Self realiazation

Achievement of goal

Faith is a great power. If there is a deep faith in the mind, then even the most difficult path can be taken forward, and if there is no such faith, then the steps taken on any path in life start going on downward. The mind was terrified by all kinds of doubts. But if there is a belief in the mind that someone is standing behind you to help you, then man is not looking back to do any work anywhere and he can do that work. But if you do not have faith in your mind, then the place where you are standing, the ground is slipping under your feet, and you start to feel. Faith is the foundation that the mind needs, it is a strong foundation. Life is a strong refuge. No matter what the good or bad situation in life, faith is what helps a person to be courageous. To get ahead in any situation in life, one has to first learn to trust someone. Only then can a man move on, first to himself and then to the Lord. If there is no self-belief, no self-confidence, then man feels weak and fails on the way forward. So before you can win any race you have to believe in yourself, only then it is time to strive for it.

Now the question is who should we trust? How to recognize your strengths and weaknesses? How can we believe that we can do this work? There is only one answer to this, and that is that just as a small seed has the power to become a huge tree, so also within us the power to make infinite possibilities possible is innumerable, but in the form of a seed. If we do not believe in ourselves, in our strength, we will never be able to use those powers. Only by believing in ourselves can we make good use of the many strengths within us and make our personality strong, vast like a huge tree. Just as the seed has to face many struggles, many crises and challenges before it can take the shape of a giant tree, so too do human beings have to face different kinds of hardships, difficult situations and challenges to develop. If he does not believe in his strength, in his strength, in his ability, he will never be able to move forward. He will not be able to accept any challenge and overcome the difficulties that have come.

For that, one should fully develop one’s potential. We must learn to use them properly. For that, first of all, we have to undertake small tasks, through which we will realize our strength and then we should try to accomplish big tasks. It is natural to have doubts about the completion of any major task. It is impossible to work, such confusion in the mind, there is a possibility of it; But if we strive for it with self-confidence, we can pave the way for success by overcoming even the biggest obstacles that seem impossible, and make that task possible.

Know inner strength?

There are so many things happening in this world that we are surprised to see. It seems like nobody can do it, but somebody just does it. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, perseverance, perseverance and courage to do anything that seems amazing and impossible. People who rely on it and believe that it can be done can do it. The more one works hard and studies, the more one persists in one’s work, and the more easily one succeeds in doing it. Even if that task is difficult for others, it becomes easier for those who have the practice and experience to do it. Faith is a great virtue. If there is a strong faith in the mind, then one can easily walk on that path without fear of difficulties and calamities and one day he will complete the task which is not easy for everyone. Circus performances are performed one after the other, big shows are performed and the spectators hold their lives in their hands and keep on watching in amazement. They wonder how they can do all this work. But all this is the result of their training, their study, habits, hard work, dedication and self-confidence. On their strength, the circus performers take their lives into their hands and perform one risky task after another, the audience applauds and admires their skills.

Our lives are as full of challenges as circuses; But because we don’t have enough faith in our minds, we are afraid to accept those challenges. Even taking one step further, our minds are full of doubts. We can’t even believe that we can do something. We accept your defeat before we do anything. It is our weakness that hinders our development and does not allow us to move forward on the path of effort and study.

If we want to move forward, to develop ourselves, we must learn to believe and remember that the storehouse of infinite power within us is full of seeds. We need to awaken them and make them believe in themselves. These forces are automatically activated as soon as we believe in ourselves. In the life of a person who is full of faith, there are three main principles at work – determination, courage and victory.

Power of visualisation

While he continued to deny the supreme power of Lord Krishna in front of him, Arjuna continued to experience the infinite forms of that supreme power. He believed in them and fought according to their instructions, so in the end, he won the battle. Arjuna faced many difficulties, his shortcomings, his weaknesses stood before him; But the nectar of the song given by Lord Krishna further strengthened Arjuna’s faith in God. He knew the reality of life and fought with full confidence without any hesitation or doubt.

Man’s present-day situation has become complicated, the way of his development is looking towards him, But he does not know which way to go. Adversity came before he Are. In such a situation, he should keep in mind that these difficult situations in life are the only challenges he faces. He must never waver in his faith, no matter how difficult and awful the situation may be in front of him; Because if he believes in himself, then the power to get out of this situation will come to him automatically. This power is not outside, it exists within us, we just need to believe in it. If we have faith in ourselves, in the Supreme Being, then the path to progress will begin to widen.


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