Feel the waves of nature.

Be a aware outside.

Intelligence is a good thing, but the wrong use of this intelligence is harmful. It is appropriate to grow up in the lap of nature and take care of it like a mother, but destroying greenery while living in nature is a crime. The intelligence that disturbs the balance of nature is going on in full swing these days and it is causing more loss to man instead of profit.

On the picturesque land of nature, each living creature is nurtured properly. The important thing here is that there is no inappropriate thing in nature. In it, there are living beings who make a direct contribution to human progress and also such creatures which are useless for humans, but they also have importance because of being an essential component of the life cycle. God has not created anything that can be called meaningless. A man keeps looking at the usefulness or uselessness of any object or living being on the criteria of his limited selfishness and considers them meaningful or meaningless, but the fact should not be forgotten that the earth was not made for only human beings.

It has been manufactured keeping in mind the needs of other living beings and the wider creation. Which creature has what kind of need in this vast world? It is not man’s job to make this decision. There is some other entity, which operates and controls the entire natural process and ecological cycle through its automatic system. To create and to kill come under the same system. If a man unnecessarily interferes in this process, then it will be called his ignorance. In this captivating creation of root and consciousness, the root nature has its importance and the beauty of conscious creatures is the expression of consciousness, which expresses the different relations of both. Human intervention is appropriate only till nature is beautiful and consciousness is developed, by violating this boundary line and taking steps in the selfish comfort zone, defects arise in the ecological cycle, which result in various types of diseases.
Talking about its physical nature, analysis of its condition has resulted in less profit and more loss due to human tampering in the name of so-called progress. But he should say foolishly that mankind has rejected long-term benefits for the sake of immediate benefits. But could not protect himself from the bad effects of nature.

Who is responsible ??

Human life is dynamic due to the innumerable benefits of earth, water, and air. Other planets of the solar system also have an important contribution in balancing this process. Whatever man has achieved in the physical field, his effort is less, and nature’s favorability has more contribution, but it seems that man has forgotten the truth that only in the condition of maintaining balance, can be taken advantage of. Due to the blind race of material progress, the entire environment has become polluted, and the imbalance of nature’s cycle is increasing. The nutritional quality of the atmosphere is getting depleted due to increased toxicity. Countless types of crises are emerging. Like the melting of the glacier, an increase in global warming, etc. The balance of the amount of 21 percent oxygen and 32 percent carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere has been considered. But the result of man’s selfish and small thinking, now the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is continuously increasing. It absorbs sunlight and existing radiation in itself. Prevents Earth’s heat from escaping into space. As a result, the temperature of the world is continuously increasing. A 5 percent increase in annual fuel consumption worldwide would increase global temperatures by 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next ten years.

Supervised in 1679. According to that situation, 147 million tons of carbon monoxide, 25 million tons of dust, 34 million tons of sulfur dioxide, 23 million tons of nitrogen oxides, and 35 million tons of hydrocarbons were thrown into the atmosphere in America. All these foreign substances come out in large quantities through various mediums. Today the increasing number of industries has made this situation even more critical. carbon monoxide, Many gases like sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide mix in the atmosphere and cause poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless but toxic gas, which is produced during the combustion process when the carbon in the fuel is completely oxidized. Sulfur dioxide is produced by burning oil and coal. 60 percent of sulfur dioxide is produced by burning coal, which is mainly used in thermal power plants. Hydrocarbons are produced from unburned fuels, with automobiles being a major source. Similarly, the toxic gas nitrogen oxide is produced by burning fossil fuels at high temperatures. It is produced utilizing transport and heavy industries.

Carbon monoxide is called a slow poison, which enters the body and causes disease in the amount of life-giving oxygen present in human cells. Due to this, there is a feeling of physical laxity and mental depression. The working capacity of a healthy person also decreases. The chances of getting into an accident increase due to mental stress. This gas plays a major role in promoting chronic diseases related to breathing and nerves. Sulfur dioxide stimulates the respiratory system and obstructs its normal course. Nitrogen oxides cause blood disorders and influenza in children. The main thing is that as much as the role of all these toxic gases are responsible for giving birth to mental disorders, the role related to environmental pollution is also remarkable.

Please !!

Experts conclude that after 1650 the temperature of the world started increasing. They are telling the reason for this to the increasing fog in the atmosphere. Many reasons are available for the increase of this fog – increase in the amount of carbon dioxide, increase in smoke from the chimneys of factories (smog), molecular tests in the ground, combustion of fuel in large quantities, etc. Apart from the atmosphere, due to the mixing of toxic chemical elements on the earth, the fertilizer capacity of its soil is gradually getting destroyed. Due to pollution spreading from chemical elements, about 40 to 60 percent of the land of Europe is no longer arable. One crore acres of land have been ruined in France. It is estimated that the area of desert is increasing every year by thirty thousand acres in the world. On the one hand, the growing population of the world requires more arable land, on the other hand, a large part of arable land is losing its productive capacity due to the toxicity of pollution. In such a situation, the food crisis may present in a more serious form in the coming days. covid is microbiological radiations.
Due to increased toxicity in rivers and seas, a serious crisis has arisen for those who use fish as food. There is a town called “Minamata” in the east of Kyushu Island, Japan. A huge factory in that city manufactures chemicals called vinyl chloride and acetal hydrate. A few years ago a terrible epidemic spread there. Many people started dying after suffering from the same disease. In the beginning, the organs and lips of the patient would become empty and after a week the ability to touch, speak and hear would end. Eye light also gets destroyed after a few days. Suffering severe agony, the patient would eventually succumb to death. Hundreds of people died due to this unknown disease, and thousands got sick and became disabled.

Mass suicide of a man.

Reason After doing some research, it was found that the fish of “Minimata” Bay has become toxic due to the pollution spread by the factory. The amount of mercury was found to be excessive in it, and since then fishing in the bay was completely prohibited. According to a survey study report, the lungs of policemen handling traffic for four hours in London are filled with as much poison as if they had smoked 105 cigarettes. Eye, nose, and throat diseases are the common complaints of seventy percent of London students. When the people of Tokyo were asked in a poll what they most needed, the answer was the same: “Pure air and a clear sky”.

Agricultural scientists think that about one-third of the agricultural area of the earth will be useless within a few years. India, Pakistan, China, West Asia, the US, and Canada are the main affected areas. According to another report, the fifth part of the earth i.e. three crores square kilometer area has reached the condition of complete dryness. Estimated, an area of 2 lakh square kilometers is becoming unsuitable for agricultural work every year. This is causing damage to crops worth Rs 130 billion. Experts attribute this to the indiscriminate felling of trees. Green attracts clouds to rain. Due to its eradication, the fertility of the earth is being destroyed. Trees, on the other hand, save the atmosphere from contamination by drinking the pollution in the form of air. A large number of them are being sacrificed every year in the production of poison in the form of tobacco.

According to Encyclopædia Britannica, for the production of 3 lakh 63 thousand tons of tobacco, in just one year in India, forests existing in 12 lacks 86 a thousand acres of land were deforested. The raw leaves of farm-harvested tobacco have to be heated with tree fuel to dry them. Experts say that “To cook tobacco for 1000 cartons of cigarettes, about 100 tons of wood is needed, which is an average of 20 large trees.” 170 million cigarettes and 440 million bidis are made in India. It takes an entire tree to cook tobacco for 500 bidis or cigarettes. An estimated 12 lakh 20 thousand trees are used to cook bidis for cigarettes made every day. Fuel will be needed. These are only the statistics of India. The greenery of a large land is being destroyed every year for tobacco products all over the world. Is this human progress??

The situation of serious crisis has now arisen due to the depletion of the trees that drink the poison of pollution and the continuous filling of toxicity in the atmosphere. Scientists predict that after a few years from now till 2028, due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, the average temperature of the earth will increase by more than 10 degrees centigrade and such disastrous conditions will arise which cannot be imagined. Can be Countless types of emerging crises indicate that if a man does not stop his blind progress and uncontrollable use of nature, then the present crisis will be even more serious and present in the form of an epidemic, and the entire human race will be forced to die by suffocation. will do. It is a self-invited mass suicide of man.


Nature is the most beautiful!

The true beauty of nature.

There are so many structures built by nature on this earth, seeing which one has to keep pressing the finger under the teeth. It seems as if Mother Nature has created them with special artistry. Seven such major wonders of nature, which are present in different corners of the earth and which every curious person would like to see once and would also like to research the facts contained in them.

The colorful light Aurora Borealis floating, playing, and dancing in the skies of the regions of the North Pole is one such natural wonder. This wonderful light that touches the supernatural is named after a Roman goddess. It is a wonderful natural phenomenon that occurs at the North Pole of the Earth at night or in the morning, in which green, red and blue light keeps dancing in the sky. And with whose light the whole sky becomes engrossed for a few moments. In the northern hemisphere of the Earth, it can be seen in Alaska, northern parts of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland. Regional people see the presence of ancestor spirits in it; Whereas, according to scientists, this light is produced by the collision of gaseous particles on the Earth’s atmosphere and charged particles coming from the Sun.

The further we move towards the Arctic Circle at the North Pole, the more the intensity of this light increases. Light is constantly changing its shape due to the Earth’s magnetic field. Although it is visible throughout the year, it is more clearly visible in the dark winter skies. The aurora borealis has been observed to extend from 80 km to 640 km. Similarly, Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain at 8848 meters or 29029 feet in height, is included in the natural wonders.

Situated in the Himalayan region, this mountain is called Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet, which means the divine mother power of the world. It is a very sacred mountain for the regional people. Its extension is in Nepal and Tibet, but its peak falls in the territory of Nepal. This peak is called Mount Everest after the British Surveyor General George Everest. The Himalayas are believed to have originated 50 million years ago from the middle of the ancient Tethys Sea as a result of a collision between the Eurasian and Indian Plates, and its rise continues to this day. Its height is increasing at the rate of 4 mm per year. While this mountain is like a standard dream for climbers, a thrilling enjoyment of its close observation can be enjoyed from the plane. Adventurous tourists trek to its base camp and get a glimpse of its immense splendor from near. Doordarshan of Mount Everest can also be done from any nearby hill station in Nepal.

The Paricutin Volcano, located in Mexico, South America, is also included in the world’s top natural wonders, due to which humans have witnessed its birth and development before them. This cone-shaped volcano is at a height of 2800 meters. It is the youngest volcano in the northern hemisphere. It came into existence in 1943, when it appeared from a maize field. After this it continued to erupt for 9 years and this lava continued to erupt in the year 1952, the last eruption was seen here and now this volcano is calm and is a tourist attraction. At 410 meters above the ground, the hard lava of this volcano is spread over an area of 16 sq km and its volcanic sand is spread over an area of 32 sq km. Its approximately 19 km long circle can be traveled on foot or horseback to its summit, with a trail of sandy beaches and frozen lava flows. The Grand Canyon is a beautiful sight of natural structure located in the US state of Arizona, which is rare elsewhere in the world. 1.83 km deep, 29 km wide and 446 km long, this structure is America’s biggest tourist attraction. It is believed that this valley may have been formed millions of years ago by the flow of the Colorado River.

Its red-colored cliffs amaze because of their amazing beauty, but their depth and size also amaze people. Experts believe that the rocks of this place can reveal many secrets about the Earth’s geological period. It is known that this canyon is surrounded by Grand Canyon National Park, which is one of the first national parks in America. Some people are satisfied with the mere glimpse of it, but healthy and strong people can enjoy walking on the many hiking trails built in it, can also enjoy boating in the river; Whereas the helicopter can include the guidance of this wonderful creation from the sky in the memorable moments of life.

A ❓

Victoria Falls located in Southern Africa presents a unique example, which is a wonderful structure of nature. This can lead to high and wide other waterfalls. Its width is 1.7 kilometers and height is 108 meters and every minute 500 million liters of water flow from it. Its vastness can be gauged from the fact that it can be seen even from 50 kilometers away. In the local language, it is called Mosi-o-Tunya. Located on the border lines of Zambia and Zimbabwe, this waterfall forms the Zambezi River. It is best viewed from the Zimbabwe side, although it is closer to the Zambian side.

Courageous people reach the shore of its fall in a boat. This waterfall is known for the tiny drops of smoky water rising from it. The view here is especially visible when shimmering rainbows are seen in its watercourses. Its view is especially visible after the rainy season when the amount of water in it is large enough and the weather is also pleasant. Death Valley, located in Eastern California, USA, is also a wonderful wonder of nature. Some call it the Valley of Death. Spread over a vast area of 31 million acres, this valley is the hottest and driest place in North America. Its bottom is the lowest, whose lowest point is 46 meters i.e. 282 feet below sea level. The temperature here has also been measured up to fifty-seven-degree centigrade at its peak.

This valley remains hot because its surface is dominated by red-colored rocks. This surface sends the heat back, but it is not able to exit the valley, due to which the air of the valley becomes extremely hot. The hot air here is surrounded by steep mountain ranges, which trap the heat in the depths of the valley. The Great Barrier Reef is renowned for being the world’s largest and most spectacular coral reef, which is the world’s largest single structure formed by organisms, extending off the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia. It has over 3000 individual reef systems. It is one of the World Heritage-listed sites. It is considered the largest natural wonder of the Earth, which covers an area of 344,400 sq km within a radius of 2600 km and is made up of more than 900 islands. This huge structure can also be seen from the sky. Around 15 hundred species of fish and more than 30 species of whales and dolphins are found around it. These rocks are closely visible with the boat. It offers diving excursions as well as fish, coral, and marine life exposures.

This region is one of the world’s ‘richest’ regions in terms of biodiversity. Although this natural wonder is being hit by the tourist rush and climate change, efforts for its conservation are also going on. The port of Rio de Janeiro, located in Brazil, is the deepest water port. Located in the southeast of Brazil, this natural formation is the largest natural gulf in the world by volume of water, so it is included in the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is surrounded by granite mountains and several summits such as Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corcovado Peak, and Tijuca Hills. It is a port formed by the Atlantic Ocean. Its awe-inspiring views can be observed from the celestial route in a helicopter. This port can be seen in so many ways that it appears differently each time and confuses the beholder. The mountains form the entrance to the bay and give it the appearance of a lake.

However, when Portuguese explorers reached here in 1502, they believed that the bay must have been a river and they named it Rio de Janeiro, meaning the river of January, as a mark of respect, for they reached here in January. The traditional way to see this natural wonder is to take a look at it from the summit of the granite peaks. From here, there is a scenic view of the beautiful beach located on the island. Be aware that the tallest statue of Jesus Christ is also located here on the Corcovado peak. In this way, the sights of the diverse beauty in these natural wonders located in different corners of the earth are astonishing. And not only this, but they feel blessed by seeing the wonderful beauty of those artifacts.

Pollution of antibiotics

Addiction and antibiotic.

Until now, it has been believed that the use of antibiotics or overuse of antibiotics leads to the development of resistance in bacteria. Now new research has shown that heavy metals, microplastics, and the antibiotics themselves are also responsible for causing bacteria to develop resistance to more than one biocompatible drug.

According to scientists, the environment affected by industrial and mining waste, sewage pollution, agriculture and aquaculture is becoming the main basis for the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Due to environmental pollutants such as heavy metals and fine plastic particles, pathogenic bacteria are under increasing selection pressure and developing chain systems.

Because of this, the resistance of those bacteria to antibiotics is increasing. The increasing number of pathogens that have resistance to more than one drug is becoming a matter of concern. For this reason, the pathogens that were earlier controlled by taking antibiotics are no longer effective against them. Antibiotic resistance observed in microbes is an evolutionary process, based on the selection of the pathogen. Pathogenic bacteria have developed co-selection mechanisms within themselves with their contaminants, thereby developing resistance to more than one drug. In future, such pathogenic bacteria may pose a great challenge to human health. Due to the genetic makeup of bacteria, they have a natural ability to have basic immunity.

According to new research published in Chemosphere, now the increasing level of pollutants is also becoming a means of increasing the immunity of bacteria. When bacteria show resistance to different compounds using only one gene, it is called cross-resistance. Whereas when a bacterium uses two or more of its different resistance genes together to acquire resistance to compounds such as antibiotics, it is called co-resistance. a variety of diseases; For example, pathogenic bacteria causing typhoid, pneumonia, etc., along with their antibiotic resistance genes, are co-resisting with genetic elements such as plasmids, transposons and integrons containing heavy metals and microplastic resistance genes. This co-resistance is further transmitted in bacteria through horizontal genetic exchange through the top transmission of inherited mutations from previous generations and genetic recombination of DNA.

Waste from the firms that manufacture antibiotics also contains abundant amounts of antibiotic compounds, which are carried into aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems due to unsafe disposal. Through this medium, apart from humans, it also reaches other organisms. Antibiotics are also found in animal excreta because of the large number of antibiotics used to increase animal production. When used as manure for agriculture, they reach the soil in the fields and then reach the water bodies through rain and pollute the water.

The faeces and urine of patients taking antibiotics also contain active traces of antibiotics, which end up in sewage. Antibiotics are reaching almost all ecosystems due to various anthropogenic activities. Bacteria have developed special mechanisms within themselves to avoid heavy metal poisoning. The resistance to heavy metals developed in bacteria is strengthening their ability to fight off antibiotics. Due to this many pathogenic bacteria have started co-selecting with pollutants such as cadmium, chromium and micro-plastics.

The United Nations Environment Program estimates that by 2050 there will be more microplastics in the oceans than fish. According to Dr Milind, bacteria can form biofilms on their cell surface through micro-plastics. In the future, microplastics could prove to be a major carrier of bacteria making them resistant to antibiotics.

The results of some research in the past two years have shown that micro-plastics naturally release some harmful chemicals during soil processing, which can lead to organic pollutants such as DDT, tylosin on the surface or antibiotics and heavy metals present in the waste; For example, nickel, cadmium, lead etc. stick. Thus micro-plastic is acting as both source and carrier of these dangerous pollutants.

Scientists have identified a human pathogen called vibrios as a dangerous ally that could serve as a potential carrier for the spread of microplastics in the marine environment. There is certainly a need to develop strategies to control heavy metals, antibiotics and micro-plastic pollution in terrestrial and aquatic environments around the world. Unless we are alert in this regard, we will not be determined; Circumstances will continue to present even more difficult challenges. Therefore, this problem should be solved properly.

Human is unknown to global warming ??

Material development is making us blind.

The dangerous effects of global warming are now clearly visible. The effect of this is that summers have started spewing fire and winters have started feeling hot. Because of this, glaciers are melting rapidly and increasing the sea level at a rapid rate. In such a situation, the fear of drowning in many parts of the world and metropolitan cities has increased rapidly. This has been disclosed by the American National Academy of Science. In his study, he has explained in detail the impact of global warming on seven cities in the world. The academy has released its findings based on two and four-degree increases in temperature. It has been claimed that the temperature has increased by two degrees. If its temperature rises by four degrees, then Mumbai will be absorbed in the Arabian Sea.

The ever-changing nature of the environment has undoubtedly forced one to think about the increasing consequences. Ozone gas is being depleted due to the ever-increasing emissions of industrial gases and the rapid reduction in forest cover. The effect of this unusual change is visible in the form of climate changes taking place on a global scale. The effects of diseases on human health have increased due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Due to this continuous increase in the global temperature, the glaciers of the world are melting rapidly. For example, the melting of the Doomsday Glacier in Antarctica has already become a cause of concern for scientists. If the water level in the ocean continues to rise due to the rapid melting of glaciers, then the increasing area and water level of the oceans will one day submerge the coastal sites, parts and islands. These conditions are causing a major crisis in India due to the melting of Himalayan glaciers. For this reason, the outbreak of severe floods increased rapidly during the famous Ambernath Yatra of India.

Human beings are responsible for the imbalance of nature.

The melting of glaciers has been going on for centuries, but due to various attacks on the environment, their scope is increasing every year. Glaciers were constantly covered with snow due to heavy rain and snowfall. Due to the cold weather, instead of rain, snowfall occurred in the upper areas, it can be estimated that the onset of glacier melting occurred in 1930, with this the weather changed its course and the snowfall started decreasing. It also affected glaciers. Instead of increasing, they first stabilized, and then the range of melting glaciers started increasing. This glacier has been melting every year at the rate of five to twenty meters in the last two decades.

All human society has to be aware of global crises like global warming. We have to understand nature. Today’s situation has to be seen carefully that the irregular mode of rain is a matter of great concern. The evidence of a cloud burst-like situation has increased a lot. It is not raining everywhere but it is becoming like filling water in a balloon. At one place, this balloon explodes and creates havoc. Many cities get submerged by rain. Plastic is a major contributor to this situation to a large extent. We need to reduce the unintended way of plastic. We have to find a worthy alternative to plastic. This option can be solved with bamboo. A lot of research is needed on bamboo.

There are a total of 9975 glaciers in the Indian Himalayas. Of these, 900 glaciers are in the Himalayas only. More than 150 rivers originate from these glaciers, which are giving life to 40 per cent of the country’s population. Now there is a crisis in front of this large population. In recent days, the pictures that have come out in the forests of the world are a new threat to the glaciers. There has been a fire in the forests before. But such a terrible fire is quite dangerous. Due to the smoke of the fire, the raw snow on the glacier starts melting rapidly. This will have wide-ranging consequences. Black smoke will accumulate on glaciers in the form of carbon, which will not allow new ice to settle on them in the future. Along with this, how harmful air is being continuously released into the atmosphere in thermal power plants? The effect of which proved to be the cause of human cancer. Do we think of it as development? In the name of development, nature has been exploited.

Extensive research and research are being done on the melting of glaciers all over the world, but there is no visible way to control it. Some environmental conservators working on these dire situations have started indicating the dangers of global warming for many countries of the world. This is not only a sign, in the coming few days, but the crisis of global warming will also prove to be like Corona.

It is our primary duty to save nature.

At the same time, the question arises as to how the world will counter it. The latest study from satellite imagery of the Indian Space Research Institute has collected data on 466 glaciers, which show that their size has decreased by 30 per cent since 1962. Many large glaciers have broken up into smaller pieces and are all melting rapidly. One of the largest glaciers in the region is melting at a rate of 170 feet every year. The world is worried about the melting of Himalayan glaciers, especially because of its impact on India and neighbouring countries, Himalayan glaciers are considered the main source of the water supply in South Asia. They provide water to dozens of rivers, which sustain the lives of crores of people, and are the basis of their living.

Their rapid melting means a shortage of drinking water and a crisis in agricultural production. At the same time, they also give rise to problems like floods and diseases. With very large numbers the production of gas like greenhouse will increase along with the world population. Whatever the case, the impact of this climate change due to human intervention will be very dire for the whole world.

Lack of scientific knowledge can also increase this danger. The data on the impact of rivers is so low that we cannot understand to what extent the melting of glaciers will affect the rivers. Glaciers around the world are considered a barometer of global warming. The whole world is facing water and air change due to the effect of greenhouse gases. A study conducted in India found that the average temperature of the Northwest Himalayas has increased by 2.2 degrees Celsius over the past two decades. This figure is much more than the increase in the hundred years before that. The study also predicts that as these glaciers melt, the risk of floods will increase, natural disasters will occur and rivers will dry up after that.

The blame for this can only be attributed to the world’s industrialization and the convenience of lifestyles, which include increasing vehicles and the expansion of air-conditioning equipment – which are emitting gases that are dangerous for ozone as well as glaciers. We are failing to ban them. Stopping global warming is not directly in our hands, but we can reduce the impact of increasing pollution on glaciers by stopping the rapidly increasing human activities in the glacier area. Apart from completely banning human activities in this area, there are many such techniques, which can save glaciers and ice for a long time.

Snow harvesting should also be done. Large ingots of ice can be buried in the rubble, which can keep the ice alive for a long time. Now there is a need to adopt these old measures again, as well as develop new techniques. There is a need to go so that this big crisis can be avoided. The dangers looming over human life can be controlled. Now we should be careful and alert – otherwise, where will this crisis not become more serious.

Is our development limited to population only?

Development has to be stopped from becoming destructive.

Control on population

The castes in the world were more reproductive, they also become undeveloped ‘Dynosaurus’ and ‘Brantosoron’ castes found in European are the state of the state, now they do not even see one man in the world. His women grabbed the second capability and they were fighting and destroyed in the name of eating. While there is a little bit of Spartans in Israel and Kazakh number, there is a glorious place in the world. The principle of ‘population remains alive’ can be experienced by these exames. You must have seen the operations by the Russian military in Ukraine in luxury. And the race to become a superpower has started. Swine is the most child-giving animal. It has to do with your abdominal dirt. Its self is very weak. On the other hand, ‘Lion’ gives very few children. His physical ability is so huge that when the roar, then the next claws take the earth, then roar. It is feared that the earth should not be burst anywhere.

When he fills the roar, then all the trees and plants of that area tremble. India has always introduced restraint to India on the world. Whose roots are virtuous. Therefore, the Vedic life method of India is best.
The ridiculous thing is that on the one hand, this ‘dinosaur’ of population growth is coming to swallow, on the other hand, the human race, becoming blind to lust and material development, is imagining the crisis to be averted by hiding its face in natural calamities. This is evident from the fact that despite many warnings, the rate of growth of the population remains constant every year. On the one hand, there is a concern everywhere with the increasing population of the world and the matter of controlling it is being said everywhere. Everyone is talking about making themselves the best. Our educational institutions are based only on marks, so there are some countries which are trying to increase their population. I am sharing this some old thing with you that in some countries on earth like Bulgaria, the story is completely strange. It was necessary for every woman to give birth to two children there, or will be, for the future they are duly given incentive rewards. Grant is given to two children. If a couple produces twins, they will be given a comfortable house free of cost. Along with this, a free pass would also be available to travel anywhere in the whole country by train.

What to call these delusions, rules, and practices that when the existence of human beings is being questioned on one hand due to population growth, on the other hand, this fact is not being given serious attention. If immediate efforts are not made in this direction by paying attention, then more control over the current enthusiasm for population growth and scientific progress will be difficult in the coming days. Yes, so much effort will be made that at least a way should be found for the survival of mankind for at least a hundred years. Efforts have already been started for this and from the year two thousand. Whatever is to be done, whatever is to be done, what is to be done in the period from the year two thousand to twenty-one – today its outline should be clear in front of everyone and there is a need to start the necessary efforts in the time to complete it.

have to eat grass.

Even after this, if proper efforts are not made to stop the population growth, then in the next days from food crisis to various legal crises will arise. As we all know that in countries like Sri Lanka, the President has to resign because the clouds of a food crisis are looming. Essays have been published, and some of them are summarized as follows:-

These days the population of the world is increasing at a very fast rate. According to the compounding sequence, this number will increase further in the next few days. Of the new offspring, girls start producing a new generation on average at the age of 16 and boys at the age of 21. In this way, there is a surprising increase in the annual increase of population growth. If there is no extraordinary impediment in the current activity, then in the year 2025 this rate will reach up to 22 crores annually. It is estimated. It is also said that in 2035 to 2050, a situation will arise that if the final condition of the Great War is approaching, then the population will make the subsistence of human beings in the world unaffordable and due to the limited resources of the earth, the increased population will face starvation or starvation. The pandemic will only balance it. In this episode, a disease like a corona is a living example.
Every person of thoughtful level is concerned to stop the growth of the population. In every country, the government is doing various propaganda and gathering resources to control the population, yet this flood is being controlled in very less quantity than hope and need. In the world there is an abundance of low levels of pollution of the educated and mental level, that too has not been aware of the ill-effects of unnecessary increase in child production and are voluntarily in this increase, even if it results in whatever, anyone, how much Why not suffer?

The biggest crisis for the growing population will be the shortage of food items in the next few days. The amount of food that is produced in the world now, will be filled with great difficulty. The multifaceted efforts of production are lagging in comparison to the increasing population and the result of all efforts to produce food remains insufficient. Where the pictures of food waste in 5-star and 7-star hotels in many programs are miles away from the agenda of the media world and other institutions.

In increasing the habit of non-vegetarian food, it is thought to provide some relief in the consumption of food; But due to the increase of humans, the problem of habitat and fodder for the animals is getting complicated. Slaughterhouses are unable to meet the consumption of leather and meat, the proportion of animals in the world is rapidly decreasing and the shortage and inflation of milk, ghee, meat etc. is coming to the fore. In no time the animals will be forced to lose their existence in the competition of humans. Those who understand the seriousness of the situation say that there will be no cows and no goats in the next few days. Due to the clearing of the forest, it will also become difficult to get the meat of wild animals. With the speed with which the rivers are throwing the toxic water of factories of big cities into the sea and the amount of ash being dumped in the sea of nuclear power and nuclear power plants, the life of the fish will also become impossible, then neither will the fish. The meat will be available, neither domesticated nor wild animals.

If atomic weapons like Great War and Pandemic Catastrophe do not work, then one will have to worry about food items for the increasing population of human beings and at least such a way will have to be found so that the hearts of the dying of hunger and suffering will have to be found. Didn’t have to watch the disastrous scene.

Then what?

To solve the food problem, visionary thinkers are thinking that because of the crisis presented in the availability of food or milk and meat, ‘grass’ should be made the main medium of diet. When innumerable animals feed on grass for a living, what and why should man find it difficult to depend on it? In mobilizing arrangements for housing, agriculture, industry, transport, transport, education, governance, medicine etc. for the increased population of human beings, the greenery-producing part of the existing land will be reduced. Then the animals will have to end their existence on this earth. Cow, buffalo, horse, donkey, sheep, and goat will not be seen by anyone. In such a situation, the grass and straw left over from agricultural production will become the medium of subsistence for humans. Wood will not be available if the trees keep going. Grass will be converted into the wood by special chemical reactions. The needs of clothes, paper etc. will also have to be met by the grass itself. Out of this, whatever part is useful for human beings, will be converted into food items. Due to lack of practice, people will probably find it difficult to eat grass like animals. Teeth will not be able to chew it properly, the stomach will not be able to digest it in raw form. In such a situation, the scientific class has thought of this remedy that the grass should be changed in such a way that the shape and taste of the present food items can be obtained. This is not just a fantasy or a plan, but a fact, which these days, rapid efforts are being made to give practical shape and promising success are also being found in them.

The need for protein in the diet is considered to be the highest, in the past, efforts have been made to obtain it through oil seeds and the substances made from it, ghee, milk, eggs, meat, dry fruits etc. have been substituted for food items. Is. By mixing ingredients like sesame, groundnut, linseed, mustard, and soybean in flour, biscuits, sweets, dishes etc. are being made. Due to this, where the shortage of food is fulfilled, nutritious elements are also available there. What remains after the oil is extracted is still often fed to livestock as nutritious food, But the next day there will be neither animals nor food for them. Then cheap rotis will be made by mixing that animal food with flour and the new generation will eat them tastefully as a sign of their good fortune.

But it is also a matter of confusion when even the food becomes scarce, then from where will only crops containing oil be grown so that the work of that increased population can be done. Therefore, keeping in mind the cheapness, the matter will come on ‘grass’ only. These days the grass is eaten by the animals, and the straw of the cereal plant would then be used to solve the human food problem. It has been found that up to a hundredweight of protein can be obtained in one ton of grass. Green-coloured protein powder will be extracted from the grass by making pulp. By mixing three-fourths of its quantity and one-fourth of grain flour, almost the same shape and edible items will be made.
Milk is being obtained from soybean. If there are no animals in the next days, then even real milk and ghee will not be seen.

In such a condition, only such a substance as milk will be made from the seeds and plants, which will at least serve the purpose of amusing the mind and the demand of time. Grinding peanuts and soybeans is still becoming a thing of the same level, but in the next days only the powder of such grass will be made white and thin with the help of chemical substances and by adding a few drops of chemical aroma like milk, it will be made like this, Which milk can become a medium of entertainment for the people. The market is still full of spurious ghee, and vegetable ghee; But there is a difficulty in that coconut, peanut etc. are going to become scarce in future. The oil used in them is made from the seeds. In the future food items like food grains, oil etc. will be as expensive as today’s dry fruits and sweets, and they will not be used by the general public. The grass will also become a lubricant like ghee. There is oil in the trees of pine, deodar etc. One will have to depend on such cheap vegetation for lubrication. Well, he won’t need much. People with weak digestion will automatically avoid lube and consider its use unnecessary. Whatever deficiency is left in the foods made from grass, will be
The rotting of sugarcane, rice, etc. would be accomplished by adding yeast to it, then double loaves and bread made of grass would ridicule the backwardness of today’s cuisine. yeast and hay double.

Waking up to life will not be a compulsion

Bread made from a mixture of grass will be consumed. It is estimated that after about thirty years from today, when the grass will remain the staple food of humans due to increased population, there will be no kitchen to cook daily food, but big corporations and companies will increase the circulation of packed food and also earn profits. The attention of botanists and government institutions has turned to do more effective research in this context. Mechanisms and chemicals capable of converting grass into food grains are being introduced. It is estimated that the land of vegetable production will then give priority to growing grass of the developed variety and people will be able to enjoy food in some way by cutting many of its crops.

Yet the question of space constraints will remain. Two-storey, three-storey buses are running in big cities. The trains will also become two-storey in the next days. Multi-storey buildings are being built. The field on the top of the field may also become like this. Not only railways, and roads, but also settlements will be established under the ground. By stopping every drop of rainwater from entering the sea, it will be used to quench thirst, for irrigation and factories. Online education will and will be done at home for education. This method will be simple to save the space which is surrounded by schools and colleges. There will be a flight or a rope car for traffic so that the crowd crawling on the earth does not die by being crushed, some such measures will have to be used.

The smoke of tomorrow’s factories running to meet the non-essential needs of food, human beings and subsistence needs – both these crises will be the biggest curse of the increasing population. Even these days pollution in the air is increasing at an alarming pace. The factories are engaged in poisoning the water from rivers to the sea.

Similarly, we have to make a worthy effort to save Mother Nature. That prediction of 2012 was a prediction, it had come true, but based on the Conscious State, this disaster was merged. The time from 2012 to 2027 is the time of change for the earth based on the conscious state of all of us. This merger is possible only by making the right selection by increasing the energy from the Collective Consciousness. The time of covid has proved to us the best example of solitude medicine. We need that all of us together return to nature once. Understand the message of nature.

A holy Indian cow 🐄

Today, the utility of cows needs to be kept in front of everyone. Human beings have not only become so modern that they can be proud of their position, but they are also being condemned in harsh words. Our Indian culture is a culture based on cows, which teaches us to live in the present, then reality from the past, provides hope in the future…

We have to publish this science. Indian culture introduces a huge heart to the whole world. We have to get the cow it’s due. Human life is getting modern from the material condition, so it is becoming hollow from the inside. The achievement of the cow mother is not limited only to the scriptures, but it appears to be true in every aspect of life. The evidence of which is in front of everyone today, after the death of the mother of the newborn, that child survives only on the milk of the cow mother. That is why the cow has got the status of mother among the living beings. This is an introduction to our Indian culture. In which there is a philosophy of respect and a restrained lifestyle. Therefore, the cow is one of the morning deities of India. In which mother Kali is in the form of cow urine, then Mahalakshmi resides in Gomay. Goddess Saraswati, who resides in Gaughrit, becomes a voice in the Yagya and reinforces the deities in the form of a mantra. That’s why the cow is the best.

If the compound meaning of the word cow is then,

“Gauchhati It Gau”: One who keeps on moving, keeps on walking, which shows speed. Which in common language is called energy. Energy is called energy which is the form of vibration. Where there is momentum, there is energy. A cow is said to be a storehouse of positive energy. Which we refer to as E= mc2.

In Indian culture, there is a law of Panchmahayagya, out of which a part of the cow is removed and Rishi Yagya is performed.

लक्ष्मीश्च गोमये नित्य पवित्रा सर्वामंगला।
गोमया लेपण तस्मात कर्तव्य पांडू नंदन।।

Laxmischa Gomaye Nitya Pavitra Sarvamangala.

Gomaya Lepan Tasmat kartavya Pandu Nandan.

The mention of cow’s gomaya is found in Skanda Purana. The amount of research done by the sages of India on the usefulness of cow dung is probably not done anywhere else in the world. Modern scientists are also now accepting the properties of this sacred substance. According to him, cow dung is non-conductor and has anti-electric power. It has also been observed that the lightning falling from the sky becomes inactive as soon as it falls on the dung heap. Phosphorus is found abundantly in cow dung. This element has the power to destroy the germs of many infectious diseases. Scientific research has also shown that the harmful effects of nuclear energy are also destroyed in the houses covered with cow dung.

According to ancient Indian custom, after the death of a person, the courtyard of the house was smeared with cow dung, so that the germs of various types of infectious diseases of the dead body could be destroyed and the health of the family members of the house could be protected. Goma is also beneficial in the treatment of leprosy. Cow dung can destroy bacteria and viruses. According to ancient belief, by keeping cow’s dung in the sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis, the smell of the TV will stop. germs die. Cancer is cured by taking black basil leaves in the milk of a cow named Kapila. By taking cow urine empty stomach regularly for 40 days, the disease-related to asthmatic respiration is destroyed. Cow dung is more effective than even the best phenyl in destroying germs and removing odour. Gomay is also very effective in boils, pimples, itching, blood defects etc. Soap made from cow dung has proved beneficial in skin diseases. Incense sticks made from cowpea have been found useful in purifying the environment.

The more effective use of cow dung is biogas, which has seen social progress in many villages of India. The smoke rising from the cow dung controls pollution, as well as destroys the splitting insects present in the atmosphere. Earlier, only cow’s dung was used for Holika Dahan, due to which the atmosphere was purified. Rubbing the ashes of cow dung on the body also improves blood flow in the dead body. It is a sad fact that in the name of modernity, we are not giving enough recognition to the properties of this sacred substance.

How useful it is. Equally cow’s ghee is capable of being used as medicine. There is a law to use cow’s ghee in Sanatan rituals and ordinary worship. Apart from the cow, there were many other animals in India since ancient times, whose milk was also made from it. In such a situation, a question arises in the mind what is so special in cow’s ghee that our sages have given it so much prominence? The answer to this question is that there is scientific truth behind this belief, due to which ancient mystics chose cow’s ghee. If we light lamps of five or six different substances, then we will easily understand the scientific basis of cow’s ghee. For this experiment, one lamp of buffalo’s ghee, one camel’s ghee, one goat’s ghee, one yak’s, one mustard oil, one coconut oil, and one kerosene oil in different closed rooms. Light a lamp and make each person sit in front of each lamp and ask them to gaze at the flame of those lamps. You will see that after some time their eyes will start burning. Some will have a burning sensation in their eyes at first and some after some time.

But the person who will be sitting in front of a lamp of cow’s ghee, there will be no burning in his eyes, but he will feel the coolness in his eyes. The scientific reason for this is that the smoke that comes out of the lamps burning from other substances other than cow’s ghee, emissions are harmful to the environment and human eyes, some less and some more, but cow’s ghee is harmful to both the environment and human beings. beneficial to. This is a scientific truth, which our sages knew thousands of years ago.

Apart from this, the sacrifice made in the havan with cow’s ghee purifies the environment. Not only this, it protects the atmosphere from nuclear radiation. The effect of the sun’s rays is more in cow’s milk, due to which its ghee helps keep the environment pure like the sun. Its ghee of cow’s ghee helps keep the environment pure like the sun. Due to these characteristics of cow’s ghee, sages and sages selected it for eternal worship, if a modern man wants to investigate this truth, then he must do it. But do not call this belief only conservatism. This has been proved to be true in science. And the research work on this is continuously started. Mother nature should be protected by taking the utility of cow to us.

have you ever thought??

Sir Malthus had warned that the current rate of population growth should be banned, otherwise humanity is preparing for fierce natural adequacy. Population growth is currently making a new problem for nature. Grain production is increased even if the development of all irrigation tools, increasing the amount of chemical manure, even if the maximum land is made of agricultural qualified, then the production mathematical calculation i.e. in 77, 2, 76 in 3 and 80 in 76 will increase at the same speed and a situation comes. Will go, when it will reach the break, what will happen at that time?

where are we all going?

Then the ‘catastrophe theory’ of nature will begin. Sir Malthus has said that, if a man does not act wisely to stop the population, then nature itself will be ready for annihilation. It is good that people live a moderate life, but if that is not possible, then they should be ready for destruction from now on like pre-war manoeuvres.

The look is an island in Indonesia. There was a famine in 1966. The inhabitants there had made many efforts to save a life by eating the bark of plants, grass, algae etc., in 6 months ten thousand people perished in the starvation stomach. This happened when the means of communication of all the earth are very developed and one country gets help from other countries, But when all the countries are affected by this problem then no one will help anyone. According to Malthus’s theory at that time – then people would not hesitate to kill even ten men to get one kilo of maize flour.

Considering the problem of hunger, in the year 1666, Secretary-General U Thant (U.N.O.) had told in a report that 2 lakh children died every year in India only because they did not have the basic facilities of nutrition. Could be If the production of food is limited and the number of eaters is increasing, then this situation can take a worse form.

Food is not only the right of human beings but other animals and animals are also included. In this episode, dacoits also rob him, these dacoits are rats. At the time of the 1966 census, there were 1 billion and 600 million rats in India, if every rat steals ten pounds of grain every year, then about 8 billion quintals of grains will not agree without eating it, then naturally humans get angry on them and eat wild animals. will start. This too, as soon as the forest ends, the living beings will cease to exist in the same way, then man will eat man, whether it is direct or indirect. Just as the light at sunrise gives a sense of sunrise, in the same way these problems are the first chapters of the upcoming population explosion. Microbiological radiation i.e. covid 19 is also the result of this. Many natural problems will take a formidable form. The war between Ukraine and Russia is also producing the same result.

Population growth was given the first place in the world plan for the future by economists Arthur C. Clark, Prof. Charles Buck and Mr Fuller. And accordingly, a program has been made to fully employ the present and future scientific achievements in the achievement of the means. According to him, the production of meat will stop in the next hundred years, because it will be very expensive. It usually costs 20 pounds of feed to prepare one pound of meat. Producing so little meat, and spending so much on vegetation, is a total loss deal. For this, the power of fertile land cannot be wasted, which will be used to make things like paper, feed them to animals and then produce meat is sheer waste. What is less enough to save space and feed for a few cows that give milk? This will also happen when humans can be prepared for location and dosage reduction. Vegetables like Soyabean make milk and curd easily. Ghee is a type of oil. The need for lubrication can be fulfilled by oil, then what is the need for ghee? Artificial meat can be easily prepared by adding protein and bacteria to the oil.

The future is seen

Roads consume a lot of lands and wherever they become paved, they destroy the fertility of the land. The amount of land that the roads have occupied these days and are going to be covered in future, that land destruction will have to be seriously considered. Roads will either be built underground, or flight systems will meet the need for transportation. On the land surrounded by roads, large crops of nutritious variety and weeds that are cut several times a year will be planted. Vegetables will have to be used for food purposes, only then will the stomach of the man be filled. The habit of eating food these days will have to be given up at that time. The proportion of seeds remains very small in comparison to the size expansion of the cereal plant. Most of the crops go in the form of powder. Even now, powdered fodder is eaten by the animals, if there will be no animals in the future, then there will be no use for the fodder. In such a situation, you will have to make a habit of eating whole grass. After all, other vegetarian animals also live by eating grass, then why should humans object to it? Proteins and other vital elements are present in sufficient quantity in the grass. Grass powder can give the work of flour. According to the need, other things can also be added to it, but the flour will be made of grass only. The trend of cereals will also have to be boycotted in the next few days like animal meat. Fake milk, fake curd, fake ghee, fake meat etc. When all the food items start becoming artificial, then why would anyone insist on eating cereal flour? In a few days, people will be ready to eat grass flour.

Trees are necessary for humans to keep getting a clean breath. A man gets enough air to breathe in 25 square feet of land. Therefore, tree gardens will have to be arranged in an open space. Then only the roads will not have to be eliminated, the houses will also be built several storeys high. One floor houses will not be visible anywhere. The land that surrounds the dwelling has to be saved. To grow vegetation, it will be necessary that it should not be surrounded by houses. This problem will be possible only with the practice of building several storeys high houses. This tall building will also invite many natural hazards. It will cause many diseases in living beings.

To make the grass diet more nutritious, new sources of protein will have to be included in it. Yeast-Bacterium (Bacteria), (Mould), and Algae will be prominent among them. If groundnut, soybean, and coconut oil are added to the food items in the popular oil-based plants, then the grass flour will become much more nutritious and tasty than the popular wheat flour. Proteins are 10-12 per cent in wheat, 8-6 per cent in rice and 20-22% in fish and meat. Removing this diet and using new sources of protein will easily provide much more nutritional value. Yeast contains 55% protein, 80% bacteria and 25% in algae. Using them in such a condition will solve the problem a lot.

will have to live !!

The French scientist had succeeded in making a good protein from the microbes found in the form of production from the petroleum industry. Compared to the cost of protein-meat production, it is two and a half thousand times cheaper and takes less time. In such a situation man will have to take his shelter.

The use of the marine plant Chlorella as food is popular in Japan. England is engaged in making protein from grass. The belief that soybean milk will be able to meet the requirement of cow milk is infusing innovative hope among food researchers. There is also a lot of attractiveness in cheapness in the possibility of producing 10 litres of milk from one kg of soybean. In qualities, it is being told as equal.

There will be a lot of change in the cooking system. The amount of space needed now for storing raw grains, stove for cooking and for keeping cooked items safe, that much space will not be wasted in future. As soon as food, vegetables etc. are produced, they will be prepared in the form of ready-made food in the big industry and that dry element will be sealed in packets.

Mountains have to be made flat. The rocky land which will not be able to become cultivable will be used for residence and industry, and cities and villages will be settled on it. Timber stones, cement etc. will be made by grinding the mountains, so that not even a single piece of fertile land is wasted in these works. The requirement of houses will be met by using plastic or artificial instead of wood.

American science writer Isaac Asimov has told statistics that the crisis that will arise in the next 40 years due to the increasing population, is the main problem of reduction in the necessities of life. Air, water and food, these three things are such, based on which man survives.

Even then, the problems arising due to population growth will not be solved. A terrible side effect of population growth will not only be in the form of a lack of food but there will also be a shortage of potable water. Hence there is a need to take appropriate steps. There is very little time left for this dream to come true. The deserved respect has to be returned to nature.

Human Life vs plastics

There are eight towns in India including the country’s capital Delhi and the country’s economic capital of Mumbai, whose speed never stops, but in a few years, the plastics have emerged by holding their speed. Unfortunately, these cities that decide the direction of the country’s economy are not in a position to tolerate minor rain. In a few minutes, their alley-mohallas are drowned, and the life gets stuck. If the time is not removed from the time of continuously trapping and growing plastic waste in the drainage line of big cities, then this crisis can be even deeper in the coming time. Due to the scattered plastic garbage around today, the drainage system is becoming demolished and the flood is like a flood is causing.

If talking about four metropolises (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai), if you talk about Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Dehradun, Ranchi and Patna, more than five per cent of the population lives in these cities. These cities are also making important contributions to speed up the country’s economy, but these cities are now being buried under the plastic burden. The question arises, how much rain can our city be suffered? The first talk about two major cities of the country. Every time there is rainwater in rainy rain, only 25 mm of rain can be caught in the rain. After this, the boat will be run in the city. Similarly, the country’s capital Delhi can only face 60 millimetres. According to the research report of IIT Delhi professor “AK Gosai”, published a few days ago, the biggest reason for jumping the drainage system of Delhi has become plastic garbage. At the top of the country’s capital in plastic garbage production, there is a recipient of the total plastic waste in Kolkata, which is once known as the country’s capital, it can be recycled. Similarly, due to the famous Bangalore-IT sector, the name ‘Silicon Valley’ has been famous today, but plastic garbage in the city is also increasing in the same proportion. Because of this, the capacity of its drainage network has also remained halfway. In 2015, the circumstances of Chennai have suffered the flood of the flood. Delhi is at the forefront of generating plastic garbage. Here, the condition of a waterfall is generated from 60 mm. 689.52 tonnes of plastic garbage is born every day in the country’s capital, but the recycling system is very weak. Less than 50 microns is restricted in Delhi, but it is not being followed by hardness.

Similarly, Mumbai can be caught by 25 mm. 9500 metric tons of garbage here emerges, including 3 per cent plastic waste. Most of the 1987 kilometres long open drains of Mumbai become jam due to waste. Rainwater exhaust in Mumbai – the system is 525 km long, which is insufficient. Kolkata is still behind in the area of recycling. Although there is the ability to withstand 75 mm rainfall in the drainage system of Kolkata, however, the problem of waterproofing in 4-6 per cent of the areas is from plastic waste. Here is more than 5 trash plastic and only ten part of that plastic waste can be recycled. Talking about a big city like Bangalore, the ability of the drainage network has remained halfway. Bangalore is only capable of suffering from 45 millimetres; While its capacity used to withstand 80 mm rain. Now 4000 tons of garbage is produced every day, in which 20 per cent of garbage is plastic. Chennai Metropolis, whose ability to endure is only 30 millimetres. Here, 4500 metric tons of garbage emerges, it is estimated to include plastic garbage more than 429 metric tons. The plastic stake in everyday life is approximately 6 per cent, which comes from industrial plastic, about 2 per cent. Every day 1000 metric tons of garbage in Patna is 300 metric tonnes of plastic garbage. Here are 11 thousand catches and menthol plastic trapped due to often jammed. Water conditions are created by one hour in Patna. Similarly, 4500 metric tons of garbage every day in Hyderabad. It contains 5 per cent garbage plastic, which goes to 40 per cent garbage drain, which causes the problem of being drained. 90 per cent of the plastic was stopped due to the waste. This city can catch 30 millimetres continuously.

71 per cent of Lucknow remains garbage in the drains. 100-120 tons polyethene and plastic waste in Lucknow. Here are more than 50 per cent complaints to be drained. Here 1500 metric tons of garbage is born every day. In this city, 20 out of 28 major drains become jammed due to waste. If they think of their solution, the ban on plastic is not a permanent solution, but we have to find the measures of a positive use of plastic waste. This thinking of ‘Plastic Man’ Professor Rajagopalan Vasudevan inspired him to find the method of road construction from plastic waste. In 2002, Vasudevan had presented a research paper on to use of plastic waste in road construction.

Which country has greatly appreciated abroad? In 2004, he came out with the advanced version of research. All the countries showed interest in the technology of the Vasudevan to make the road from plastic waste. They were offered the price offer, but they handed their technology to the Government of India for free. Under this technique, the first plastic waste break into fine particles of the same size, then put in the slurry of Asphalt, heated at 170 Digi Celsius temperature. This material is very strong and durable eco-friendly road prepared, which has a lot of cost of construction cost and maintenance. Vasudevan made the first road based on his technique in the Thiagarzer Engineering College campus of the Motor. After this many small towns of 12 states began to adopt their method of road construction from plastic waste. In 2015, the Center made the use of plastic waste in the 50-meter scope of more than 5 lakh populated cities compulsory. When Indore, Indore, Indore has been declared the second largest city in the country, the reason behind it was better to control plastic waste. Here was a big reason to spread garbage. If the provision was made on its use, then people reduced their use.

The shopkeeper has now started giving the standard level polyethene here. Indore Municipal Corporation has first deleted garbage sticks from the city. The garbage was collected from the home-house. The Municipal Corporation made such a system that the shops started to get garbage at night and the cleaning of the markets was also started. Indore Municipal Corporation made garbage trains with a leaked cubic meter, which holds the ability to collect garbage from one thousand homes. First, this capacity was limited to 300 houses, which has now reached a large geographical area. Now the cycle of cleaning in Indore city runs 24 hours. Women are submitting wet and dry garbage to the municipal corporation. Here are the ambassadors of the cleaning, so that they can also take the elders if there is a decrease in cleanliness. Hygiene committees have been formed in schools and colleges. In this way, the use of Indore city is inspirational for many.

Here is a memory that, the Emergency was held due to plastic waste in Halifax city of Canada, but many cities of the world are using unique to deal with plastic waste. Similar is plan-bring plastic garbage, eat food for free. There is no need to have money in your pocket to enjoy your favourite tea, coffee or snacks in London’s ‘The Ravish Cafe’. There can also be eaten food in the house, including the help of plastic waste, provided garbage is worth recycling. The ‘E-Cover’ organization has taken adventure initiatives to open the resistors of the Rabish Café ‘to deal with the growing burden of plastic waste on the earth. Under this scheme, two days in the month, in this restaurant, the customer pays the bill from plastic waste in two days, which is later sent to the recycling plant. Not only this, ‘The Ravish Cafe’ runs on the principle of ‘Zero-West menu’. In this, the customers are served under the policy of ‘First Come First Pao’ by making a fixed amount of dish, so that the food is not cluttered. Similarly, the steel bottles of steel in place of plastic in the Principe Island. ‘We are coming, changing your plastic bottles. Have you gathered bottles? ‘ – The biosphere reserve team of Principe Island, located in Africa, is filed in the island with the same announcement at the interval of every three months. Once they reached the ‘Bottle Depot’ on the main intersection of the island. In the hands of all, the bore of plastic bottles is seen. On returning 50 bottles, the Biosphere Reserve team gives steel bottles, which can be used repeatedly. The Principe administration started the ‘No Plastic’ scheme with UNESCO in 2013 to make the island plastic. He has been successful in raising more than 8 million bottles of plastic till March 2021. As a similar example, not forgetting and throwing the Bashinde Plastic Garbage of Indonesia’s Mangal and throw, even when it comes to health insurance. Even if not sure, the non-governmental organization named ‘Indonesia Medica’ is operating the ‘Garbage Clinical Insurance’ scheme in Mason since 2010. Under this, local people take advantage of health insurance by depositing plastic garbage worth recycling in ‘West Insurance Clinic’. On handing 4.5 pounds (about 2 kg) plastic garbage, they are given insurance of 10 thousand Indonesian rupees, which is quite enough to raise the normal disease of normal disease. To raise the amount of beam sells the plastic garbage recalling plant in NGO clinic.

Malaysia is less precious than gold, plastic has been competing for plastic garbage raising in Malaysia these days. A startup named ‘Hello Gold’ has started the ‘E-Gold’ scheme together with the Reserve Wedding Machine (RVM) company ‘Clean’. Under this, ‘e-Gold’ is put into customers’ accounts on depositing plastic bottles and tin. ‘E-Gold’ can be redeemed according to the price of gold. To take advantage of the scheme, ‘Hello Gold App’ is to be downloaded, then ‘e-gold’ is connected to the account on the plastic bottle in 500 ‘Clean RVM’ machines across the country. ‘Hello, Gold’ is offering ‘e-Gold’ equivalent to 0.00059 grams of gold instead of a plastic bottle or tin can. There are many such efforts around the world, which are being made to manage plastic waste, which can be resolved by the basis.

There is much research on plastic. Today’s plastic waste will hold the form of a very big problem. There is no awareness of the people in the logo. Plastic circulation is large in online shopping, packed food, and other ways. Every small thing is available in the packing method today. This is why we are increasing the plastic. Not only taught in any school and college, how are the useful use of plastic? How can plastic work from other ways, i.e. plastic option is needed today? The government also promotes the recycling industry. Try to find plastic options for small things. It should be started by itself.