bit, life becomes full of bliss. The frist thing that need to be learned and heartened is scientific spritualism itself.

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Birth of self. Putting yoga into practice means practicing a sequence of postures or postures. A practice that involves reawakening energy that is not functioning in the body through a specific physical encounter to experience the Supreme Being. By doing regular yoga, these centers or chakras are activated and useful for further development and expansion … Continue reading Adjusting the inner frequency : 9

Adjusting the inner frequency : 7

Dive into powerful imagination . Along with physical development, the human race has built big cities, established businesses, made many discoveries in the medical field, made space research, and brought the whole world closer to humans, all this was possible because of imagination. World famous scientist Albert Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge. … Continue reading Adjusting the inner frequency : 7

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