Transform yourself.

Art of Listening

Listening well is a magical tool for creating and maintaining wonderful relationships with yourself and others. Have you ever felt like you do most of the talking with people? Have you ever felt that people shy away from talking to you? You wonder why?? Even if you have the desire to help others. Think this has ever happened? That you haven’t been able to remember the conversation you had with someone? Maybe you talk more and listen less. The solution is simple – learn to listen well. Being a good listener makes you more accessible, friendly, likable, knowledgeable, polite, admired, and respected. Here are some steps that can enhance your listening skills.

Create a comfortable setting and opportunity to have a good conversation. To have a meaningful conversation with two or more people, it’s important to choose a place where everyone is comfortable. The other person should be comfortable with you. Have an open mind, which shows through your body language. Never judge anyone. We have no right to show favoritism or partiality towards anyone. We can never fully understand someone’s situations and circumstances, so it is always better to be empathetic and understanding. Be sensitive to the other person’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Allow them to talk and express their opinion freely. It is said that small-minded people only discuss other people, mediocre minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas. Avoid backbiting and backbiting. Focus on positive things instead of negative topics and events. Speak less and listen more. We knowingly or unknowingly mistake talking for ‘conversation’. There is a difference between talking and communicating.

We should avoid imposing our thoughts and ideas on others. Differences should always be welcomed. It educates us, enriches us, and makes us more aware and informed. Those who know less talk and argue more. Humility is a virtue. A tree laden with fruits bows down, and a tree without fruits stands erect. Be calm, kind, open, polite, sensitive, and understanding of the feelings and emotions of others. Don’t let your mind wander and avoid distractions. Learn to live in the present moment. Instead of spending your energy focusing on what to answer and what to say next, just learn to listen. Sometimes, people just want to share or reveal something and we immediately start thinking of solutions for them. It’s not always about you. Don’t let only negative thoughts grow in your mind. Sometimes we have to learn to be different. By your thoughts, by your ego, and also by your laziness.

Silence is a form of medicine for the human body. It is also a means of purification of the mind. The meaning of silence is not limited to speaking only with the tongue, but it also has to calm the storms of thoughts arising in the mind. Self-study gets this silent process done. Learn to use silence well at certain times in your life. Silence is very powerful, especially in conversation. Silence is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and confidence. Use silence to make your point, not to blame or prove the other person wrong, and to communicate well. It’s perfectly fine to remain silent and listen fully to the other person, even if they have mistakes in facts, speech, vocabulary, or anything else. Proving others wrong and finding fault makes you less likable and judgmental. No good can come of embarrassing others. We often try to fill the silence with talk and chatter, but that is not meaningful talk. A pause is perfectly fine and can pave the way for the next topic of discussion. Silence is useful for digesting new information, processing it, and asking questions. It shouldn’t be weird. This gives the other person time to do the same. We lose many good things in life like peace, time, happiness, and what we want because of one simple thing we are not ready with the answer. Just by empowering ourselves enough and using the power of saying no and not listening, we can gain immense respect, love, attention, confidence, and an attractive personality. Learn to listen to the inner voice that guides you and your inner spirit. Trust God. Everything in life is temporary and just a phase. Ask good questions Asking questions lets people know that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. You get the opportunity to better clarify and understand the context.

If you don’t understand some piece of information, feel free to ask to elaborate or to repeat what you understood. It makes the other person feel valued, important and respected. Active listening is very important to have good conversations, developing close relationships, having good interpersonal relationships, and building relationships with people. Be careful not to hurt other people and ask questions that may energize them. Share your personal experiences with care. You get to choose what to share with others. Although sharing personal stories and experiences allow you to establish a connection and bond with others who may have gone through the same problem, sometimes this can be given to others or used against you. Then, it is too late to repent. Sometimes, offering examples to solve other people’s problems can be counterproductive because people are different, their circumstances are different, and their environment is different. Instead of rushing to fix the problem, learn to listen with an open mind and heart. Also, avoid pointing fingers at each other while having a conversation.

Don’t force what is right. Emphasize facts, and figures and say the right thing. This is not always important. Logic never wins over emotions. Trying to fit everything into a conversation and make it perfect makes you a bad listener. Learn to be patient, listen more, process more, think more, and participate in conversations diligently. Appreciate and value people. love them unconditionally. Empathize with them and care for them.

Listening is an important tool not only for good communication but also for developing and maintaining long-term personal and professional relationships. Master the art of listening and you will be surprised how much you learn, how much respect and love you gain, and how much more peaceful and happy your life becomes. Personality development courses only teach us to focus on external things, inner development makes us beyond all these things. Listening more is also an art, which promotes the qualities of patience, and humility. If you make a habit of listening well, then the power of remembering increases.


Connect the spirit of the mind with God.

Bring transformation through prayer.

Prayer is not a solicitation, but it is to attract positive forces. In this, there is no complaining to the God who gives life and life but to accept the divinity of life with ease and joy. Sometimes we say that our prayer has failed; Because we didn’t get the desired result. We got unfair. The truth is that our prayer failed the very moment we asked for something when we put forward our desire. He who asks at the door of God returns empty-handed. He who stands there empty-handed without any demand, only he returns full.

Indian culture is prayerful. The entire Rigveda is prayer-oriented, the Yajurveda, the Samveda, the Atharvaveda, and the Upanishads are prayer mantras. Prayer is a heart-to-heart communication, a request for the inner self. Zero to Virat talks. Prayer is a thoughtless sentence. It is a speechless voice. Silence is music. There is a divine call, a desireless demand. Prayer is a special state of mind. It is an invitation from smallness to broadness. This is the call of an empty mind. It is the readiness to welcome and greet infinite

Energy flows down from the larger energy body. According to the law of science, the downward flow of energy continues until the energy plane of both the energy bodies becomes equal. For this, a connection between the two energy bodies is needed, but by the interconnection of prayer, the lower energy of the creature does not become equal only to the supreme energy it becomes one. Devotees become God.

Prayer is also a relation of emotional connectivity to universal existence. Prayer is the aspiration for the new moon to become a full moon, there is a thirst for ‘Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya’. The prayer unit is connected to infinity. All beings are situated on the lower plane of energy. Existence is the ultimate energy. Prayer is the ancient science of getting the flow of ultimate energy.

Prayer is a transcendent feeling. Arguments arise before prayer. The action-business of debate-dispute-dialogue goes on, then realization comes. After the feeling comes the feeling. The feeling does its job. Vision comes from feeling. The power of vision makes the seer. The seer is thoughtless. A void emerges in his mind. Riches are ready to fill this void. The void of the mind is filled with the infinite Prayers burst out, and praises arise. In very simple words it would be appropriate to say that prayer is taking its shape. Your conscience is getting clean. The divine vibrations of the Vedas, that is, the mantra, are the poetic creation of the empirical truth of the seers. There is no room for prayer in science and philosophy. Two are needed for prayer, one prayer and the other adoring philosophers and scientists are not in the spirit of prayer. They are the seekers of the mysteries of the universe. They have no adoration, but the sages of Indian philosophy and science tradition are full of prayer. That is why all the scholars of the West accuse Indian philosophy of being ‘spiritual’.

They do not consider the realism or materialistic elements of Indian philosophy. The feeling of emotion is also a part of reality. In materialism, a mother is the only woman. In the world of emotions, this woman is a revered and adorable mother. Mother is mother, nurturer. The development of the prayer culture of India did not happen only out of sadness. Vedas and Upanishads are these, but they also contain prayers.

Why should we connect to God every day?

There is philosophy in the Ishavasyo Upanishad. There is no prayer till the first 14 mantras. All mantras are filled with philosophy. The journey of up to 14 mantras makes the vision philosophical. The mind is thoughtless, unblemished, unshakeable, and a vast void is born. Truth shines. Truth becomes spoken. The divine vibration becomes prayer. In all these ET prayers there is an ambition to attain the truth. Vedic sages are rich in inner vision. He arranges the opulence of the manifest world and also sees the avyakt, unmanifest world.

In the Vedas, the Upanishads, the sages Indra, Matrishvan, etc. see the same ultimate principle. Everywhere up-down, forward-backward, right-left, inner-outside, the manifest, unmanifested, one element, one supreme one experiences the same unhappiness. Prayer is a powerful weapon. To acquire knowledge in many stages of life, three things must be possessed at the time of beginning.
The Upanishads, Brahmasutras, and Gita are in the first category. The rest of the things are normal, but first of all, this also requires a ‘prayer spirit’ in the mind. The first consciousness of the journey of knowledge is curiosity. The desire to know leads to knowledge, but with curiosity comes the ego. I want to know. I am a hindrance to the element of knowledge.

Prayer is not a solicitation. The prayers of the Vedic sages have erupted out of curiosity and thanksgiving. The curiosity of the sages is not the same as the curiosity of the scientists. This curiosity is polite, but solicitation in humility is not. The mind of the requester remains shrinking in hesitation and inferiority. Here is the first knowledge. From knowledge grew faith from philosophy and prayer became indispensable. From the first chapter of the Gita to the 11th there are elements of knowledge, action, devotion, etc.

The power of collective prayer.

There is no prayer in them, but in the 11th chapter, verses 36 and 40, Arjuna had a vision of Vishwaroop, he was blissful, he was ecstatic, and he full of thanksgiving. Then a prayer broke out between them, you are air, you are Yama-Niya-Discipline. Agni, and Chandra, salutations to you. Salutations from the front, salutations from all sides – ‘Namaste te servant EVA serve Here air, fire, water, and moon are physical. are direct. There is ultimate energy behind everything. Whoever saw it, go. Only the Supreme Tattva can be described. The coincidence is not surprising. All the sages of India were poets, but by listening to the song of the Supreme Tattva, the Supreme Tattva is not attained.

The Vedas and the Upanishads and the Gita declare that he is not found by discourse or study. There is immense energy in prayer. The world is vast. Society is big. The nation is adorable. Prayer is the only great means by which there is a tradition of prayer to the Virat Brahma, there is a tradition of worshiping the society and the nation. Physics establishes the coordination between energy and matter. Chemistry analyzes the energy element and the form, properties, etc. that have changed due to different conditions. Prayer is close to chemistry. Prayer brings about chemical changes in the basic components of the mind and body. If you do not believe it, then you should use it. Happiness or sorrow in any special situation, after taking the report of blood pressure, and blood analysis, one should pray sincerely. Then the chemical analysis of blood pressure and the basic components of blood can present startling facts.

Physicists who know the chemistry of prayer consider this mystery a chemical change, but prayer is not just a chemical change. A chemical change is bigger than a physical change, but not a big deal for the seekers of the mysteries of creation. Even a small medicine pill brings about a chemical change, but prayer brings about a bigger change. It starts with a chemical change. Wisdom makes wisdom. Intelligence stores fragmented information. Prayer begins with duality and progresses to non-duality. This is what makes prayer adorable.

Prayer is a specific technique. It is pure science. Prayer is the ultimate love. In which there is no demand and no complaint. There is no solicitation and no lust in it. Love is always unconditional, unconditional. The real experience of prayer is when prayer itself becomes our joy. There should not be any demand, behind what is fulfilled, then you will get happiness. If you find joy in praying, then only prayer can happen.

When prayer appears in the heart, it goes without saying that the prayer has not been fulfilled. The existence of prayer is its fulfillment. Prayer is the pinnacle of life. Prayer is the last flowering flower of this world. That is the last height that man can reach. There is nothing beyond it.

Communicate with Me & Real “I”

You can guide only when you are strong.

If we try to understand some of our Vedic literature, we will get the dialogue, which has been established between man and the divine God. This we need to study deeply, what kind of help this dialogue reaches us. A dialogue provides such a path. Which is between Pratardana and Indra. Where Pratardan asks questions to Indra, and Indra answers them.
Shri Pratardhana once had a desire to see heaven. He went to heaven on the orders of his father. Indra was greatly impressed by Pratardana’s effort and intense power. He greeted Pratdan and said, ‘What can I offer you?’ Pratardana said, ‘Lord! I am perfect in every way. What do I ask of you? I don’t want anything.’
Indra laughed and said, I know that the man who is a man of man has no shortage in the world. Even if he collects the means of his happiness and prosperity, he should wish for the welfare of the world. There is no more fame on earth than the merit of public service, you will attain the highest speed from it. That’s why I teach you life science, which is beneficial to the people.’ After this Indra gave Pratardana the teachings of Pranatattva. He said, ‘Prana is the whole and the infinite. Yogis and sages utilizing sadhanas take life in their souls and do the welfare of the world through it.

In the second chapter of ‘Kaushitaki Brahmanopanishad’, Lord Indra has taught this vital science to Pratardan, there is a very touching and important mention of it. In the same context, Indra, how does a person transmit his infinite life force to others, how do the inspiration and thoughts reach others through the life force? Describing this secret, it has been told,

जीवति’ अथ खलु तस्मादेतदेवोऽथमुपासीत । यो वै प्राणः सा प्रज्ञा या वा प्रज्ञा स प्राणः स यदा प्रतिबुध्यते यथाग्नेर्ज्वलतः सर्वादिशो विस्फुलिंग विप्रतिष्ठन्ते प्राणेभ्यो देवा देवेभ्यो लोका -कौ० ब्रा० उ० ३.३

Jeevathi’ atha Khalu Tasmadetdevoऽthamupasit. Yo vai pranah sa prajna sa yada pratibudhyate yathagnerjavalata sarvadisho vipratisthante pranebhyyo deva devebhyo loka – kau. bra. u 3.3

That is, when the mind thinks, then all the other beings become its associates. Eyes begin to see an object, and then other pranas follow them. When the tongue says something, then other souls help it. In the work of the main Prana, there is the full cooperation of the other Pranas. By deactivating all the senses including the mind (Sankalpa shakti) they merge into the prana. He can influence and inspire anyone with his life force. His message can be heard and heartwarming anywhere. By dissolving their life in his life, even people of small potential can awaken their life.

This dialogue leads us to a deeper topic. There are questions and their answers. Here we are ourselves. And King Indra is our faith here. When we are surrounded by confusion, our inner voice shows us the way. But the practice of a normal person is more on the outside, he cannot hear the voice of the inner soul. We have to take our life force towards the soul so that we can become the creators of our destiny. May we all have a divine relationship with the Universe.

Only the awake can see through illusion of life

It is said that when Lord Shri Ram was in the forest, his brother Lakshmana used to conduct his brilliant life and convey the news of the situation every day to his wife Urmila. Urmila used to photograph and circulate those messages to her family and social media-like messages were available to everyone.
Today’s science-oriented society looks at these anecdotes from the point of view of logic. people doubt; It is said that it is also possible that a human being can transmit a message to another human being without any equipment or medium.

If you look carefully, then even science will confirm it. Who does not know the principle of wireless wire? Convert words into electrical waves. These electric waves flow as currents in the ether element. The more powerful the transmitter, the farther the electric waves are scattered. Other wireless or radios with the same frequency capture those sound waves and convert them into words so that they are heard by people sitting nearby. Now no one can believe this.
What is spoken, comes first in the form of thought, that is, the existence of thoughts exists in the world. When the mind and thought power mix in the vital, then all the vitals become its assistants, that is, throughout life, the whole consciousness of one’s body, which includes activities, thoughts and feelings, can be conveyed to any distant person…

The Greek medical scientist Papyrus gave a classical form to the healing process of the doctor by moving his hand on the patient’s head in the healing process of diseases. Emperors Pyrus and Vespasian got rid of many diseases with similar remedies. In the royal family of France from Francis I to Charles X, bio magnets have been used in medicine through powerful procedures. Hand touch and specific vision are particularly used in this process.
Scholar Schachmann Maxwell propounded the theory in 1600 that the existence of a ‘life force pervading the universe exists. With effort, more or less quantity of it can be filled in itself and many purposes can be fulfilled.

Before Maxwell, the great sage Goclonius had proved with many arguments and evidence that the main basis of human self-power is this life force, which can be understood at the level of ‘biomagnetism’. Ban Helmont has gained fame in harnessing this power to relieve physical and mental suffering. Due to the ability of Mahaprabhu, during his lifetime itself, he was counted as a perfect man. The Italian scientist Cetanelli, in the early eighteenth century, proved through many experiments that the existence of strong electrical radiation exists in the human body.
From 1734 to 1815, Dr Frederick Mesmer did research on the existence and use of life force for almost his entire life. He organized the findings of his research and named it ‘Mesmerism’. Later on, his disciple ‘Constat Yusiger’ added a new link to the science of hypnosis and named the method of bringing hypnotism ‘Hypnotism’. Other scholars of France also kept making discoveries in this direction. La Fontaine and Dr Bread further enabled these discoveries to be used for authentic medical treatment.

For the past few years, New Orleans has been the centre of such experiments in America. The discovery of this science by American scientist Darling and French Dr Drurand de Grass has led the science world to believe that the use of life force is beneficial in other important treatments. This process has been named ‘electro-biologicals’. Lee Walt’s book titled ‘Medical Remedies based on Jiva Vidyut’ got authenticity and was also appreciated. The names of three major institutions which have done research work in this context are – (1) The School of Nancy (2) The School of Charcot (3) The School of Mesmerist. Apart from these, other research institutes, big and small, have been encouraging individual and group investigations.

You have to choose taste or health?

The researchers then scientists Modatreuse and Count Pulinger proved that the treatment of disease by life force is just a small game. Its uses can be of a very high level. Based on that man can generate multifaceted intensity in his personality, can become talented, and can cross many stages of self-development. It can also be used to make substances more useful by influencing them and by this effect, to change the nature of living beings. German electrologist Riken Beck considers it to be a special type of ‘fire’. They consider its abundance around the face and give it the name ‘Aura’. In the reproductive organs, they have found the quantity of this fire to be greater than in the face. Other researchers have considered its flow more in the eyes and the tips of the fingers.
Arnold Fast, an American doctor from Hong Kong, performed small operations on several patients under hypnosis. Later dental surgeons adopted this method and they found it convenient to use the hypnosis method by discontinuing the use of numbing in tooth extraction. Dr Bernard Levinson at Tara Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, proved that this method is not a magic spell, but a purely scientific one. The English scientist James Bride has also rendered the potential of the electrical power found in the nervous system, not being limited to mere sustenance, but other useful work can be possible from it.

During the Second World War, mysterious methods of using life electricity were discovered to extract the hidden secrets from the minds of the people. Psychologist J. H. Atts Brooke discovered many new theories in this context and taught them to the officers of the Detective Department. For this, a separate ‘Hypnotized Intelligence Department’ was created in Germany. How many wonderful successes were also achieved through him?
No one can compare the powers and miracles of Pranashakti. Just as nuclear-rich nations are considered to be a world power, the power of soul-rich individuals is no less than that, more so as long as our country knew this science, then in fact our position remained the same. There is also a nuclear destroyer, as well as the use of it today, due to the shortage of electricity and through it, valuable works are being taken in the field of agriculture, industry, health etc. The only proper use of life is that it should be used in the public interest. Today’s vanity should be ended.

Where does life energy come from? Where are his achievement sources? On searching this, we have to come to the same conclusion that we get this valuable wealth from pure air, pure water, a sattvik diet, sun exposure, deep sleep, satisfied state of mind. The more you neglect these power sources, the farther you stay away from them, and the more they will become weak. No business runs properly when earning less and spending more, then how will the business of life run?

Every work has a limit. Stability can be achieved only by staying within limits. Doing more work than capacity, not taking care of the regularity of routine, etc., do not seem to make any big mistakes in seeing and hearing things, but even though they are small, like a spark, they invite diseases and deficiencies in our laughing and playing live. The violator of social norms loses his authenticity and goes on deprived of public cooperation. The person who violates the limits in the personal lifestyle keeps on losing that valuable asset, based on which the background of the possibilities of all-around progress is formed.

Who will protect the person who commits suicide from depression, and for how long? How long will the life force of those who have gotten drunk on slaying their feet with an axe be stable? Stimulant spices are also a type of poison. By constantly disturbing the mind with lustful stimuli, we go on eroding our own accumulated life wealth and fall into sickness, incapacitation and premature death.

The philosopher Confucius rightly said, whoever breaks the law of frugality, will die in the end suffering sorrow. This statement of his comes true about the wastage of vitality. We play with our life-power and waste it unnecessarily. In such a situation, what is the wonder of stumbling at every step and suffering the consequences of a turbulent failure?
Most of life’s energy is wasted by eating unnecessary food. Simple and small food is needed for body protection, but we consume it in large quantities. They think that by eating expensive, tasty and more food, they will become strong, but the exact opposite happens. Rich and abundant food spends more energy to digest than it generates. We live in losses every day and eventually end our lives by becoming bankrupt. On the contrary, those who increase vitality with effort, not only make human life meaningful but also get opulence in material life.

Your words are so powerful

Human stability = Rest and Recreation??? Only!!

The human body is the reserve of energy. This energy we spend in some form. The use of that energy is to do any work, if any work was at the mental level, then we put any energy into talking. Our human body is spent talking about maximum energy. We have to understand the effect of the word. If the word can give energy to someone, then a word can defeat anyone. Every word out of our mouth is a reserve of energy. Which appears in the form of positive energy and negative energy. Whatever the word we give to someone, the word is in any way we receive. This is the rule of nature. You get a hundred times more than you give. The human body provides the most word.

What is the energy in the world, your mental level is visible above? We call condemnation negative energy. What effect does the body have to condemn? It will have to know us. A rule of nature is that we should not condemn anyone. Behind this recognition, a rule of science works. There is an internal power in words. When we speak, they throw the words out with waves. When these airwaves fall into the ears of the listeners, they respond to favourable or adverse reactions according to the inner meaning of those words. When we praise someone’s flattering or admiring, the listener is happy and when we call someone abusive, it becomes sad, hurt or excited.

When Words are converting into energy??

Thus only use the words we impact on others. According to sun science, there are other types of air in the world, out of which there are five types of Vaayu (air) in our body, which are then placed in different organs of our body. “Udan” air lives in the brain and plays the work of the expression of speech. In the rules of nature, there is also a rule that ‘what will happen, what will be done and what is doing, it keeps the nature itself. Who is doing well or bad to make this decision, when we make a person’s evil or condemnation, then our act is interfering in the works of nature, and then he punishes us for it? Udan air, which expresses the expressions of our mind by speech, is a fire element, which consumes the nicely to burn the sin of the judged and turn it into the reversal condemnation.

Thus, the creator itself becomes a victim of their words. On the basis of this science, the brightness has said that never do anybody’s evil, because it has the reverse effect. Based on this rule (Confession) is the rule when there is a sin to humans, to avoid its influence, come to the church and accept the vocal speech and accept your sinner. By doing so, nature will forgive you in this recognition of Christianity, which is the fire element in the udan air, it is employed. When you accept your sin by speaking, the voice consumes its influence and you get sin free.

This is the word science behind ‘Confession’. Another recognition related to word science is that ‘we should never tell anyone their master mantra.’ Nor should we ever tell the auspicious interest and good work done by himself ‘, doing so, the power of our master mantra ends. It means to tell the master mantra that you gave your ‘password’ to someone- I e. gave it to the other. By describing your good actions, you lost some virtue. There is only a science-consuming science. In today’s era, we consider religion to fashion. Therefore, there is a lot of decoration in Gita, Satsang etc. to show even if true reverence. We donate a little but his hints beat more.

What do we want to be??

Enjoys us in the evil of others. The sin made by you hides in the bottom Lawner of the mind. And spell your qualities. In such a way, if everything is not peaceful in our minds, then how do you wonder? That’s why we should say that we do not want to speak. Our progress is in itself. The performance of your weakness is caused by the condemnation of you, which reflects the idea of a low level. If you have to jump at the height then make ideas high. The root cause of all our sorrow is the same, we all do not know our powers of ourselves. We have never thought about that. We live confused. We have forgotten that ultimate power is divine. That is why we are involved in any situation, it is not important. Important things are not what we are present. The most important is what we want to be?

Miracles of words!

समर्थ गुरु रामदास का यह कथन सत्य है कि संसार भर में हमारे मित्र मौजूद हैं; किन्तु उन्हें प्राप्त करने की कुंजी जिह्वा के “कपाट” में बन्द है। मनुष्य की शिक्षा, सभ्यता, संस्कृति, बुद्धिमत्ता, चतुरता, विचारशीलता एवं दूरदर्शिता उसकी वाणी के माध्यम से ही दूसरों पर प्रकट होती रहती है। समाज में प्रतिष्ठा और प्रामाणिकता प्राप्त करने के लिए वाणी का परिष्कृत होना आवश्यक है। निन्दा करते रहने या कठिनाई के विरुद्ध खेद व्यक्त करने से सिर्फ नकारात्मकता ही बढ़ेगी। हमें रचनात्मक उपाय खोजने-पूछने पड़ेंगे, जो मुख्य सहयोग पर ही निर्भर हों। सहयोग उसी को मिलता है, जो मुँह खोलकर अपनी पात्रता सिद्ध कर सकता है।

बाइबिल में लिखा है-

“जरा परखो तो कि न्याययुक्त शब्दों में कितनी शक्ति भरी पड़ी है।”

एमर्सन कहते थे-

“भाषण एक शक्ति है। उसका प्रयोग अवांछनीयता से विलग करने और श्रेष्ठता की ओर बढ़ने का प्रोत्साहन देने के लिए ही किया जाना चाहिए।”

प्लेटो ने लिखा है-

“मानवी मस्तिष्कों पर शासन कर सकने की क्षमता भाषण शक्ति में सन्निहित है।”

किपलिंग की उक्ति है-”

शब्द मानव समाज द्वारा प्रयोग में लाया जाने वाला सर्वोत्तम रसायन है।”

विचारों की शक्ति संसार की सर्वोपरि शक्ति है। उसी के सहारे नर-पशु से भी गई-बीती स्थिति में पड़ा व्यक्ति प्रगति की दिशा में अग्रसर होता है और विविध प्रकार उपलब्धियो का अधिकारी बनता है। महामानवों की गरिमा, भौतिक क्षेत्र में हुआ समृद्ध ज्ञान और विज्ञान द्वारा उत्पन्न सुख-साधन प्रगति के अनेकानेक सोपान, शान्ति और सुव्यवस्था के आचार-विचार वृक्ष पर लगे हुए फल हैं। मानवी प्रगति का मूलभूत आधार भी कह सकते हैं। तत्त्वदर्शी विचारों की गरिमा का विवेचन हुए आश्चर्यचकित रह जाते हैं कि अदृश्य शक्ति ने इस संसार को किस प्रकार सुन्दर गुलदस्ते की तरह सुन्दर है कर दिया है। “एना हैप्सटन” ने लिखा है-“ईश्वर की इस दुनिया में तार से चन्द्रमा, बादल, पर्वत, पुष्प और चित्र-विचित्र प्राणियों का सौर पग-पग पर बिखरा पड़ा है, पर शब्दों के समान और कोई अमुल्य वस्तु इस लोक में है नहीं।”

ई० डब्ल्यू विल्कोक्स कहते हैं-“मेरी धारणा है कि विचार निर्जिव नहीं, उनमें शक्ति हैं। उनमें बल भी है और पंख भी। संसार भर में भलाई और बुराई को एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान पर हो देखे जा सकते हैं।

पोप विक्टार कहा करते थे-“काम इतने शक्तिशाली नहीं होते, जितने विचार। किसी युग की सबसे बड़ी उपलब्धि का इतिहास उस समय में फैले हुए विचारों के आधार पर ही लिखा जाना चाहिए।”

अलबर्ट स्वाइट्जर ने विचार-शक्ति को युद्ध से भी अधिक फलप्रद और शक्तिशाली सिद्ध करते हुए कहा है-‘आज परिष्कृत विचारों का नितान्त अभाव दीखता है। हमने ऐसे प्रश्नों पर युद्ध डाले जिनका हल युक्तिवाद के सहारे वार्तालाप से निकाला ज सकता था। विचारों की दृष्टी से जो नहीं जीत सका, यह जीत जाने पर भी पराजित ही रहेगा।

मनीषियों को अपनी जान सम्पदा अपने तक ही सीमित नहीं रखनी चाहिए, उसका लाभ दूसरों तक पहुँचाना चाहिये। इसी में उनके स्वाध्याय एवं मनन-चिन्तन की सार्थकता है। समाज के प्रति अपने कर्तव्यों का पालन तत्वदर्शी लोग इसी प्रकार कर सकते हैं कि, वे जनमानस का स्तर निरन्तर ऊँचा उठाने का प्रयत्न करते रहें, उसे नीचे न गिरने दें, विद्वान, संन्यासी और तत्वज्ञानी सदा से लोक उद्बोधन में निरन्तर रहकर जनता को मार्ग दिखा रहे हैं। ऐसी ही उनके लिए वेद और गुरू सत्ता की आज्ञा भी है।

तीक्ष्णीयांसः परशोरग्नेस्तीक्ष्णतरा उत। इन्द्रस्य वज्रात् तीक्ष्णीयांसो येषामस्मि पुरोहितः ॥

अथर्व ३/११/४

‘पुरोहित ऐसे प्रवचन करे, जिससे लोग क्रियाशील, तेजस्वी, विवेकवान् और उपकारी बनें। वे अधोगामी न होने पायें।”

शचीभिर्नः शचीवसू दिवा नक्तं दशस्यतम् । मावां रातिरूप दसत्कदा चनास्पद्रातिः कदा चन॥

ऋग्वेद १/१३९/५

‘अध्यापक तथा उपदेशक लोगों को उत्तम धर्मनीति और सदाचार की शिक्षा दिया करें, ताकि किसी की उदारता नष्ट न हो।”

इतिहास साक्षी है कि वक्तृत्व शक्ति के सहारे कितने ही मनस्वी लोगों ने जन साधारण में हलचलें उत्पन्न की और उनके माध्यम से क्रान्तिकारी परिणाम प्रस्तुत हुए। बुद्ध, महावीर, शंकराचार्य, विवेकानंद, दयानन्द, गुरु रामदास, गुरु गोविन्द सिंह, विनोबा भावे आदि आचार्यों द्वारा धर्मक्षेत्र में। और सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल, लाजपतराय, मालवीय, तिलक, सुभाष आदि नेताओं ने राजनीति के क्षेत्र हलचलें उत्पन्न की और उनकी प्रतिक्रिया कैसे परिर्वतन सामने लाई, यह किसी से छिपी नहीं है। संसार के हर कोने में लोग हुए हैं, जिन्होंने अपने क्षेत्रों की सामयिक समस्याओं का हल करने के लिये वाक शक्ति पाई। ऐसे लोगों में डिमास्थनीज, टूलियस, सिसरो, नेपोलियन, मार्टिन लूथर, अब्राहम लिंकन, वाशिंगटन, लेलिन, स्टालिन, हिटलर, मुसोलिनी, चर्चिल आदि के नाम गिनाये जा सकते हैं।

कई बार कुशल वक्ताओं द्वारा उत्पन्न की गई प्रभावोत्पादकता देखते ही बनती है। सुनने वालों का दिल उछलने लगता है। रोमांचित होते, जोश में आते दीखते हैं। भुजाएँ फड़कने लगती है। और आँखों में उनकी भाव विभोरता का आवेश झाँकता है। सुनने वालों को हँसना, रुलाना, उछालना,गरम या ठंडा कर कुशल वक्ता की अपनी विशेषता होती है। जिसे यह रहस्य विदित होता है और उसका अभ्यास अनुभव है, उसे जनता के मन मस्तिष्कों पर शासन करते देखा जा सकता है। परिमार्जित वक्तृता में एक प्रकार की विद्युतधारा सनसनाती हुई रहती है। उच्चारण की गति, शब्दों का गठन, भावों का समन्वय घटनाक्रम का प्रस्तुतीकरण तर्क और प्रमाणों का तारतम्य, भावनाओं का समावेश रहने से वक्त का प्रतिपादन इतना हृदयस्पर्शी हो जाता है कि सुनने वालों के अपनी मनःस्थिति को उसी की अनुगामिनी बनाने के लिए विवश होना पड़ता है। नेपोलियन की वाणी में जादू था, वह जिससे बात करता को अपना बना लेता था। उसके निर्देशों को टालने की कभी किसी की हिम्मत नहीं हुई। वह जब बोलता तो साथियों में जोश भर देता था।

और वे मन्त्र मुग्ध होकर आदेशों का पालन करने के लिए, प्राणपण से जुट जाते थे। हिटलर जब बोलता था तो जर्मन नागरिकों के खून खौला देता था। लेनिन ने दबी- पिसी रूसी जनता को इतना उत्तेजित कर दिया कि उसने शक्तिशाली शासकों से टक्कर ली और उनका तख्ता पलट दिया। सुभाषचन्द्र बोस ने प्रवासी भारतीयों को लेकर आजाद हिन्द फौज ही खड़ी कर दी। मार्टिन लूथर ने पोपशाही पोंगा पंथी की गहरी जड़ों को खोखला करके रख दिया और यूरोप भर में धार्मिक क्रान्ति का नया स्वरूप खड़ा कर दिया। सावरकर जी ने भारतीय जनता को स्वतंत्रता संग्राम खड़ा कर देने में जो सफलता पाई, उसमें उनकी वक्तृत्व शक्ति का अद्भुत योगदान था। अमेरिका के राष्ट्रपति अब्राहम लिंकन का व्यक्तित्व आकर्षक न था। वे दुबले, लम्बे और कुरूप थे। घर बार की दृष्टि से भी वे निर्धनों में ही गिने जाते थे; पर उनकी भाषण प्रतिभा अनोखी थी। प्रधानता इसी गुण के कारण वे इतने लोकप्रिय हो सके और उस देश के राष्ट्रपति चुने जा सके। जब तक उनके पास भाषण की पर्याप्त सामग्री एकत्रित न हो जाती, तब तक वे कभी बोलना स्वीकार न करते।

भगवान् बुद्ध ने दुष्प्रवृत्तियों की बाढ़ को रोकने के लिए पैनी वाक्शक्ति का उपयोग किया। उनके प्रवचन बड़े मर्मस्पर्शी होते थे। यही कारण था कि उनके जीवन काल में ही लाखों व्यक्ति भिक्षु और भिक्षुणी बनकर, धर्मचक्र प्रवर्तन में अपनी समस्त सामर्थ्य झोंककर धर्म प्रचारक बन गये। भारत के स्वतंत्रता संग्राम को जन्म देने, आगे बढ़ाने और सफल बनाने में जिन नेताओं ने महत्त्वपूर्ण भूमिका निबाही, वे सभी कुशल वक्ता थे। दादाभाई नौरोजी, सुरेन्द्रनाथ बनर्जी, रानाडे, गोखले, लोकमान्य तिलक, विपिन चन्द्रपाल, चितरंजन दास, सुभाषचन्द्र बोस, लाला लाजपतराय, मदन मोहन मालवीय, राजगोपालाचार्य, आदि के भाषणो में प्राण फुंकते थे। उनकी भाषा बड़ी ओजस्वी और मर्मस्पर्शी होती थी। वक्तृत्व कला की दृष्टि से उनके भाषण बड़े प्रभावशाली प्रवाहपूर्ण और प्रथम श्रेणी के माने जाते थे। उन लोगों की सफ़लता के कारण तलाश करने पर कुछ तथ्य स्पष्ट रूप से सामने जो लक्ष्य था, उसमें अनीति का विरोध करने के लिए प्रचंड पुरूषार्थ, अतुल्य साहस, मातृभूमि के लिए आत्मसमर्पण-लक्ष्य की ओर द्रुतगति है। चलने की तड़पन, स्वार्थ सिद्धि से कोसों दूर त्याग-बलिदान की प्रचण्ड निष्ठा जैसे भावनात्मक कारण मुख्य थे।

जिनके पीछे पानी का दबाव अधिक होता है, वे नदिया और झरने बड़ी तेजी से बहते हैं, उनकी लहरें, हिलोरें तथा ध्वनियों मनोहारिणी होती हैं। जिनके पीछे दबाव न हो, उनका पानी बहाता है; पर मन्दगति की निर्जीवता ही दिखाई देती है। यही बात भाषण के सम्बन्ध में है। वक्ता की भावनाएँ जितनी प्रचण्ड होंगी, विषय में उसकी निष्ठा, लगन, तत्परता, तन्मयता का जितना गहरा बीज होगा, उतना ही ओज वाणी में भरा होगा। समाजिक एवं धार्मिक क्षेत्र में स्वामी विवेकानन्द, रामतीर्थ, समर्थ रामदास, ऋषि दयानन्द, ईश्वरचन्द्र विद्यासागर, राममोहन राय आदि के बड़े प्रभावशाली रहे हैं। सूर, तुलसी, कबीर, दादू, रैदास आदि के भजन सुनकर लोग भाव-विभोर हो उठते थे। उसमें कंठ स्वर अथवा कविता का शब्द गठन उतना उच्चस्तरीय नहीं जितना कि उनका तादात्म्य व्यक्तित्व। ऐसे लोगों की वाणी लड़खड़ाती भी हो और शब्दों का चयन उतना अच्छा न बन पड़े, तो भी लोग उस कमी पर ध्यान नहीं देते। गांधी जी के भाषण, भाषण कला की दृष्टि से उतने अच्छे नहीं होते, फिर भी उनका व्यक्तित्व वाणी के साथ घुला होने के कारण उन्हें लोग न केवल श्रद्धापूर्वक सुनते थे, वरन् बहुत अधिक प्रेरणा भी ग्रहण करते थे।

वक्ता, लेखक, कवि, गायक, अभिनेता आदि कलाकार माने जाते हैं। उनकी अभिव्यक्तियाँ बहुत कुछ इस बात पर निर्भर रहती हैं कि उन्हें स्वयं कैसी अनुभूतियाँ होती हैं। यदि उनका निज का अन्तःकरण नीरस और शुष्क हो, तो उनका भाषण, लेखन, कविता गायन, अभिनय आदि स्पष्टतः नीरस दिखाई पड़ेंगे। विद्वान् सदा से यही कहते रहे हैं कि जब भीतर से भावनाएँ फूट रही हों, तभी उनके प्रकटीकरण का साहस करना चाहिए। संसार के महामानव ओजस्वी वक्ता भी रहे हैं, इसे दो तरह कहा जा सकता है। वाक्शक्ति के कारण वे ऊँचे स्तर तक पहुँच सके अथवा उनका भावना प्रवाह ऊँचा होने के कारण वाणी में ओजस्विता उत्पन्न हुई। कहा किसी भी तरह जाए, वस्तुतः दोनों परस्पर अविच्छिन्न और अन्यान्योश्रित हैं। दोनों तथ्य पूर्णतया परस्पर घनिष्ठतापूर्वक मिले हुए हैं।

वाणी की ओजस्विता और भावनाओं की प्रखरता दोनों को एक ही सिक्के के दो पहलू कहना चाहिए। सही तरीका यह है कि जिसके भीतर ज्ञान और भाव का निर्झर फूटता हो, उसे अपनी अभिव्यक्ति करनी चाहिए। दूसरा तरीका आरम्भिक अभ्यास की दृष्टि से यह भी हो सकता है कि जब बोलना हो, तब प्रतिपाद्य विषय में अपनी सघन श्रद्धा और तत्परता उत्पन्न करने का प्रयास करना चाहिए। स्वाभाविक न होने पर उसे लोग नाटकीय भी बताते हैं और उस आधार पर भी वाणी में प्रभाव उत्पन्न करते हैं। सोचने की बात है कि जब कृत्रिमता के बल पर लोग अपना काम चला लेते हैं और बहुत हद तक अभीष्ट सफलता प्राप्त कर लेते हैं, तो वास्तविकता होने पर कितना अधिक और अस्थाई प्रभाव उत्पन्न किया जा सकेगा। अभ्यास, अनुभव, इच्छा, सतर्कता से कोई भी कला सीखी जा सकती है। धैर्यपूर्वक देर तक प्रयत्न करने और हर बार पिछली भूल का परिष्कार करते हुए नये सुधारों का समन्वय करने से प्रत्येक कलाकार प्रगति करता है। वक्तृत्व कला भी यही सब चाहती है। यह भी उन्हीं शाश्वत तथ्यों के आधार पर निखरती है, जिनके
सहारे अन्य कलाकार उच्चस्तरीय सफलता तक पहुँचते रहे हैं।