The art of self-realization

Increase your glow with self-confidence

Today the circumstances are being attacked severely and cruelly on the human race. We are becoming slaves of those situations. We are getting entangled in the entanglements. Today we have forgotten, our original form is to be as bright as the sun. . We are born so that we can make our dreams come true. A tree is made from a seed, keep the strength to fight the troubles.

What we need today is to recognize ourselves. To use our powers. Who am I?, What can I do?, Why do I want to be successful? What do I have to make me successful?

The answer to all these questions is not in any book, the answer to these questions will have to be asked by oneself, one’s self-power, one will have to search within. Winning is the reason to be successful. We are responsible for failing, it is not a crime to fail, taking the path forward, your determination, self-confidence, faith keeps you glowing. We will have to recognize

Will have to understand, What to mourn for in the past? To zealously make effort in the present, to face the future boldly, is the secret of a successful life. Because the present is the truth. The right to act is only in the present. Your future is dependent on your present. Efforts to find happiness in the present will lead you to success. You have to live a moment like that which is your last day. Dedication will give you hope to move forward. With which you will be able to face the problem fearlessly on the path of life.

Happiness and sorrow keep on coming into everyone’s life. Everyone’s circumstances are different. For this reason, less comes in one’s life and more in one’s life. What to regret now on the pleasures and sorrows that you have experienced in the past? No one can change him. Yes, you can take lessons from them by reflecting on the past. And by taking education from them, one can make a full effort in the present, so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated, and losses can be avoided.

What do I want?

Along with this, ‘how will the future be,’ this matter should also be considered with foresight and seriousness, and mental preparation should be done for the future. Because we cannot run away from the future, we have to face it. Worrying or worrying will do nothing. You have to have courage. Have to be patient, and make wise decisions, what is the environment around us like? How are the people? Who among them are our friends, and who are our enemies. From where can those enemies harm us? These things have to be seriously considered. We have to beware of those enemies and maintain a friendship with gentlemen. Will take the help of friends when in trouble, and will also help them when needed. In this way, you have to work with intelligence and courage.

The person who will live his life by this method will be least unhappy in his life, will get maximum happiness, and his life will be successful.
What am I?, What am I doing?, What position am I in?, How am I? All these things don’t matter. Only one thing matters.
“What do I want?”
So be a good thinker, make your thoughts beautiful, you will automatically become beautiful

The conscience of human beings, listening and understanding, the same is true, the same is true knowledge. The disciplined man can achieve the philosophy and real knowledge of the truth. On the achievement of real knowledge, all the mourning and sorrow of man becomes self-resolved. Where there will be light, there will be darkness and where knowledge will not be sad. The lack of light is dark and the absence of knowledge is only sad. There is no other fundamental existence of sadness.


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