Attract Nectar in your life.

Learn the secret of the universe.

Our fillings form the personality of all of us. From these, we get an introduction to the excellence or inferiority of our life structure, relationship, and personality. That is why thinkers like “Daniel Goleman” have defined emotional potential as the magnetic energy of our personality. The truth that the western world is trying to understand and adopt today was understood by the Indian Vedic scientists’ ages ago.

That is why he emphasized the importance of relationships, the sense of collectivity, and symbiosis. Our Vedic literature is full of the elements of our symbiotic relationships. The echo of “Sangachhadhwam Samvaddhvam” is heard in the Vedic literature. Lord Shri Krishna has also proclaimed this truth in the singing of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. And he says in the third verse of the 17th chapter of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita-

सत्त्वानुरूपा सर्वस्य श्रद्धा भवति भारत।

श्रद्धामयोऽयं पुरुषो यो यच्छ्रद्धः स एव सः ।।

(Gita 17/3) Lord Sri Krishna says that the natural faith of all types of human beings is according to their conscience; Because man is reverent and this faith is of three types. Along with this, the conscience is also of three types. According to Lord Shri Krishna – the person who has faith as he is, that is his form, that is, he is his real condition and accordingly, his personality is there.

यो यच्छ्रद्धः स एव सः

That is, according to Lord Shri Krishna – the person who has faith like that, so will be his form and so will his loyalty. As one who has faith, so will the speed of his actions. His every gesture and action will be according to the faith of his conscience and as long as he is related to this world, then his form will be according to his conscience. Therefore, if a change is to be brought into one’s personality, then the change has to be brought into his conscience. Personality change is not possible without changing the conscience and this change in the conscience is possible with a change in his faith, but this process is not possible suddenly, but it is possible very slowly with constant effort and practice.

The faith of man is his real identity, the basis of his personality, on which the form of his life has depended. If a man’s faith is in laziness, then that person’s life will only have his laziness. If the faith is in ambition and running, then his life will turn towards its race. If there is purity in the faith of a man, then his life will be fragrant – that of peace and happiness. In this way, the faith of a man and his life will also be accordingly. Shraddha means those habits of ours, which we have been repeating not only in this life but also from past lives, and if we do not improve them, do not change, then we will keep repeating them every birth and do the same mistake again and again. Will stay

Empower your beliefs.

Somebody asked Lord Buddha – “What is the use of remembering the past life? I want to be calm now??, tell me some way for that.”

Then Buddha said – “You have this thing about peace of mind in previous lives also. I have told some other Buddhas that I want to be calm, tell me some way and the paths have been told to you in previous lives also, but Never followed them. You are just repeating your habit. So first I want to remind you of your past lives, first you should remember your two or four lives so that it becomes clear to you that you are not going to repeat the same circle. repeating.”

Now the man understood something. For a year he stayed with the Buddha for remembrance of past lives and was surprised that even in the previous life when his wife died, he had gone to a great scholar, even in his first birth, Then he went to a great scholar and still in this life when his wife is dead, he has come to Buddha that my mind is very disturbed, I want peace. Knowing all this, he was very frightened.

He asked Buddha- “What is this? Am I doing all this or am I being forced to do so?” Buddha said – “If you do not know, then you will go on doing all this; because you do not know that you are just repeating all this, you are only repeating these events because you do not remember past lives. , therefore repeating the same events over and over again.” Although everyone can’t remember the past lives, we know our past, and we keep repeating the mistakes we do in our past.

Like if we have angered someone, we repent on him that now we will not be angry next time, but then we get angry; Because getting angry has become a part of our habit, and for this reason, we get angry habitually even if we do not want to. Her anger has become ingrained in our faith, it has become our identity. So we need to identify our faith properly; Because not recognizing it will lead to big complications in life. Like a lazy person, he craves happiness, but happiness comes to hardworking people, not to the lazy.

In life, one gets to see the opposite of the principles. Those who are lazy, want the facilities of happiness and opulence, those who achieve achievement in life by adopting diligent and fast deeds, they are Rajasik, they want peace: whereas peace is a state of Sattvaquality. If they have attained the Sattva, they will not be able to fully adopt their Rajasic quality. For example, if people who run for politics want peace in their lives, how can they get it? For peace, he has to leave politics.

We need to identify ourselves properly, within ourselves; Because our faith within us is our real life. One who has faith is like a man, he is the same. If a man properly identifies himself, and his inner self, then he will understand that satisfaction in life cannot be achieved by any one divine quality rather it is necessary for him to combine all three factors and religions and he can be satisfied only by the combination of all three. It is only because of the combination of the three that a realization begins, and the combination of these three takes man towards that which is infinite. We have to recognize the virtues of our faith; Because that is our real identity till now and then we have to give a new form to our faith also, give it the right direction i.e. practice to establish a balance in all stages of life. With this practice, our emotional sophistication, and the structure, and relationships of all of our lives will become more vigorous.


Happiness is a state of mind.

Find reasons to be happy.

There is a deep thirst for happiness in our human nature. Whenever we get the opportunity, we all start in search of happiness. It is such a quest, which stands behind all our wants and desires, and aspirations, which is equal in all. Happiness, which everyone wants to find, receive and share. From reaching the pinnacle of success, on the paths of life, in all the lines of relationships, in the company of means, convenience, respect, in all the peripheries of the country and time, we want to get the experience of happiness only and only.

We seek happiness in every moment of life. Whether it is called happiness or happiness, it is felt by everyone according to their feelings. We and all are involved in the race to find happiness. In our imaginations, in our thoughts, and in our actions, only those things can find a deep place to which our happiness is attached. The desire for happiness is a natural demand of our existence. If there is continuity of happiness in every moment of life, then it becomes synonymous with bliss.

We all have the possibilities and abilities to achieve happiness, but only one can get the taste of it in life. Why? Because the way of life is not as simple and easy as we understand. In the world in which we live, among the people we know, we have to find our happiness, but the biggest difficulty is when we evaluate our life from the past to the present day. If so, the road to happiness seems to be very difficult. Everyone wants to collect a lot of happiness and be happy always, but this is rarely possible. If we count the moments of the past, we find that the moments of happiness in life are very few and the moments of sorrow are more. If we do not see such compatibility even in the present moment, then will the desire for happiness remain buried inside and we will continue to live a life staggering in the waves of happiness and sorrow for its desire?

The life that man has, there are always infinite possibilities in it, and the ways to live this life are also innumerable. That is why it is the responsibility and necessity that he should find that path for his life, on which he can attain happiness.

Deep down the belief that there is a path to happiness for every human being in this world. Of course, one has to find it himself. Everyone has their own separate and personal path to happiness. It has to be discovered by ourselves, no one else can find it and give it and we can search it for others even if we don’t want to. First of all, we should look within ourselves and see whether the desire and desire for happiness are not taking birth in any corner of our inner being. Ask yourself, do we want to be happy? Want to see yourself happy? If yes, then somewhere else in a different world, not in different circumstances, but wherever we are, we will have to find our share of happiness in the crowd of this world.

For those who are ready to be happy, to find their path and follow it, then here we are presenting some priceless formulas of life for such people, which everyone can adopt to find their happiness. You can get assured success.

you perceive the world as you project.

1: To have full faith in the fact that all the happiness of life and all the beauty of the world are contained in our personality. Happiness is not something that can be brought or found from outside or can be bought by paying a price. It is the most valuable thing in life, the highest and most sacred quality of human beings, and its place is not outside, but within us, in our attitude.

2: The second lesson on the path to happiness is to be constantly entrepreneurial. It would be good to make some meaningful goals and try to achieve them in life. The bigger the goal, the greater the achievement, and the greater the achievement, the greater the happiness. Keep in mind that achievements are closely related to happiness. Happiness can never be obtained from idleness. Keep doing something meaningful, and positive.

The third principle of attaining and maintaining happiness is that the highest values, the highest ideals, and the thoughts, and principles of the great personality should be made the greatest friend. Sometimes we can get deceived by the friends we make in life, but these values can never be deceived and most importantly, whenever we start falling apart in the journey of life, we start losing, then a more helpful friend than them. No one else will. Only these values and ideals have the power to show the right life path even in the thick of darkness. Even if the whole world turns against us, they do not leave our side. To develop happiness in our existence, the life management that is required, we get it from these values and ideals.

The next lesson teaches us to make rules for ourselves. Restraint is the meaning by which the happiness obtained is saved and maintained. To assimilate this sutra, it is necessary to understand in ourselves that whatever we have to do, wherever we reach, whatever we have to achieve, everything is bound by the ‘limitation of time. Knowing the importance of time, those who adopt restraint of time are successful in moving forward on the path of happiness. Therefore, always remember that self-discipline, an internal contract of restraint is the proper way to make meaningful use of time.

It is said that those who waste time. Time destroys them one day. Therefore, moderation and management of time are very important in life. The tasks of lifestyle should be fixed in such a way that maximum part of our time should be spent in purposeful work, apart from this, some free time should be left or by taking some time, one must get the company of nature. After going amidst the greenery in the river, mountains, and gardens, gardens and sitting quietly for some time and observing the activities of natural life, the mind automatically fills with freshness and happiness.

You have to learn to love yourself. We should know the importance of the life for which we are excited about happiness. It is necessary to understand the importance of ourselves for the sense of self-respect and self-respect and this importance is manifested only when we love ourselves. One who loves himself can keep loving and harmonious behavior with the surrounding environment and also with the people. Along with this, one of the biggest achievements for those who love themselves is that of self-confidence. Confidence is formed by the abilities of our creativity and originality, but the way to know and understand the creative and original things within us is through love towards oneself. By adopting these above-mentioned life sutras, we all can be successful in finding the path to happiness in our life.

Integrative approach to food habits.

Becomes healthy

The first reason for giving importance to the body to lead a healthy life is that the long-lasting effect of emerging from a disease-like condition is observed, tested, expressed and experienced by the body. Therefore, the priority of the common man is also to make the body disease-free and trouble-free. Secondly, today in the name of treatment, whatever means are available and which is practised mostly by physical substances. Physical substances can affect the body, despite the great development of science, to date, human beings could not create any component made in the body from physical substances. The existence of consciousness in the earth, water, fire and air is the subject of research for modern scientists. Humans today have made most of the development discoveries and achievements in the field of physics in just a few hours. Only humans can create as they wish. Control of the end could not be possible according to its own accord based on uniformity. Even though today’s scientists are busy promoting the claims of the birth of test-tube babies. Therefore, the benefits of modern medical methods are limited to certain parts of the body. Therefore, in the modern era, the health-enhancing imagination is limited to the body. Like any special astrologer and palmist, no one can predict the future events and life of a human being. The only basis for freeing the soul from vices is recognized as a spiritual practice.

The attitude toward health towards consciousness and diseases is present in all human beings. We are the master of all our physical and mental activities, this is the truth. The change in the diet we eat is done in this body by the power of Chaitanya. The health of a person depends not only on his style but is also influenced by his energies. Unnecessary with nature, nature is not able to tolerate due to maximum degradation of nature. In this way, the lifestyle seems to be unnatural, then the physical balance deteriorates, and the immunity power starts decreasing. Therefore, it is necessary to know and understand all those principles, which convert food into energy and when energy starts converting into thoughts. The relationship of energy with diet should be understood.

Aahar refers to the food to be consumed and it is of four types – Bhakhya, Bhojya, Leha and Choshya Bhakhya i.e. roti, rice etc. eaten by chewing with teeth. Food means rabdi, milk, water etc. to be eaten by swallowing. Lehya means licked honey, chutney etc. and Choshya means sugarcane ate after sucking.

Of these four types of food, only the foods of sattvic nature are liked by the sattvic people. In Agastya Samhita, it has been told that there are three types of dietary defects.

  1. Jaati Dosha.
  2. Aashray Dosha.
  3. Nimit Dosha.

The naturally occurring defect in food is called ‘caste dosha’. For example, food items like onion, garlic, meat, fish and egg etc. come under caste defect; Because they have a strong smell and are also called tamasic foods.

A shelter defect is that in which a food item takes shelter of a poor person or place, then due to contact with it, there is a shelter defect. For example, milk kept in a butcher’s shop or a tavern becomes impure due to a shelter defect, but when the object kept in the holy place also becomes impure by coming in contact with an impure creature, then it is called nimitta dosha. . For example, if a dog or a cat drinks the milk kept in the temple premises, or if a fly or other insect, spider etc. falls in the milk, it becomes impure. Sattvik diet is free from all these three types of doshas. Apart from this, food that is stale, leftover, malicious, kept in a contaminated place or eaten with unclean hands is also impure.

You are eating food with awareness

It has also been found in a research study that the diet also has an effect of taking an effect on the immediate situation. This is the reason that if people of wicked, vicious or inferior attitude cook or serve food, then they mix with their bad quality food and make an effect on the person who eats it. For example- Once a saint had dinner with a murderer, and then in the night he started having dreams of murder. When he woke up in the morning to learn about his karma, he regretted that he had unknowingly eaten at the wrong person’s place.

The person who consumes food is also affected by the amount of money acquired from justice and injustice, sin and virtue. The food which is cooked for eating, from the earnings of unethical, affects the person who consumes it and due to which he too gets influenced by the rituals of that food and becomes motivated to earn immorally. Keeping these facts in mind, Indian Sanatan culture has given a lot of emphasis to adopting a good diet.

Alcohol, meat, onions, garlic, spices, spicy, stimulants, intoxicants, stale, etc., substances of tamoguni nature are worth giving up for the seeker. Similarly, food prepared by people of evil nature or earned from immorality is also completely discarded for him. The seeker must take special care of the above things in the context of diet; Because the rituals present in the food can affect his sadhana in any way.

Many important instructions have been given in the Upanishads regarding diet; For example, there are three parts of the food (anna) to be taken. The gross part of it becomes stool; What is the middle part becomes the flesh and what is the subtle part becomes the mind. Similarly, drinking water also has three parts after entering the body. The gross part of it becomes urine; What is the middle part becomes blood and what is the subtle part becomes prana. In Chandogya Upanishad Chapter-6, Section-5 it is said,

O gentle! Mind is food, Prana is watery and speech is bright.’

Consumed food is forbidden in fasting, fasting etc. Sattvik, religious processes. The food which is prepared in a pure manner and after that it is offered reverently to the Lord with a sense of thanksgiving, then such food is pure and sattvic. Apart from this, the food prepared from theft, cheating, betrayal and unjustly earned money, whatever the sattvic food ingredients and purity and purity, it is also considered to be tamasic.

Onion, garlic, meat, fish, egg, rotten-throat, cooked in oil, spicy chilli-spices and pungent smell are tamasic food. By taking such food, the mind, intellect and morals of a person get spoiled, hence it is forbidden to take such food during fasting etc. Generally, vegetarian food is taken to mean diet, but in the context of fasting and rituals etc., vegetarian food means ‘Havishyan’.

According to the scriptures – milk, curd, butter, cow’s ghee, white sesame, coconut, amla, rice, salt, black pepper, fresh fruits (offerings) of gods etc. are counted in Havishyan. Scholars believe that only such havishyan should be accepted in worship and fasting. The sages, the pioneers of spiritual science, had studied those subtle aspects of a diet very seriously long ago.

Those sages had found in their research that every food item possesses sattvic, rajasic and tamasic qualities within itself and by consuming the substance possessing these qualities, the creation of the person’s mind becomes the same.

Concerning diet, it is said in the Pasupata Brahmopanishad that ‘the mind becomes pure by giving up the inedible in the diet. That is why by the purification of food, the purification of the mind automatically takes place and gradually the glands of ignorance go on breaking down and knowledge is attained.’ On the other hand, it is said in the Chandogya Upanishad that ‘the purification of the diet leads to the purification of the conscience. With the purification of the conscience, the feeling becomes firm and by the stability of the feeling all the knots of the heart are untied.’

In Atharvaveda, unsuitable food has been declared discarded. In ancient times, before taking food, every person used to see what kind of food was acquired and made by that person and if there was a slight defect in it, he used to discard it. At that time only people accepted the death of the virtuous souls. One criterion of someone’s being a virtuous soul was whether they accept his food or not.

In Atharvaveda (9/8/8) it is said,

sarvo ya esh jagadhapampa yasyannananashnanti.

That is, that person is a virtuous soul, whose food is eaten by others. In Valmiki Ramayana, it is said that the conscience is presented in the form of a deity.

Yadna purusho bhavati tadannastasya deityah.

That is, as a man eats food, so his gods eat. In the context of diet it is said in the Chandogya Upanishad (7/26/2)

Yavatsadhan samapti shivadharanam cha avasyam karyam, nyarjit dhanen mahayagyadikam kritva tachchishtashanen eva sharidharanam karyam, aharashuddhau sattvashuddhih sattvashuddhou dhruva smritih.

That is, until the end of the means, it is necessary to keep the body and it is appropriate to preserve that body, through the money acquired from justice, by performing Mahayagya and by eating food left over from it; Because the purification of food leads to the purification of the conscience and a sure memory is obtained from it. Therefore, a person should use it keeping in mind the diet and its effect.

The Origin of everything this is!

Attract what you want??

Willpower is present in all living beings. Every living being desire to live life. If one wants, one can raise it to such a level that he can lead a meaningful life, and can make life successful with amazing achievements. Your willpower may be running below its capacity, which leads to negative energy in life. With proper effort, it can be empowered and making the best use of it can move towards the desired destination. Just as the pot fills drop by drop, similarly, with small efforts, the will can be strengthened.

If seen, we are alive based on the will and are using our organs and organs properly. God has given us eyes to see, but what we see or what we do not want to see – we decide for ourselves. Here willpower is activated, which is linked with the IQ of the person. In this way, if any work is being done consciously, it means that it is the result of the will, otherwise, it will be considered a lack of will.
Willpower is also directly related to physical health. A weak body does not make full use of the will and because in such a case the body does not have the power to follow the decision of the mind and disease reduces this will. A sick person has to put in a lot of effort in doing the ordinary work of daily life, which a healthy person can easily do.

In this way, the disease weakens the will and the person feels weak. When a nut bolt of a machine becomes loose, as if it is not able to work properly, similarly disease takes away the power of the person and leaves him in limbo.

Decode the true meaning of concessions.

Therefore, a healthy body has a strong will, but a healthy body doesn’t need to be needed for a strong will, there have been many rich and great people of character, who have been physically in fragile condition or suffered from serious diseases. His life was affected by illness, but his will was always paramount.
He proved that more than the body, the firmness of the mind and the zeal to live determine the success of life. When a person’s mind becomes doubtful and conceptual clarity is impaired, he lacks of normal will.

Willpower is linked to a human’s IQ. The one who decides, but the intensity will is not stubborn, the one who wants to see everything in his favour has no relation to reality. While the will knows how to bend, it has the necessary flexibility and knows how to adapt itself to the person, situation or event.

Thus willpower is the determining force of personality. If it is strong then everything else also gets fixed and adjusted in its place. Desire is not a mere desire, it is the deciding force, which every part of the human being has to obey. In fact, with will comes courage, with perseverance. Mental patients may also have visions of great willpower under an impulse, but it lasts only a few moments, with no decision-making ability and unable to cope with reality on their own. Thus willpower is one such characteristic of the individual.

One who has clarity and firmness of mind and can implement his decisions. Keeping in sync with reality, it fulfils its goal by taking its resolution to the conclusion. Undoubtedly a healthy body is its strong foundation. Based on a strong will, a person can do anything and his resolve creates the universe.

Willpower can be strengthened, it can be strengthened by doing the following small experiments in daily life.

  • By evaluating yourself regularly, try to bring clarity to your life and adjust it according to divine discipline, this will nurture the roots of will.
  • Timely sleep and morning awakening are the experiments of willpower, based on which a systematic routine is possible. If the habit of sleeping and waking is disturbed, then it can be carried forward by making small improvements every day, by strengthening the will.
  • Regular activities of morning walk, exercise, self-study and chanting-meditation etc. keep the mind strong. Strengthens the will. Needless to say, that willpower is directly related to a disciplined lifestyle. A chaotic life full of laziness weakens the will.
  • Thoughtful use of speech in practice demands willpower. When to remain silent in adverse situations, control over our emotions and impulses, and practice necessary tenacity and tolerance are the experiments of will. The practice of maintaining a balance between the dualities of life is its high-level application. Necessary improvements can be made on this basis in the bad habits and by implementing their independent thinking and decisions, one can move towards the set goal.

In this way, by using willpower in small actions, and living life consciously, it can be empowered. The art of living life is practised by balancing the internal and external aspects of life and making the best use of God-given assets and resources, life moves towards the ultimate goal by creating the necessary rhythm and music in life. Undoubtedly, at every step in the great journey of life, the will has a central role.

Here is how to excel in Life.

Your mind is the key to everything.

Today’s present gives us the opportunity, that you are the creator of your destiny. For this, we have to set the goal of our life. what do I want? Our mind plays an important role in all this. The mind is that subtle thing located in our body, which makes resolutions and choices about any subject. All the actions conducted by us, all the actions are inspired by the mind itself. Our thoughts, character and behaviour are also inspired and influenced by the mind itself.

The speed of our life also depends on the speed of the mind. The data direction of our life is determined by the direction of our state of mind. We indulge in any action only after getting the consent of the mind. We do good and bad deeds only after getting direction from the mind and accordingly, we enjoy the fruits of those actions.

Our subtle mind situated in our gross body is very powerful, very powerful, but the truth is also that this strong and powerful mind can both use and abuse its strength, its power. A controlled mind brings happiness, prosperity, peace and joy to the life of a person by using its power, whereas an uncontrolled mind brings destruction and crisis to the life of a person. That is to say, an uncontrolled mind creates trouble for us. Similarly, an elephant becomes a cause of great destruction if left unchecked. If uncontrolled, the life of the person riding on the elephant is also in danger. Our mind is the driver in the driving seat of the car of our life. The driver of our life is our mind. If our mind wants, it can take us in the right direction and if it wants, it can also take us in the wrong direction.

If we want to go towards truth, towards God, then it is possible only when our mind is also ready to walk towards truth, towards God. If the will of the mind is not in it, then it will force us towards evil and will lead us to bad deeds, inauspicious deeds etc. This is where negativity enters life, and failures come into life.

We feel sad after doing bad deeds, then we think that we wish! If we had not done this, we would not have come under the delusion of the mind, today we would not have been behind the bars in the jail, today we would not have been humiliated for taking bribes, today we would not be blinded by greed, attachment, anger, such abominable acts. Would have been done and not today the ill effects of those deeds. Would have been suffering

Then it seems that I could not stop myself from doing this. If only! If I had not done this in a momentary impulse of the mind and would have done good deeds, virtuous deeds, and made effort in the right direction, then today there would have been happiness, peace, and prosperity in our life.

Why? Because the mind has never been in our favour, it has never been in our control. That is why we could not make any effort, materially or spiritually, under the delusion of the mind. Therefore it is clear that whether to be successful in material life or spiritual life, it is necessary to be calm, concentrated, and controlled from both the point of view because it is only with a calm mind that we can do all our physical work in any work. We can put mental energy and in which we can put all our energy, and concentration, we can take the right decision at the right time; We get success in that work.

Sometimes we are physically doing some work, but our mind is not there. Our mind is not in that work but is travelling somewhere else. Even though we are physically present, we are mentally absent there. As a result, we do not get complete success in that work.

Invoke the master way!

It is necessary to control the mind, but the question arises of how to control the restless mind. In Kurukshetra, the battlefield of Kurukshetra, the same question arose in the mind of Arjuna how to control the restless mind? Therefore Arjuna tells Lord Krishna in Gita (6.34)

चञ्चलं हि मनः कृष्ण प्रमाथि बलवदृढम् ।
तस्याहं निग्रहं मन्ये वायोरिव सुदुष्करम् ।।

That is, Shri Krishna, this mind is very fickle, big and strong with a passionate nature. Therefore, to control him, I consider it very difficult to control the wind.

Then Lord Krishna said in Gita Adhyay (6.35-36),

असंशयं महावाही मनो दुर्निग्रहं चलम् ।

अभ्यासेन तु कौन्तेय वैराग्येण च गृह्यते ॥

असंयतात्मना योगो दुष्प्राय इति मे मतिः ।

वश्यात्मना तु यतता शक्योऽवाप्तुमुपम।।

Undoubtedly the mind is fickle and difficult to control, but it is controlled, O Arjuna, by practise and dispassion. Yoga is rare for such a person whose mind is not controlled, and it is easy for a man with a controlled mind to attain yoga through means, such is my opinion. The Lord is making it clear here that the mind is undoubtedly fickle, moving like the wind and strong, but it can be controlled by practise and dispassion.

Now the question arises what is practice and dispassion after all? For the attainment of God, listening to God’s name and qualities, again and again, doing kirtan, contemplating, chanting and self-study of scriptures etc. is called “practice”. What is dispassion? Not having attachment in place etc., not having attachment is detachment.

By continuing to practice practice and dispassion, the mind becomes subdued. Be with it God says,

यतो यतो निश्चरति मनश्चञ्चलमस्थिरम् ।

ततस्ततो नियम्यैतदात्मन्येव वशं नयेत् ॥

मध्येव मन आधत्स्व मयि बुद्धिं निवेशय।

निवसिष्यसि मध्येव अत ऊर्ध्वं न संशयः ॥

Gita – 12.8 That is, wherever this unsteady and restless mind runs and goes, it should be removed again and again and again and again in the Supreme Lord, because whose mind is quite calm, therefore, O Arjuna! You put the mind in me and the intellect in me, after that you will reside in me only, there is nothing in doubt about it.

In Yog Darshan, Maharishi Patanjali has also considered practice and dispassion as important for purifying and subduing the mind. In Yogadarshana (Samadhipada-12) he says

अभ्यास वैराग्याभ्यां तन्निरोधः ॥

Abhayaass Vairagyaabhyam Tannirodha:।।

That is, those mental attitudes are controlled by practise and dispassion.

In this sutra, the sage wants to say that due to the influence of the karmic sanskars prevailing in the mind, the flow of chittvrittis with force is going towards worldly pleasures. The way to stop that flow is dispassion and the way to take it to the path of welfare is practice. The sage again says in Samadhipad – 13, 14

तत्र स्थितौ यत्नोऽभ्यासः ॥

स तु दीर्घकाल नैरन्तर्यसत्काराऽऽसेवितो दृढभूमिः ॥

That is, the effort that has to be made for the stability of the mind from both of them is practice, but if that practice is done continuously for a long time, it becomes firm. Here the sage is giving a very touching and important lesson. He is saying that to make the practice of his yoga instrument firm, the seeker should never be indifferent in the practice, never be hasty, but should do that (yoga-sadhana) patiently for a long period and have the firm belief That the yoga practice, effort, effort, sadhana being done by him can never be in vain, can never be fruitless. When the time comes, the result of his sadhna will be revealed. His sadhana will surely be successful. His mind will certainly be pure and controlled. Your sadhana will be successful, and beautiful. There’s nothing in doubt about it. Rishivar in Yoga Darshan about purifying the mind Other measures are also mentioned.

मैत्रीकरुणा मुदितोपेक्षाणां सुखदुःखपुण्यापुण्य विषयाणां भावनातश्चित्तप्रसादनम् ॥

Samadhipada 1.33 means that by creating a feeling of friendship among happy people, a feeling of kindness in unhappy people, a feeling of happiness in virtuous men and a feeling of neglect in sinners, the mind becomes angry, malice, hateful, jealous and angry etc. After the destruction, the mind becomes pure and pure. So the seeker should practice it. Whereas in the next thread he says

प्रच्छर्दनविधारणाभ्यां वा प्राणस्य ॥

Samadhipada 1.33 means that by creating a feeling of friendship among happy people, a feeling of kindness in unhappy people, a feeling of happiness in virtuous men and a feeling of neglect in sinners, the mind becomes angry, malice, hateful, jealous and anger etc. After the destruction, the mind becomes pure and pure. So the seeker should practice it. Whereas in the next thread he says

The great Vedic scientists of India, Maharishi Vasistha, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Yagyavalkya, Maharishi Parashuram, Maharishi Bhagirath, Maharishi Valmiki, Maharishi Charak, Gautam Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Gorakhnath, Acharya Shankar, Sant Namdev, Saint Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharishi etc. Rishis, and Yogis, have become theologians. We can make any of these the subject of our attention as per our interest. One can contemplate, contemplate their divine qualities.

यथाभिमतध्यानाद्वा ॥ (समाधिपाद 1.39)

That is, the mind becomes stable even by the meditation of the one who has the opinion. In this sutra, the sage wants to say that if any of the above means do not suit a seeker, then he should meditate on his presiding deity or any form of God, saguna-nirguna, corporeal-formal, according to his interest. In this way, by meditating on the object of your interest, the mind becomes stable.

तस्यापि निरोधे सर्वनिरोधान्निर्बीजः समाधिः ॥
– समाधिपाद 1/57

That is, when that too is stopped, there is a nirbeej samadhi. The sages are clarifying here that when there is an absence of all other types of sanskars due to the effect of Ritambara Prajna Sanskar, then due to lack of attachment to the sacraments arising out of that Ritambhara Prajna, they are also stopped. Due to the complete absence of the seeds of sanskar, the name of this stage is Nirbeej Samadhi.

On the other hand, in the Yogasutra–2/28, the sage considers the practice of Ashtanga Yoga as important for the purification of the mind (ie Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, etc.).There are many sutras in the Amritbindu Upanishad about the mind, such as,

मनो हि द्विविधं प्रोक्तं शुद्धं चाशुद्धमेव च।

अशुद्धं कामसङ्कल्पं शुद्धं कामविवर्जितम् ॥ 1 ॥

That is, the mind is said to be of two types. One is a pure mind and the other is an impure mind.

मनुष्याणां कारणं बन्धमोक्षयोः ।

बन्धाय विषयासक्तं मुक्तत्यै निर्विषयं स्मृतम् ॥ 2 ॥

That is, the mind is the cause of man’s bondage and salvation. A mind attached to objects is the cause of bondage and a mind detached from objects is the cause of salvation.

तावदेव निरोद्धव्यं यावत् हृदि गतं क्षयम् ।

एतज्ज्ञानं च ध्यानं च शेषो न्यायस्य विस्तरः ॥ 5 ॥

That is, only then should the mind be stopped in the heart, until it does not decay. This is called knowledge and this is called meditation and everything else is an extension of justice and reasoning. Thus it is clear from the observation of various scriptures that the mind is the cause of bondage and salvation. The mind is man’s friend and the mind is man’s enemy. An impure mind, an unstable mind, or an uncontrolled mind, leads man to fall, defeat and – sin.

Unveil the ultimate reality

Such a mind is the enemy of man, whereas a pure mind, a stable mind, and a controlled mind are the reason for the liberation of man, and the reason for the attainment of God. Such a mind is the friend of man. A pure mind induces a man into virtuous deeds. A concentrated mind, a steady mind makes a man successful, happy and prosperous not only in the spiritual but in the material world as well as in the material realm. He gets success everywhere.

We should keep practising to purify and stabilize the mind by regular practice of Nishkaam Bhakti, Nishkaam Karma (Karmayoga), Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Dhyana, Savita Dhyana, Pranayama etc. We should keep on self-studying the literature of Vitara, the biographies of estranged Buddhas, the autobiographies written by them and the scriptures related to the attainment of God. One should get the company (satsang) of good men. At the same time, charity, charity etc. should be engaged in the work of public service. By doing this, the mind becomes our friend and moves towards the best path.

Cure is possible

Stop 🛑 ageing

Water is life. 70% of our body is water. The body consumes 2600 grams of water per day. Kidney 1500 grams, skin 650 grams, lungs 320 grams, faeces urinary tract 130 grams, it is necessary to drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water daily to maintain the water balance in the body. Today, diseases have become almost ubiquitous. To get rid of them, people are taking medicines and poisons in their bodies. These venoms travel together in the blood, later on, become the cause of major diseases. Come! To get rid of many diseases, our ancestors, Vedic scientists, and sages had laid the foundation for a healthy life by taking the help of water. It is very easy to attract health from water. Health is the basis of a healthy life. What we drink is what we are. Impure water causes diseases in the body. In the name of pure water, we consume dead water. Plastic bottle water is just like plastic. How can we expect a healthy life from this lifeless water?

Water is the second biggest requirement in the body after the air. Life cannot go on for long without water. About two-thirds of the body is made up of water. Water requirement is different in different parts of the body. When there is an imbalance in the required proportion of water, the bodily functions start getting affected, so we need to know and understand when and how we should use water? How much, how and when do you drink water? What is his temperature? Clean, pure, mildly purified water suitable for body temperature is useful for the common man. The more slowly you sip water, the more beneficial it is. That is why we have a famous folk sentence – “Drink food and eat water” which means drink water slowly. The main function of water in our body is to be involved in various processes that digest food and build the structure of the body. Water is beneficial for removing the dirt present inside the body through sweat and excreta, regulating body temperature and for physical purification. Due to lack of water in the body, there is a possibility of constipation, fatigue, heat in summer etc. It is because of water that we experience different tastes of nine types of rasas mean liquid – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and Casella etc. Drinking water immediately after a meal is harmful and toxic.

Drinking water immediately before meals quench hunger. Digestion of food is not equal to hunger. Take food only when you have a good appetite. After eating food, due to the presence of acid in the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, etc. Therefore, often the general public has a desire to drink water. But drinking water dilutes the digestive juices, due to which complete digestion of food is not done in the stomach. As a result, the energy that should be obtained from food is often not available, the nutritious elements from which the components of juice, blood, flesh, marrow, semen etc. should be made, are not available. Indigestible food remains to lie in the stomach and intestines, due to which there is a possibility of various digestive diseases like malaise, constipation, gas, acidity, IBS etc. On the other hand, the body needs more energy in vain to remove the undigested food. Therefore, the longer you drink water after the meal, the better the digestion. Usually, two hours after a meal, drink plenty of water as needed. So that there is no shortage of water in the body. Food should be digested properly.

Art of drink life

Unless there is a practice in the beginning, along with solid food, liquids must also be used. A little water can be drunk in between meals, but if that water is lukewarm, not after eating very cold, if necessary, drink as much hot potable water as possible. Water should not be drunk immediately after the digestion of food. Drinking more water together before digestion of food increases the growth of gooseberry. Indigestion, gas and constipation, and acidity occur. Therefore, it is appropriate for health-loving seekers to abandon the evening meal as much as possible, but if this is not possible and it is necessary to drink water after the meal, then the water should be heated according to the temperature of our body, and sip that hot water slowly….

By drinking hot water according to body temperature, it becomes possible to balance the heat of the stomach. Along with this, by drinking water slowly, the digestive discharge in the mouth mixes with the water and that water becomes digestive. Performs the function of medicine in the body. After renouncing sleep in the morning, without fuming or rinsing or rinsing the mouth, one should drink one to dead litres of water kept in a copper vessel throughout the night, according to its capacity, this action is called Usha: Paan. Along with keeping the mouth closed throughout the night, foreign substances get deposited on the tongue. That is why, despite working all day, there is no smell in the mouth as much as it does in sleep without eating anything. When these foreign elements go back with water on an empty stomach, then they act as medicine. Therefore, the full benefit of (Ushapan) drinks 2 or 3 glasses of water without gap, is obtained only by drinking water with oudatumun. Due to this action, about 20% of the toxins inside the body go out. Constipation disorders are removed. This is an important process in skin disorders. By taking a walk or doing abdominal exercises (contraction and expansion) after Usha paan, the intestines in the stomach are cleared completely. Due to this all types of digestive diseases get quick relief. The best time to drink water is early morning on a hungry stomach. In the middle of the night, the extraneous unnecessary elements that accumulate overnight in the body through metabolic activity are removed by the kidneys, intestines, skin or lungs. Therefore, all the organs of the excretory process become active in expelling all the foreign substances. Unless the poison collected overnight is not completely expelled and food is taken from above, then there is a possibility of various types of diseases. Usha paan provides relief from piles, bloating, congestion, fever, abdominal disease, constipation, bowel disease, obesity, kidney disease, liver disease, bleeding from the nostrils, back pain, eye, ear etc.

There are many benefits like an increase in eyesight, clear intellect and hair on the head does not turn white quickly. This has been confirmed in an article published by Japan’s Sickness Association. The full benefit of such an experiment is obtained only when drinking water with the above method, about two hours after the meal or after the digestion of food in the stomach, drink water. Ushapan is equally useful for both the healthy and the sick. In the beginning, if you cannot drink so much water at once, then start with two glasses of water in the beginning. Gradually, the quantity should be increased from one to one and a half litres. Drinking so much water at once does not have any adverse effect, only more urine can come in the first few days. This experiment is cheap, beautiful, self-supporting and very effective. Hot water is medicine.

We can clean the body only with the help of water. Feelings are seen in the water. Water represents the inner feeling of the mind. By looking at water from the point of view of love, these crystals of water act as positive energy. Water acts as negative energy when viewed with fear and anger. This is the effect of crystals in the water. Because water is alive. There is life in water. Water is not only for quenching thirst, it is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature to human beings. Alkaline water This hypothesis is alive. Water is prepared by giving due respect through nanotechnology. The navel and life centre of Indian culture is “Yajna”. By filtering the ashes of Yagya and keeping them soaked in water, the water becomes alkaline, there is a wonderful display of energy. Cold drinks and frozen or ice water are injurious to health. In a healthy state, the temperature of our body is about 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit i.e. 37 degrees centigrade. Just as electricity is spent by running electrical appliances, air conditioners, coolers, etc. Similarly, by drinking or eating cold drinks, the body has to spend its energy in vain to keep its temperature under control. Therefore, water should be drunk as hot as the temperature of the body. Nowadays, the practice of drinking ice cream and cold drinks after meals in group programs is very harmful to health. It is best to avoid these methods. Health is in our own hands.

Clean your utensil (body)

It is beneficial to drink water to reduce the harmful effects left by the endocrine glands at the time of fear, anger, unconsciousness, grief and injury. Coldwater should be drunk in case of heat and heat and hot water in case of cold, it gives relief to the body. There is no possibility of heatstroke after drinking water and going out in the heat. Even in high acidity, more water should be drunk, because it protects the soft surface inside the stomach and digestive tract from irritation. Water must be drunk at an interval of two hours in a day because the secretion of endocrine glands keeps coming out in sufficient quantity in it. The digestive organs do not have to do the work of digesting food during fasting. Therefore, they start removing the foreign elements easily in the body. Drinking more water helps in the removal of those elements.

The cause of heaviness in the stomach, sour belching, burning in the stomach and dyspepsia, etc. occurs due to the malfunction in the digestive system. Therefore, drinking hot water at such times improves digestion and gives relief to the above diseases. Boiled and cooled water should be drunk at the time of diarrhoea, vomiting, and diarrhoea because this water becomes germ-free and prevents the loss of water in the body due to diarrhoea. Taking hot water vapour through the nose provides relief for cold and throat related diseases. Water is used in most of the medicines that are taken. Most solid medicines, whether they are allopathic tablets or oral medicines related to Ayurveda or other systems of medicine, can be easily swallowed through the water. Washing eyes with Triphala water improves vision. Digestive diseases are cured by drinking water soaked in fenugreek seeds overnight. In naturopathy, water is used in different ways for physical purification.

Except in special circumstances, bathing should be done with freshwater only. Freshwater increases blood circulation. Due to this energy and strength increase in the body. While bathing with hot water increases laziness and sluggishness. The felt use of water therapy easily absorbs different types of energies of water. Therefore, nowadays in various medical systems, the treatment can be made effective by storing the necessary energy in water and giving it to the patient. Under sun rays and colour therapy, the colour required in the body, water in a glass bottle or vessel of that colour in a certain way and keeping it in the sun brings the qualities of that colour. Drinking such water gives relief to diseases and if a healthy person drinks then there is no possibility of getting diseases. By keeping water on a magnet as needed, magnetic energy starts to accumulate in it. That water is used by magnetic therapists in the treatment of various diseases.

Like sun rays and magnets, keeping water inside the pyramid or on top of the pyramid produces health-promoting properties, consuming which gives relief to diseases and a healthy person remains disease-free. Water can also be acquired through various gems, mantras or as per the requirement of tones and waves of electric light of different colours. Incurable and infectious diseases can be treated by their consumption. As water is kept in contact with a vessel or a metal, the properties of that metal begin to arise in it. Each metal has its effect in terms of health. Drinking water energized by sleeping is beneficial in diseases of the respiratory system, such as asthma, shortness of breath, pulmonary diseases, and heart and brain-related diseases. Silver provides relief to the digestive organs, stomach, liver, gall bladder, many diseases of the intestines and diseases of the urinary system. Consumption of water full of other energy is very beneficial in joint diseases, polio, leprosy, blood pressure, knee pain, mental stress etc. The more you glorify water, the less it is. Because in the end water is life. Keeping water safe and using it properly is the need of the day. There is a concern in the future, that the new war will be for water only. Where there is water, there is life. Life is not lived without water. Respect for water and nature is essential.

Sow the seed of positivity!

A healthy attitude

Achieve your life goal while living, it is the ultimate duty of all human souls. Being healthy is the natural nature of the body and our birthright. It has also been said that the first happy and healthy body is. Health is the first necessity of life. Without it, all the riches and splendour are meaningless. An unhealthy person is himself unhappy and a burden on others. He is neither able to make efforts for self-building nor can the family contribute to the building of society and the nation. When we look at the natural world, we find that the rules for staying healthy are very simple. Everyone can easily lead a healthy life by the following nature. The closer the body is made to the five elements of nature, the closer it is to nature, the healthier it will be. The more sattvic and simple a person lives, the more he will be closer to nature and healthier.

Perfect health means a disease-free body and a happy mind. Having a good appetite, having a sound sleep, having the power to walk miles and lift weights, generous and positive thoughts and depth of contemplation, generosity, zeal, enthusiasm, forgiveness, selfless service, etc. are the signs of complete health. “Making the routine systematic is the guarantee of health protection. Make a systematic method from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night. The division of time and the prescribed work method should be followed strictly. This will also make the internal system of the body systematic and active. Beware of the rules that we break that cause diseases. We must follow the rules of staying healthy that we know and can do. When we fall ill, we do everything we can to get well. Some put it at stake, but the big surprise is, that we do nothing to stay well.

But in today’s competitive era, the situation has changed. Apart from studies, tuition, homework, human life has become entangled in the web of T.V… Computer, Internet, social media, dirty culture etc. In these changed circumstances, man has to learn a new art of living. Such art in which he can face the present circumstances and achieve his life goal. You have to choose the art of living. But these good habits will accompany you for the rest of your life. These are not things but your exclusive friends. Other friends may leave you in trouble, and may also take you on the wrong path, but these good habits will never leave your side and will always take you on the path of progress. Hope you accept these good habits and make them yours and make yourself feel prosperous and blessed and make life successful.

Your first priority is your body.

Health is the first requirement of a healthy life. Only a healthy person can truly enjoy life; can go deep into the study; can sacrifice, penance and hard work to achieve his goal. A sick person is himself unhappy and a burden on others, follow the rules to be healthy. Do water fasting or take the juice. Avoid drugs. Health achieved through medicines is not true health. Follow natural laws for overall health. The greater doctor than nature, better cure than fasting and Usha: There is no better medicine in this world than paan. The rules of staying healthy are very simple. Sleep early, wake up. Drink a glass before sleeping at night and two glasses of water after waking up in the morning. Do Asana-Pranayama and meditation regularly. Make sure to do such labour or sports if you sweat every day. Take less food than hunger, and keep the stomach empty for one-fourth water and one-fourth air. Chew the food well and eat it calmly. Drink water one hour after meals. Take simple sattvic food. Avoid very hot and very cold foods, Pepsi, Colas, etc. It has also been said that the mind should become the food as it is eaten, so accept only the food of pure and honest earnings. Be free from addictions.
Healthy Eyes: Today due to mental stress and pressure, irregular life, and unnatural eating, even small children are victims of eye diseases. Eyes are a priceless gift given to us. Protect them. Remove the above causes of eye diseases. Use more green vegetables, fruits etc. Learn sun-bath, eye-bath, water-neti, palming, eye and neck exercises etc. and practice regularly. avoid stress. Do not study in too little or too much light. Practice Tratak at the Jyoti Bindu or the Black Point. If you take care of your precious eyes, then they will serve and play with you throughout your life.

The eyes are a unique gift of God to the living beings in this world. Keep the eyes healthy and play lifelong, it is the desire of every living being. Without eyes, the world is just darkness. Wherever it is – if there is an eye, then there is a world. Life is incomplete without healthy eyes. We pay very little attention to such useful eye health. If some simple things are implemented in our daily life, then this priceless gift of God will accompany us throughout our life.

While studying, make such arrangements that the light should come from the front and a little from the left. Read or write the bookkeeping it about a foot away. Do not study in very bright light and very little light. Do not study lying down or lying down. It is not good to read in the bright light of lightning or sunlight. Never work on a stove, in smoke or bright light. Due to this, Vitamin “A is deficient”. Reading while travelling in a car and reading immediately after meals damages the eyes. Get in the habit of looking naturally without pressure and stress. Don’t stare squarely. Keep blinking in between. T. V. Do not constantly look at the screen in program, film, or computer work. Do not sit directly in front of them, sit a little far and diagonally. Do palming and neck exercises in between, and wash your eyes with a splash of cold water. Improper diet and faulty blood circulation are also the main causes of eye diseases. To avoid and get rid of eye diseases, purification of the body through moderation of diet and freedom from constipation is a major basis. Keep more amount of fruits and green vegetables and salads in the diet. Sprouted moong and gram are also good. Carrot, beet and gooseberry juice is good for eyesight.

Transformations yourself.

Stay away from unnatural foods like fruits, green vegetables, salads etc. such as packaged, preserved, refined and deep-fried foods. Due to constant mental pressure and stress, the spine at the back of the neck The bone of the eye becomes stiff and the surrounding muscles contract, which is the main cause of eye defects. Try to be free from worry, negative thoughts, fear, hatred, mental stress, pressure etc. Palming: This is one of the best ways to give coolness and relaxation to the eyes easily. In this, the eyes are covered with palms without touching and darkness is seen by opening the eyes.

It is best to give rest in between tasks by relaxing and calming the mind and eyes. Eye-bath by sitting in the position of Kagasana or by leaning over the washbasin, fill the mouth with water. After that, sprinkle 10-15 or four cold water on the eyes. Then release the water from your mouth. Repeat the action by filling the mouth with water. Do 3 such actions. This action increases the light of the eyes. By removing the heat of the brain, headache, tiredness and burning of the eyes are removed. Doing this action before resting at night brings good sleep. Precautions – Those who have cataracts, recently had an eye operation or whose eyes are always red, please do not do this eye-bathing procedure. Soak 50gm Triphala in 1 litre of water at night in an earthen pot and filter it in the morning and take a bath in the eyes. Or wash the eyes with water kept in a green bottle.

Taking a sunbath with the rays of sunrise and sunset for 5 minutes with closed eyes is also best in removing the defects of vision. After this, take an eye bath with palming and splashes of cold water. Jal-Neti: It is best for the light and health of the eyes. Learn and do it. It is enough to do once a week. Learn and regularize different exercises for the eyes and neck. Asanas: Sarvangasana, Yoganidra San, Hastapad Chakrasana, Shirshasan, Bhumipad Shirasana etc. are very useful asanas in removing eye diseases. Regular sunbath, air bath, Usha: Paan, exercise, fasting etc. will accompany you throughout your life. Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana and Bhastrika Pranayama are useful. Learn and do them. Tratak: Fix the eyes on any point of light or black point. Start with five minutes and increase the exercise to 30 minutes. Due to this, the eyesight increases manifold. Keep the mind and mind healthy and stress-free with positive thoughts.

Every morning walk on the grass for half an hour and see the greenery. Massage the soles of the feet with sesame or mustard oil every morning and night. Never wipe or rub the eyes with dirty hands or dirty cloth. Also, pay attention to the health and cleanliness of the teeth. If the teeth are strong, then the eyesight will also be bright. Take bath with cold water as much as possible. Beneficial for the eyes. Make a fine powder of fennel and mix equal parts of sugar candy or sugar powder and keep it. Take a spoon before sleeping at night. It is good for eyesight.

A living Life 200 %

Taking all these measures, thinking positively is the main part. It is a proven fact that what a person thinks and does, he becomes so. The physical, mental and spiritual powers of man are infinite. He is usually able to use only 6 to 10% of these, the rest of the powers are lying dormant. The main basis for the awakening of these powers is positive thinking, the practice of practising positive thinking is all spiritual practice. The goal of all spiritual practices is to develop a positive mind in life. Without this, any sadhana will be said to be incomplete. The fruit of being constantly engaged in creative work is always as sweet as honey. All the great men and all the experiences of life point us towards positive and constructive thinking. A positive thinker also greets Yamraj knowing death as a newborn with a smile, enjoying the stars instead of complaining about the darkness. Even in difficult situations of life, he sees the compassion and welfare of the merciful God. He is humble and humble, but he is not cowardly or weak. He is full of self-confidence and full of self-confidence. He believes that no person, thing, glory, or circumstance in the world can cause sorrow and pain to anyone. He gladly accepts all situations, good and bad, as the fruits of the seeds of karma sown in his past. The fruits of karma come in life like a sunshade and go away, a person with positive thinking, while witnessing himself, remains always happy and happy watching these scenes of the drama of life.

While practising positive thinking, he has full faith and allegiance to the natural and eternal principles of the whole universe, the unshakable law of action and divine justice. He always keeps his thoughts pure, speech as sweet as honey, precious with gems and noble deeds, smelling of divine qualities. Blessed are those who practice positive thinking in life. Blessed are those parents who pass on the values of positive thinking to their children. Come! For the development of positive thinking in life, we should start efforts from today and from now onwards and through them sow the seeds of noble deeds to attain true happiness, peace, joy and love.

Learn to talk with my self

True consciousness

There is only one way to know the conscience that it is always curious and conscious about it. The more curiosity and consciousness in which the more curious and conscious, it makes a deep search about it and certainly finds him one day. You should be more and more curious and conscious about your soul. You will be familiar with your soul, listen to her speech, you will be free from ignorance and will be the official of peace in life. The curiosity of the conscience should practice listening to the sound of the conscience on behalf of the mind. The body’s lust seems to be very dear to your worthy time, but their cord is so odd that, do not solve. The family of problems arising from trash is more than that. Take the money, it is necessary, because your dependents can run properly. It should be done by satisfying as much as possible, and the remaining powers should be applied to the immunity, Parmarth. But who does it? Everyone’s Havish ran from lakh to lakh to millions. To deposit, it seems so dear that, continuous restlessness continues to fulfil it. The business of trade made to fulfil the rest is so much that gold and food do not get too much.

Even knowing that the result of selfishness is the result of sadness and para march, people usually repeat the same mistake – leave the path of Paramarth and walk on the path of selfishness. Even while living on the desire to adopt credit, it seems to be a mind and hesitant in mind, even when the shame and fearing seem to grow in the same direction. The name of the person who constrains to walk towards sadness except for the path of happiness. People are attracted towards today’s momentary benefits, that in the future, there is no attention to his adverse effects. In other words, it can say ignorance.

One thing is to consider with very seriousness if our life ends today and death is standing in front, then how can they resolve problems, aspirations and worries which are now troubling us. Life has been called transient like water bubbles. He is not unreal. In the youthful youth, the bodies of the age passed through the eyes every day, the soft children from the flowers are wounded, then what is sure about our only one will get the opportunity to survive till the age of hundred years? Because of the day which passes fast, hundred years can be held in a few days. It is a matter of thinking that if the tragic clock is present in front of yesterday, the problems will be resolved.

The proper requirements of the body can be easily completed. Fabrication of cloth and family proper nutrition to fill the stomach. Whose ambitions are limited, it can get enough time for true full Sadhana. If the control is received on lust and trash, then the brain can get great leave for self-contemplation. The ambitions of the trash, the creation of the trash, keep sucking all the oz of man. If they can get rid of this Devil, then every man has something to think about and survive some time to do something that he would complete his goal. This unique science reserve is rich in the human body. Using the human body by utilizing immortality to the era and the era. There can be two use of life. Busy life in the jandal of a trashy and lust, in which there will be no desire for the sadhana of autism. Secondly, with the limited aspirations, while spending time, like Karmayogi, it is also edited to the Paramarth, playing peacefully the responsibilities of the world. Certainly, the second life is more prolific and more profitable, but it is a matter of surprise and regret that all of us are adopting the life that there is no more about unrest, destruction and afterwards. These two types of life sequences should be considered and thought to compare.

How much thinking is done in solving many ordinary problems? His effective solution search is removed. It is a matter of regret that we are more valuable than millions of crore rupees. The question of utensils of this rare human life is in ignorance. This neglect is how much painful, how much such a look is possible, it is possible if it is possible to put it today, then this mistake is improved today. Lack of time usually lives for those things that understand the important, unusable, useless thing.

Observe yourself so advantage, and staying at the time to enjoy the body, it is justified for us to take twenty-four hours? There are two pathways of uplift and downfall in this world that go in conflicting directions. One of them is called Paramartha, second to selfishness. They only call them with virtuous sin, credit-dear. The path of praise and condemnation, peace and unrest are also the same. Of these people can voluntarily choose anyone for themselves. And your future happiness can make peace or tribal. Walking on the credit route, a man reaches divinity at the end, by adopting the greatness of humanity and ruining the circumstances of heavenly enjoyment. On the contrary, walking on the beloved path, man has won the life full of animalism, and in the end, reaching the situation of anger and hell to scorching in the turbulent and troubled mood.

Self consciousness.

Do not worry about the far-reaching results, but by thinking immediately, man is to be killed to misbehave but if his thinking is that I will get permanent peace, then his approach will be of another way, then he will think like that? Likewise, think ?? And do the same as good thinkers. The basis of the character is the only visionary approach. The happiness and peace of the world are dependent on the development of this intelligence. The creation of civil society is the main atmosphere of fulfilment that humans became visionary, keep the attention of tomorrow prospects before today. Take work from discretion. He should do what he thinks of which to think is appropriate. The brain that will be able to stop the brightness towards the tempting on the path of ignorance, which will be victory in the same warrior life struggle. The same will be available tomorrow’s boon of his sadhana, he can become the officer to be called divine personality person in this world. This land receives the glory of the earth, by such patience, it becomes false heaven. Today, it seems to be discovered and constructed. Here every best person has had to go through the difficulties, in the fire tests of inconveniences.

Those who have adopted discretion, and do not remove any reason behind the condition, literally crosses this Bhavnagar, the same is left with the magic of Maya and it is meant to hold the human body. The route of credit is great. It is not difficult to walk on the virtue of Virtuality, superiority and greatness. And it is also not difficult to make peace available continuously in this direction. The requirement is only that, that man immediately abandoned the greed and considered the results and manufacturers its activities based on it. The truth of truth is the conscience of man. By being pure, Buddha and self-consciousness can never increase the darkness of ignorance. The presence of untrue near God is impossible, in the same way, it is not possible to enter the untrue.

The conscience of human beings, listening and understanding, the same is true, the same is true knowledge. The disciplined man can achieve the philosophy and real knowledge of the truth. On the achievement of real knowledge, all the mourning and sorrow of man becomes self-resolved. Where there will be light, there will be darkness and where knowledge will not be sad.

The lack of light is dark and the absence of knowledge is only sad. There is no other fundamental existence of sadness. There is only one way to know the conscience that it is always curious and conscious about it. The more curious and conscious of which remains more curious and conscious, it is very deep in the subject, and certainly one day it gets. You should be more and more curious and conscious about your soul. You will be familiar with your soul, listen to her speech, you will be free from ignorance and will be the official of peace in life. The curiosity of the conscience should practice listening to the sound of the conscience on behalf of the mind.


The conscience is a friend of man and always wants his interest, then why is he not direct, why does it live? This question can arise in any person’s brain. This is the answer, that the soul is always directly direct, but it is the only view of man that he could not see it. Sun always is direct when there is a disruption between him and sight, the sun is indirect for him. The purpose of the mind between the man and his soul has been curtained, due to which the direct soul is also indirectly for humans. If a man ignores the priority of this mind, then surely his conscience is direct to him.

Here everything is rooted, the pancratium. Which is all inaccessible, ruthless. Dear is the only soul. While the soul’s aura does its extension, there is an experience of lovely, sweetness, beauty, greetings. The same proportion is useful and helpful for the same proportion to the same proportion. This fact is very full of truth. Everyone knows it so much but how wonderful, knowing that all of us are unaware, they are forgetting the importance of the soul and they are mad behind the substances. Sometimes it is thought that without managing in their internal situation Why do we stay poor? Why do not you accept all the property of your country (God) to accept your limited money? Why do we experience friends, the lack of strangers? Why do not you accept all Vasudha? Why are we helpless and weak? Why do not you develop infinite force filled in your soul? This will be the same as the development of the world, the world will seem to be helpful and useful for us. There is a lot inside you. Not too much is everything.

Outside is only within the shadow. This is a lot of insides, finding, understanding, improving, making and enhancing this. The importance of spirituality is infinite. The expansion and importance of the spiritual sector are extremely huge. His successes are so great that intellectual people enter into that area by sacrificing bigger than large suffering in physical life. Rishi, Muni, Tyagi, ascetic was not stupid, they were true behaviour. He had followed the practical policy of sacrificing small profits for the big profit. While scattering seeds in the soil, the farmer also does this. Given the process of sadhana, the loss of loss, even if it is is not the same thing. There is a lot of essence in it. There are factories, reverence and trust, courage and patience, concentration and stability, perseverance and resolve, on which these cultivates are successful.

The soul is the centre of knowledge science. The basic basis of happiness and peace is the same. The seeds of advancement and prosperity are hidden in it. The basis of heaven and salvation is the same. The Kalpavraksha is not within himself. The satisfaction of the unauthorized wishes can be possible only by self-confrontation. The soul is universal which is touching black-coloured human life like iron, it transforms into divinity. This is the nectar which is a solution to the era of era. The soul is full in itself, who has seen him, the same truth which has acquired him, was not left to get something else. The soul should understand the atom of Vishwanath. We should recognize ourselves.

A Real “I”

You are all troubled by internal unrest. The solution to this question of life is not in external successes or the world. Their solution is inside humans. The basic base of spiritual progress is to make the pure and cleansing of Karan. The satisfaction that appears above also goes sterilized in the absence of accuracy of the end. That man is a fortune that has made his end of his end and whose life is being oriented towards spirituality.

Spirituality is the philosophy of life, based on which all the prosperity and all achievements of the unbroken universe are useless. hard work is required to fulfil your goal in life. The sadhana and diligence of continuous are called by the virtue of the tenacity, but the one who is done for sacrificing is the same. Can not be called to penance for tenacity. He has body and mental disorders. The purpose of self-procrastination can not be received. There is no place to collect with tenacity. The actual tap can be called to endure the trouble on their body for the benefit of other people. To achieve the goal of my life, for lifestyle, experience Virat sensation and the divine energy of the universe will show to be genuine, only then will be able to get the real “I”

अमृतस्य भोजन!

सर्वोपनिषदो गावो दोग्धा गोपाल नन्दनः

आरोग्य का अर्थ होता है, संपन्न बनना। अपनी शक्तीयो को बढ़ाकर योग्य उपयोग करना। आरोग्य का अर्थ केवल भौतिक शरिर से संपन्न होने तक सीमीत नहीं है। आरोग्य का सही अर्थ होता है, मानसिक संपदा, सामाजिक आरोग्य अर्थात (किर्ती, यश), और आत्मसमाधान इन चारों स्तर पर आरोग्य का स्थान रहना चाहिए। इसी कड़ी में महत्वपूर्ण और आरोग्य व्यवस्था का गर्भ है ‘प्राण’। इसी प्राण का रक्षण करना परम आवश्यक है। इसलिए हमे प्राण के विस्तार को यहां समझना होगा। इसलिए वेद, उपनिषद का आधार लेना महत्वपूर्ण है।
‘सर्वोपनिषदो गावो दोग्धा गोपाल नन्दनः इस संस्कृत मंत्र का अर्थ होता है, ‘श्रीभगवदगीता ही वेदो का सार है। तभी श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता मे आरोग्य से संबधीत मार्गदर्शन का समावेश तो स्वभाविक है। यह समस्त पूर्णमद पूर्णमिद का सार है। आरोग्य का सत्य विवेचन “श्रीगीता” जी में वर्णित हुआ है। हमारा शरिर आरोग्य की दृष्टी से प्रथम स्थान प्राप्त करता है, इस स्तर पर श्रीगीता जी का ज्ञान को आत्मभुत करना है, आत्मसात करना है। इसलिए “तत्त्वत:” और “निरंतर” अभ्यास यह दो महत्वपूर्ण स्थान है। इनका उल्लेख श्रीगीता जी मे आपको मिलेगा। इस लिए प्राणशक्ती को हमे समर्पित होना होगा। प्राण शक्ती को तत्वतः समझना होगा। आरोग्य प्राप्ती के लिए केवल जिम, उपवास, डाईट, प्रोटीन इन सब चिजो पर आरोग्य आधारित नहीं है। जीवन जीने के लिए ऊर्जा अर्थात् अन्न तो महत्वपूर्ण है।

इस अन्न ऊर्जा उदगम स्त्रोत श्री गीता जी के तिसरे अध्याय मे वर्णन किया है,

अन्नाद् भवन्ति भूतानि पर्जन्यादन्नसम्भवः ।

यज्ञाद् भवति पर्जन्यो यज्ञः कर्मसमुद्भवः ।।३-१४।।

कर्म ब्रह्मोद्भवं विद्धि ब्रह्माक्षरसमुद्भवम् ।

तस्मात्सर्वगतं ब्रह्म नित्यं यज्ञे प्रतिष्ठितम् ।।३-१५।।

अन्न का अपना एक चक्र है। यही अन्न सुर्य से ऊर्जा ग्रहण कर यही ऊर्जा अन्न के रूप में सभी जीवों को उपलब्ध करायी जाती है। सुर्यशक्ती के अभाव मे जीवन शून्य है। यही ऊर्जा और शक्ती को अपनी मर्यादा तक इसे स्टोरेज किया जा सकता है। जैसे बॅटरी की अपनी सीमीत क्षमता होती हैं। बाद मे वह बॅटरी चॉर्जिग करनी होती है। यही सुर्यशक्ती, पेड-पैधा के रूप मे बॅटरी है, यह सुर्य शक्ती पेडो-पौधो वनस्पतीयो मे अन्न के रूप स्टोरेज हुई है। यही पेड-पौधे वनस्पती यही स्टोरेज किया हुआ अन्न सब मानव जाति को उपलब्ध कराते है। पेड पौधे, वनस्पति हमारे पूर्वज है। इसलिए उन्हें धन्यवाद किया जाना चाहिए। उनका आदर-सत्कार अवश्य होना चाहिए। पेड पौधों उपकारक है। यही वनस्पती अपने अन्न को किस प्रकार तैयार करती है? यह गुढ़ रहस्य तो है ही! मानव जीवन वनस्पतीयो पर आधारित है, जीवन में मुख्य है श्वास। वनस्पती केवल श्वास तक सिमित नहीं है, यह हमे औषधी भी उपलब्ध कराती है। इस लिए आयुर्वेदिक औषधीयाँ अन्न के समान सेवन कि जा सकती है।

आयुर्वेद का विज्ञान उस कॉसमिक मेडीसीन पर काम करता है, सुर्य से प्राप्त कि हुई जिवनी शक्ती, वनस्पतीयो मे संग्रहीत कि हुई सुर्य शक्ती को ज्यादा से ज्यादा कैसे उपयोग में लेवे इसलिए आयुर्वेद मे गुटी, वटी, भस्मे, आसव और अरिष्ट जैसी विधी को सेवन करने का महत्व है। आयुर्वेद में माँ प्रकृती को धन्यवाद करने के भाव को सबसे उच्च स्थान प्राप्त है। च्यवनप्राश यह उत्कृष्ठ उदाहरण है। प्रकृती कुछ समय तक ही आंवला को उपलब्ध कराती है। आंवला के भीतर की शक्ती, रसायन के द्वारा हम साल भर स्वाद ले सकते है। इसी कारण वश च्ववनप्राश बनाया जाता है। यही एक तरिका है उस सुर्यशक्ती को ग्रहण करने का ! यही सुर्यशक्ती हमे तारुण्य, उत्साह प्रदान करती है। जीवन को जीना ही मनुष्य काम कर्म है। मनुष्य ने कर्म की सीमाओ का उल्लंघन नही करना चाहिए। निसर्ग, प्रकृती शक्ती के नाश को हमें रोकना है। पेड़, पौधे, वनस्पतीयो को यही नहीं नष्ट करने का कार्य चलता रहे तो उस सुर्यशक्ती का अन्न में कैसे रूपांतर होगा??

हरित क्रांति के बाद अंग्रीकल्चर इंडस्ट्री मे आमुलाग्र बदलाव देखे जा चुके है। खेती मे रासायनिक खाद, औषधी का उपयोग बढ़ने लगा। खेती शास्त्र पुर्णतः इन चिजो पर आधारीत है। धरती के भीतर की उष्णता को अनेकों प्रकार से बढ़ाया जा रहा है, जिस वायु पर जिवन आधारित है, उस प्राण वायु को दुषित करने का कृत्य मानव द्वारा ही संपन्न किया जा रहा है।

इसी प्राण की कमतरता के अभाव से अनेक रोगो का प्रादुर्भाव बढ़ रहा है। रोग उत्पन्न हो रहे हैं। कर्म करना जीवन का मर्म है। माँ प्रकृती के अनुकुल कर्म करना इसी कर्म को यज्ञ कहते है। यही यज्ञ पुण्ययज्ञ में परिवर्तीत होता है। इस यज्ञ पर वर्षा बारिश आधारीत होती हैं। वर्षा ऋतु का असमतोल बड़े संकट का कारण है। इंड्रस्टी से वेस्टेज वॉटर जब खेती में डाला जाता है, यह अन्न विष का रूप धारण करने लगता है। विषयुक्त अन्न का संक्षिप्त वर्णन श्रीमद्भगवत गीता में हुआ है। इस अन्न का त्याग करना चाहिए। श्री गीताजी मे अन्न को तीन भागों में विभाजीत किया है,

  1. सात्विक
  2. राजसिक
  3. तामसिक

इन तिनो मे किसी एक अन्न का सेवन करने पर उसी प्रकार की प्रकृती बनती है। अन्न द्वारा प्रकृती निर्माण कार्य संपन्न होता है। इन तीनों प्रकृती को आगे वात, पित्त, कफ मे विभाजीत किया है। इसलिए अन्न को आदर के साथ ग्रहण किया जाना उत्तम है। अति सेवन का त्याग करना उचित है। मनुष्य के शरिर प्रकृती को आरोग्य, वीर्यशक्ती, ऊर्जा को बढ़ाने वाला रसयुक्त अन्न शरिर की सात्विकता बढ़ाते हैं। इस अन्न से सकारात्मक शक्ती बढ़ाती हैं। मसाला युक्त, अति कड़वा, अति तीखा, गरम, सुखा अन्न रोग उत्पत्ती बढ़ता है। यह अन्न राजसिक है। और आलस्य से पूर्ण, बासा अन्न तामसिक हैं। इसी प्रकार से गीता, उपनिषिद, वेदों में आरोग्य मार्गदर्शन किया है। श्री गीता जी में मानसिक शांती के उपर विशेष ध्यान दिया है। मानसिक स्वास्थ को संतुलित रखने के लिए,

ॐ इति एकाक्षरे ब्रम्ह व्याहरन्

प्रणव को ही, महर्षी पतंजलि ने सुत्रमे बताया है,

ततः प्रत्यक्चेतनाधिगमोऽप्यन्तरायाभावश्च ॥

ईश अनुग्रह द्वारा हम अपनी बाधाओं को दूर कर सकते है । यह कुछ ही शब्द मे आपको समझाने कि कोशीश हो रही है। विघ्न बाधा, रोग, नकारात्मकता अगर है, तो उसे किस प्रकार से दूर किया जाना चाहिए? नकारात्मक तत्व को दूर करने के लिए आपने कौन सी अच्छी आदतो का स्वीकार किया जाना चाहिए? इसलिए हमे सोचना है, मै चाहता क्या हूँ? इस लिए भगवद् गीता वह माध्यम है, जो आपकी उंगली पकड़कर चलना सिखाती है। आपको समय समय पर मार्गदर्शन देती है। भारतीय शास्त्र अपने आप मे समृद्ध एंवम सुमेरु पर्वत है। जहाँ ज्ञान की गंगा सतत बहती है। सभी प्राचिन भारतीय शास्त्र ही एक दुसरो के पुरक रहते है। आयुर्वेद यह जीवन शाखा है, इसलिए उसकी मुख्य तत्वो का स्विकार सभी शास्त्रो में किया जाता है।

योग और आयुर्वेद की यह जोडी प्रचलित हैं। पर न्यायशास्त्र, सांख्य दर्शन, वैशेषिक दर्शन यह सभी दर्शन शास्त्र आयुर्वेद शास्त्र से साम्य साधर्म रखते है। भारत वर्ष की पहचान ही श्रीमद् भगवद गीता है। जो पूर्ण ब्रम्हाण्ड को मागदर्शन करती है। यह प्रदर्शन भारत के ज्ञान का हैं। इसलिए भारत जगद्‌गुरू है। आयुर्वेद मे एक विशिष्ट संकल्पना है वह है अग्नी’।अग्नी केवल अन्न पाचन का कार्य ही नहीं करती अपितु शारिरिक और मानसिक आरोग्य को शक्ती प्रदान करती है।

आचार्य चरकजी, ने अग्नी की महता का बखान किया है,

आयुर्वर्णो बलं स्वास्थं उत्साहोपचयौ प्रभा ।

ओजस्तेजोग्नयः प्राणाः चोक्ता देहाग्निहेतुकाः ।।

शान्तेऽग्नौ म्रियते युक्ते चिरं जीवत्यनामये ।।…चरक

आयु, बल, स्वास्थ, उत्साह, उत्तम शरिर सहनन, आभा, ओजस का अर्थ है’ सर्वश्रेष्ठ शरिरशक्ती तेज इन सभी का मूल तत्व है’ अग्नी’
यही अग्नी अगर बुझ गयी तो वह है’ मृत्यु’। उत्तम अग्नी निरामय आयुष्य का आधार है।

अग्निं रक्षेत प्रयत्नतः ।

आयुर्वेद के अनेक संहिता मे उल्लेख हुआ है, हमे अग्नि का रक्षण संरक्षण करना होगा।

भगवत गीता और अग्नि।

अहं वैश्वानरो भूत्वा प्राणिनां देहमाश्रितः ।

प्राणापानसमायुक्तः पचाम्यन्नं चतुर्विधम्।। ..(15_14)

इस श्लोक के माध्यम से भगवान अपना बोध कराते हैं। भगवान मनुष्य अथवा अन्य जीवों में स्वयं अग्नी रूप मे वास करते है। प्राण अपान की सहायता से चतुर्विध अन्न का पाचन करते हैं। इसलिए यह महत्वपूर्ण है, की आप अन्न को किस भावना से ग्रहण करते हैं। क्युकी यह केवल अन्न नहीं है, यह ऊर्जा है। यह साधना है, अन्नमय कोश की। जिस पर आपका मुलाधार चक्र गतिमान होता है। इस लिए अन्न को’ पूर्णब्रम्ह’ का दर्जा प्राप्त है।

तत्राग्निहेतुः आहारात् न हि अपक्वाद् रसादयः ।।
चरक चिकित्सास्थान

अग्नि को प्रदिप्त रखना है, तो आहार को योग्य करना होगा। आहार ही दुषित होगा तो आग्नि उस दुषित अन्न को कैसे पचा सकेगा? उस अन्न से कैसे शरिर का पोषण होगा? इसी कारण से रोगप्रतिरोधक क्षमता विकसित नहीं हो पाती है। आरोग्य दिर्घकाल तक संरक्षित रखने के लिए पाचन योग्य होना अनिवार्य है। आयुर्वेद शास्त्र मे 13 अग्नी बताई है। जिसमे जठराग्नी महत्वपूर्ण है। जठराग्नी आधार है, अन्य अग्नी का। जैसे जठराग्नी उत्तम है तो अन्य अग्नी भी उत्तम रहती है।

1. जठराग्नी :- जठर मे छोटी आंत की सुरुवात मे राह अग्नी सेवन किए गए अन्न का पाचन करता है

2. धात्वाग्नीयह संख्या में सांत है। हर एक धातु का आपना अग्नी है। इसी माध्यम से शरिरमे सात धातु योग्य प्रमाण मे तैयार होते है।

3. भूत्वाग्नी :
यह पाँच है। पार्थिवाग्नी यह आहार के पार्थिव भाग का पाचन करता है। आप्याग्नी आहार में स्थित जल का पाचन का कार्य करता है। और प्रत्येक महाभूत, अग्नी स्वयं ही गुणो से युक्त आहार पाचन का कार्य करता है। जठारग्नि और भूताग्नि से के व्दारा आहार का योग्य प्रकार से पाचन होने पर उस आहार का रूपांतर तेजोमय, परम सुक्ष्म और आहार का सारस्वरूप होता है।

मानवी शरिर मे हर एक स्वतंत्र इन्द्रिय, स्वतंत्र पेशी को पोषित करने वाले गुण होते है। आहार रस हमारे हदय से संपुर्ण शरिर में प्रवाहित होता है। इसलिए हृदय महत्वपूर्ण स्थान पर आरूढ है। इसी स्थान से शरिर धातु की पुर्ती करता है, और शरिर धारण होता है। यह आहार रस हृदय से संपूर्ण शरिर में प्रवाहित करने की जिम्मेदार व्यान वायु पर होती है। व्यान वायुका स्थान संपूर्ण शरिर मे होता है, इसलिए व्यान वायु आहार रस सूक्ष्म से सूक्ष्म पेशी तक अखण्ड प्रवाह से प्रवाहित होता रहता है।

मन और आरोग्य

आरोग्य को संभालना है तो मन को नियंत्रित करना आवश्यक है। आयुर्वेद मे मन के गुण अवयव का बखान किया है। जिस प्रकार शरिर प्रकृती होती है, उसी प्रकार से मन की प्रकृती आधारित होती है। प्रकृती को संभालना सत्व, रज, तम व तत्वो पर मानसिक प्रकृती का चयन होता है।

सत्त्वं प्रकाशकं विद्धि रजश्चापि प्रवर्तकम् ।

तमो नियामकं प्रोक्तं अन्योन्यमिथुनप्रियम् ।। काश्यपसंहिता

सत्व गुण में ज्ञान प्रकाश का उद्रेक होता है। सत्व गुण के अधिपत्य से वस्तु का यथार्थ स्वरूप का ज्ञान करता है। रज गुण गती, प्रवृत्त करने का कार्य करता है तो, तमगुण नियंत्रण प्रदाता होता है। इन तीनो गुणो का समन्वय ही उत्तम आरोग्यका प्रतिक है। सत्व गुण मन का होता है। इसी लिए सात्विक मन रहना शरिर और मन संतुलन के लिए उत्तम है।

त्रिविधं सत्त्वमुद्दिष्टं कल्याणक्रोधमोहजम् ।

श्रेष्ठमध्याधमत्वं च तेषां प्रोक्तं यथाक्रमम् ॥

.काश्यपसंहिता लक्षणाध्याय.

कल्याण अंश से युक्त मन सात्विक श्रेष्ठ माना जाता है। क्रोध युक्त मन रजसिक है, तो मोहयुक्त मन तामसिक है। अनिश्चितता, निर्णय नही ले पाना तामसिकता प्रधान होता है।

सात्विक गुण

सात्त्विकास्तु आनृशंस्यं संविभागरुचिता तितिक्षा सत्यं धर्म आस्तिक्यं ज्ञानं बुद्धिमेंधा स्मृतिधृतिरनाभिषड्श्च।।

..सुश्रुत शारीरस्थान

सात्विक मन संकल्प शक्ती से ओतप्रोत रहता है। संकल्प शक्ती सद्बुध्दी प्रदाता है। दिव्य गुणो का स्फुरण सत्व गुण का लक्षण है। सत्व गुण का अर्थ होता निर्णय लेने में तत्परता, योग्य लक्ष्य निर्धारण रखना, दृढ निश्चयी यह सब योग्यता का पात्र होता है। सकारात्मक सोच का परिणाम हर विपरित स्थितीमे संतुलन बनाए रखता है।

राजसिक गुण

सात्त्विकास्तु आनृशंस्यं संविभागरुचिता तितिक्षा सत्यं धर्म आस्तिक्यं ज्ञानं बुद्धिर्मेधा स्मृतिधृतिरनाभिषड्श्च ।

..सुश्रुत शारीरस्थान

राजसिक भाव की वृत्ति वाले मनुष्य मे चंचलता बनी रहती है। योग्य निर्णय लेने में अनिश्चितता बनी रहती है। इन मनुष्यो में क्रोध अधिक होता है संयम,धैर्य शक्ती की कमी होती है।

तामसिक गुण

दुःखबहुलताऽटनशीलताऽधृतिरहङ्कार आनृतिकत्वमकारुण्यं दम्भो मानो हर्षः कामः क्रोधश्च ।

इन व्यक्तियो मे नैराश्य, डिप्रेशन चरम सिमा पर होता है। आलस्य, प्रमादी बनना, आलस्ययुक्त दिनचर्या के धनी यह व्यक्ती होते है।

श्री मद्भगवतगीता में तीनो प्रकृती का वर्णन :

आयुःसत्त्वबलारोग्य-सुखप्रीतिविवर्धनाः ।

रस्याः स्निग्धाः स्थिरा हृद्या आहाराः सात्त्विकप्रियाः ।।(17_8)

अपनी क्षमता से पूर्ण आहार का सेवन करना, सात्विकता को अखण्ड रखने को (स्थिर आहार) कहा है। स्थिर आहार शरिर मे बल, बुध्दी, मेधा, आरोग्य, की प्राप्ती कराने वाला होता है।

कट्वम्ल-लवणात्युष्ण तीक्ष्ण-रूक्ष-विदाहिनः ।

आहारा राजसस्येष्टा दुःखशोकामयप्रदाः ।।


तिखा, कड़वा, अति कशैला, तीक्ष्ण आहार शरिर मे चंचलता, दुःख रोग कारक होता है।

यातयामं गतरसं पूति पर्युषितं च यत् ।
उच्छिष्टमपि चामेध्यं भोजनं तामसप्रियम् ।।


आधा कच्चा रस मुक्त, दुर्गन्ध युक्त बासा भोजन अपवित्र है। उसका त्याग करना ही योग्य है।

आयुर्वेद और गीता का दिव्य समन्वय ज्ञान है। इस ज्ञान की जरूरत है, जीवन मे इस ज्ञान को पूर्णत जीने की आयुर्वेद यह शक्ती है, तो भगवद गीता गुरु मण्डल है, इन दोनो का समन्वय ही. परम शिव तत्व की प्राप्ती है। अन्तमे हमे एक ही संदेश प्राप्त होता है, “योगस्थ गुरु कर्माणि”। हमारे सब दुखो का कारण एक ही है। हमारा स्वयं पर का विश्वास अविश्वास में परिवर्तित हुआ है। हमे अपनी शक्तिया ज्ञात नही है। हम उलझे हुए रहते हैं। भगवत गीता यह हमे ज्ञान प्रदान करती है जो भीतर तमोगुण हैं, उस तमोगुण पर रजोगुण से अंकुश रखा जाए। रजोगुण पर सत्व गुण से अंकुश रखा जाए। परम् पुरूषार्थ यही हैं सत्व गुण पर आध्यात्म से जीता जाए। हमारा स्वरुप ज्योर्तिमय है। हम वस्तु से, किसी कारण से जहा है, वह वस्तु स्थिति नही हैं। हमे खोज करनी है मेरे जीवन का लक्ष्य क्या है? सबसे पहले हम एक दिव्य ज्योति है। फिर हमारा शरीर पांच तत्वों से बनकर एक आकार और स्वरुप धारण करने लगता हैं। फिर हम प्राण बनकर उभर आते हैं। हमारे भीतर का वातावरण हमे प्राण वायु देकर तुष्ट और पुष्ट करता है, हम चेतनामय बनते जाते हैं। पृव्थि से बीज , बीज का पौधा जब धरती को चीर कर प्रकाश की ओर बढ़ता जाता है। वह अमृतस्य भोजन का अधिकारी बन जाता हैं। वह ऊर्जा अन्न रूप धारण कर धरती से प्रसाद बनकर ग्रहण करने योग्य बन जाता हैं।वह उस तपस्या का फल स्वरुप होता हैं। वह ऊर्जा रूपी अन्न शरीर में जाकर रस बनकर हमे ओज, बल से परिपूर्ण करता है, अन्न ही औषधि बन जाता है।

A latent light

।। तस्मिन् सति श्वासप्रश्वासयोर्गतिविच्छेदः प्राणायामः।।

हमारा जीवन जीने के लिए अन्न और जल जितना महत्व पूर्ण है, उतना ही महत्व पूर्ण है, वायु। क्या हम सिर्फ वायु के सहारे जिंदा रह सकते है क्या ? बिल्कुल ही नहीं। हम शरीर में नासिका के द्वारा वायु खींचते है, नही! बल्कि नासिका रंध्र से वायू के साथ प्राण तत्व भी भीतर जाता है। इसी प्राण तत्व के आधार पर ही शरीर अपनी संपूर्ण गतिविधियां पूर्ण करता है। हमारा जीवन अन्न और जल पर ही आश्रित नही हैं। शरीर के भीतर गई हर एक श्वास के साथ यह प्राण शक्ति हमारा साथ देती है। प्राण शक्ति चैतन्य रूप में उभरती है। यही शक्ति कुण्डलिनी स्वरुप धारण कर कपाल भेदन करती हुई परम गति को प्राप्त होती है। इसी लिए महर्षि पतंजलि ने अष्टांग योग के चतुर्थ पाद में प्राण के विस्तार को ही प्राणायाम कहा है। प्राणायाम के नियमित अभ्यास से प्राणशक्ति में वृद्धि होती है। प्राणशक्ति का स्वरुप महर्षि पतंजलि जी ने सूत्र देकर प्रकाश डाला है। अथर्व वेद के प्राण सूक्त में प्राण की महिमा बताई है।

जो हमारे वायु मंडल में ऋण आवेषित कण होते है वह कण भीतर जाती हुई वायु के माध्यम से रक्त में प्रवेश करता है, यह श्वसन प्रक्रिया का एक अंग है। यही माध्यम हैं विजातीय द्रव्य को बाहर फेंकने का। परंतु प्राणायाम यह नहीं है, डीप ब्रीदिंग (गहरा श्वास-प्रश्वाँस लेने की प्रक्रिया) प्राणायाम है। प्राणायाम जानने से पूर्व ‘प्राण’ शब्द को जानना होगा। संस्कृत में ‘प्राण’ शब्द की व्युत्पत्ति ‘प्र’ उपसर्ग पूर्वक ‘अन्’ धातु से हुई मानी जाती है। अन् धातु-जीवनी शक्ति चेतना वाचक है। इस प्रकार ‘प्राण’ शब्द का अर्थ चेतना शक्ति होता है। प्राण और जीवन प्रायः एक ही अर्थ में प्रयुक्त होते हैं। प्राणायाम शब्द के दो खंड हैं एक ‘प्राण’ दूसरा ‘आयाम’ है। प्राण यहां जीवन तत्त्व हैं, और आयाम का अर्थ है विस्तार। प्राण शब्द के साथ प्राण वायु जोड़ा जाता है। तब उसका अर्थ नाक द्वारा साँस लेकर फेफड़ों में फैलाना तथा उसके ऑक्सीजन अंश को रक्त के माध्यम से समस्त शरीर में पहुँचाना भी होता है। यह प्रक्रिया शरीर को जीवित रखती है। अन्न और जल के बिना कुछ समय तक गुजारा हो सकता है, परंतु साँस के बिना तो दम घुटने से कुछ समय में ही जीवन का अंत हो जाता है। प्राण तत्त्व की महिमा जीवन धारण के लिए विराट की संकल्पना है।

प्रणायाम पूरे अष्टांग योग का ही प्राण है। प्राण वह ऊर्जा है, जो संपूर्ण ब्रह्मांड में व्याप्त है। क्युकी यही ऊर्जा सब प्राणी, वनस्पति यो में सुक्ष्म और सशक्त रूप में पाई जाती हैं। जीवधारियों की जड़ और चेतन का‌ समन्वित रुप एक ज्ञान है, और दूसरा क्रिया है। दोनों को ही गतिशील रखने के लिए संव्याप्त प्राण ऊर्जा से पोषण मिलता है। इसी आधार पर जीवधारियों का अस्तित्व है। प्राण शक्ति की गरिमा सर्वोपरि होने और उसी के आधार पर निर्वाह करने के कारण जीवधारियों को, प्राणी कहते हैं। प्रकृति अनुदान के रूप में हर प्राणी को मात्र उतनी ही प्राण ऊर्जा देती है, जिससे वह अपने जीवित और गतिमान रह सके। इसके अतिरिक्त यदि किसी को कुछ महत्त्वपूर्ण प्राप्त करना होता है, तो उसके लिए उसे विशेष पुरुषार्थ करना पड़ता है। उसे संकल्प बल से ब्रह्मांड चेतना में से प्राण ऊर्जा की अभीष्ट मात्रा प्रयत्न पूर्वक खींचनी पड़ती है और साँस के सहारे जिस तरह ‘ऑक्सीजन’ समस्त शरीर में पहुँचाई जाती है, उसी प्रकार वह प्राण ऊर्जा की अतिरिक्त मात्रा भी पहुँचानी पड़ती है। इस प्रकार योगशास्त्रानुमोदित विशेष क्रिया-प्रक्रियाओं द्वारा उस अतिरिक्त प्राण को अभीष्ट अवयवों एवं संस्थानों तक पहुँचाना पड़ता है, प्राण में निहित ऊर्जा, ओज, तेज, वीर्य और जीवनदायनी शक्ति। वही आयाम है, विस्तार, फैलाव, अवरोध या नियंत्रण। अंतः प्राणायाम का अर्थ हुआ है, प्राण अर्थात् श्वसन का विस्तार, और फिर उसका नियंत्रण।इस प्रकार ऊर्ध्वगति प्राप्त होकर आध्यात्मिक प्रयोजन पूर्ण होता है।

सृष्टि में जो चैतन्यता है, उसका बीज ही प्राण है। यही प्राण तत्व सृष्टि में गतिमान हो रहा है। यही संसार की उत्पत्ति का कारण है। समस्त सृष्टि कल्प के आदि और अंत में आकाश रूप में परिणति हो जाती एवं सभी शक्तियाँ प्राण में ही विलीन हो जाती हैं। नई सृष्टि उत्त्पति में प्राणत्व ही अभिव्यक्त होकर विभिन्न संरचनाओं के रूप में अपना परिचय देता है। पृथ्वी के गुरुत्वाकर्षण एवं अणुओं की चुंबकीय शक्ति में प्राण शक्ति ही विद्यमान है। चेतना जीवों की हलचलों में वही प्रेरणा प्रदाता है, तो उत्पादन, अभिवर्धन का मूल प्राण स्पंदन ही है। यही जीवों को नवीन सृष्टि के लिए परस्पर आबद्ध करता। काम की प्रचंड शक्ति प्राण का ही एक भाग है। इसका निम्नस्तरीय स्तर है-काम-वासना अर्थात् भीतर बहुत मात्रा में क्रोध, और जुड़ाव है। प्राण शक्ति की उपासना सर्वश्रेष्ठ है। प्राण वह ब्रम्हाण्डीय द्वार है जो आपको भीतर का दर्शन कराता हैं।

विचारों की प्रखरता एवं वाणी की तेजस्विता प्राणतत्त्व आधर पर ही प्रकट होते है। विचार इसी से सशक्त बनते तथा दूसरों पर प्रभाव छोड़ते हैं। विचारक, मनीषी, संत महापुरुषों के विचार एवं उपदेश निकट के ही नहीं अपितु दूरदर्शी होते हैं। उन्हें श्रेष्ठता की ओर बढ़ चलने की प्रेरणा देते हैं। यह प्राण शक्ति का ही प्रभाव है, जो अपने विचारों के अनुसार अन्यों को चलने, अनुगमन करने को बाध्य करती है। प्राणायाम साधना का लक्ष्य इस तत्त्व को जानना तथा उस पर नियंत्रण प्राप्त करना है। नियंत्रित प्राण इतनी बड़ी संपदा है जिसके समक्ष संसार की सभी भौतिक संपदाएँ छोड़ी जा सकती हैं। उस महाशक्ति से प्रकृति को भी वशीभूत किया जा सकता है।

वेदों में प्राण शक्ति महिमा बताई है, जिसमें जिज्ञासु ऋषि से पूछता है,

“कस्मिंतु भगवो विज्ञाते सर्वमिदं विज्ञतो भवति” ?

ऐसी कौन-सी वस्तु है जिसका ज्ञान होने पर सब कुछ ज्ञात हो जाता है। ऋषि उत्तर देते हुए कहते हैं कि “यह प्राण तत्त्व ही है जिसे जान लेने के बाद कुछ जानना अवशेष नहीं रहता।”

इसी कारण श्रुति कहती है कि “प्राण तत्त्व को समझने उस पर नियंत्रण प्राप्त करने से प्रकृति के समस्त रहस्यों को अनुभव किया जा सकता है। प्राण पर विजय प्राप्त कर लेने का अर्थ है-प्रकृति पर विजय प्राप्त करना, प्रकृति की अन्य शक्तियाँ प्राण संपन्न व्यक्ति की अनुगामिनी होती हैं।

अनंत प्राण समुद्र की यह सबसे निकट की तरंग है। इस पर यदि नियंत्रण किया जा सके तो उस प्राण के महासमुद्र से संपर्क जोड़ा जा सकता है।

प्राण समस्त प्राणियों में जीवनी शक्ति के रूप में प्राण शक्ति विद्यमान है। वैचारिक प्रखरता उसकी उच्चतम अभिव्यक्ति हैं। इसके अतिरिक्त भी प्राण की वृत्तियाँ हैं जिन्हें हम जन्म-जात प्रवृत्ति अथवा ज्ञान रहित चित वृत्ति भी कहते हैं। इन्ही वृत्ति के निरोध को महर्षि पतंजलि जी ने योग कहा है। योग है चित्त की वृत्तियों का निरोध। जब हम प्राण तत्व में विद्यामन अनंत तत्व को भीतर स्थापित करेगे तो उस अनंत की शक्तियां आपके भीतर आएगी। यही वह स्थिति है जिसे वेद कहते है,

। यथा पिंडे तथा ब्रम्हांडे।

इसी शरीर के भीतर ब्रम्हांड मौजूद है। आपको जागरूकता चाहिए।अचेतन मन द्वारा संचालित प्रवृत्तियों में भी प्राण तत्त्व की ही अव्यक्त भूमिका होती है। शरीर की समस्त क्रिया प्रणाली इसी के द्वारा संचालित हैं। विश्व में अस्तित्व के प्रत्येक स्तर पर एक अखंड ऊर्जा का प्रवाह दिखाई पड़ती है। वही भौतिक संसार के विभिन्न रूपों में व्यक्त होता हैं। प्रत्येक वस्तु इस अनंत प्राण की एक भँवर है। लाखों प्रकार के जीव प्राण की विभिन्न स्तर की अभिव्यक्तियाँ हैं। सूक्ष्म जगत् में भी प्रविष्ट करने पर वह अखंडता दिखाई पड़ती है। ईथर को संपूर्ण जड़ जगत् को सूक्ष्मावस्था माना जाता है। वह प्राण की स्पंदनशील सूक्ष्म स्थिति है। यह सबमें व्याप्त है। यह ब्रह्मांड व्यापी सूक्ष्म प्राण शक्ति ही है, अध्यात्म साधनाओं के माध्यम से ग्रहण, आत्मसात् करने पर प्राण-प्रयोग बन जाती हैं। इसे ही खींचकर अपने विकसित सूक्ष्म शरीर धारण कर योगीजन दिव्य क्षमता संपन्न बनते हैं। अध्यात्म विज्ञान की यह विद्या आत्मिक कायाकल्प में व मानसिक क्षमताओं के अभिवर्धन में बड़ी सफलता पूर्वक प्रयुक्त की जा सकती है, इसे अपने जीवन में परीक्षित कर ऋषियों ने ग्रंथों में भी स्थानापन्न किया है। प्राणतत्त्व समस्त भौतिक और आत्मिक संपदाओं का उद्गम केंद्र है। सर्वत्र संव्याप्त है।

स्वामी विवेकानंद ने प्राण की विवेचना ‘साइकिक फोर्स’ के रूप में की है। इसका अर्थ मानसिक शक्ति हुआ है। यह मस्तिष्कीय हलचल हुई, पर प्राण तो विश्वव्यापी है। यदि समष्टि को मन की शक्ति कहें या सर्वव्यापी चेतना शक्ति का नाम दें, तो ही यह अर्थ ठीक बैठ सकता है। व्यक्तिगत मस्तिष्कों की मानसिक शक्ति की क्षमता प्राण के रूप में नहीं हो सकती। मन की सर्वव्यापी क्षमता में अदभुत सामर्थ्य होता है। मानसिक एवं शारीरिक क्षमताओं के रूप में प्राण शक्ति के प्रकट होने का प्रखर होने का परिचय प्राप्त किया जा सकता है, पर वह मूलतः अधिक सूक्ष्म है। प्राण के साथ वायु विशेषण भी लगा है और उसे प्राण वायु’ कहा गया है। उनका तात्पर्य ऑक्सीजन, नाइट्रोजन आदि वायु विकारों से नहीं वरन् उस प्रवाह से है जिसकी गतिशील विद्युत तरंगों के रूप में भौतिक विज्ञानी चर्चा करते हैं। अणु, उष्णता, प्रकाश आदि की शक्ति धाराओं के मूल में संव्याप्त सत्ता कहा जा सकता है।

आधिदैविकेन समष्टिव्यष्टिरूपेण हरेण्यगर्भेण प्राणात्मनैवैतद् विभुत्वमाम्नायते नाध्यात्मिकेन । -ब्रह्मसूत्र शांकर भाष्य

समष्टि रूप हिरण्यगर्भ विभु है। व्यष्टि रूप आधि – दैविक अणु।

इस अणु शक्ति के आधार पर ही पदार्थ विज्ञान खड़ा है। विद्युत, प्रकाश, विकिरण आदि की अनेकानेक शक्तियों उसी स्रोत से क्रियाशिल रहती हैं। अणु के भीतर जो सक्रियता है वह सूर्य की है, यदि सूर्य का प्रकाश पृथ्वी तक न पहुँचे तो यहाँ सर्वथा अंधकार ही होगा। अणुओं की जो सक्रियता पदार्थों का आविर्भाव एवं परिवर्तन करती है उसका कोई अस्तित्व दिखाई न पड़ेगा। भौतिक विज्ञान ने इसे सूर्य द्वारा पृथ्वी को प्रदत्त-अणु शक्ति के रूप में पहचाना है और उससे विभिन्न प्रकार के आविष्कार करके सुख साधनों का आविर्भाव किया है। पर यह नहीं धारण करना चाहिए कि विश्वव्यापी शक्ति भंडार मात्र अणु शक्ति की भौतिक सामर्थ्य तक ही सीमाबद्ध है। वस्तुतः यह विपुल संपदा इससे भी कई गुना अधिक है, जड़-चेतन सभी में समान रूप से संव्याप्त है। जड़ जगत में शक्ति तरंगों रूप में संव्याप्त सक्रियता के रूप में प्राण का परिचय दिया जा सकता है और चेतन जगत में उसे संवेदना कहा जा सकता है। इच्छा, ज्ञान और क्रिया इसी संवेदना के तीन रूप हैं। जीवंत प्राणी इसी के आधार पर जीवित रहते हैं। उसी के सहारे चाहते, सोचते और प्रयत्नशील होते हैं। इस जीवनी शक्ति जितनी मात्रा जिसे मिल जाती है वह उतना ही अधिक प्राणवान कहा जाता है।

प्राणायाम जितना सरल और आसान प्रतीत होता है, उतना है नहीं। जब कोई व्यक्ति प्राणायाम की चेष्टा करता है तो लगने लगता है कि यह कोई हंसी-खेल नहीं है, बल्कि एक जटिल परन्तु सार्थक कला है। प्राणायाम कोई काल्पनिक क्रिया नहीं है अपितु तत्काल प्रभावशाली है। प्राणायाम की कई क्रियाएँ सूक्ष्म से सूक्ष्मतर होती चली जाती हैं। आज के दौर का व्यक्ति कुछ ज्यादा ही तनावपूर्ण हो गया है। संतुलित एवं शांतिमय जीवन जीना जैसे बहुत कठिन हो गया है। स्नायुविक और रक्त संचालन कुछ प्रणालियों को प्रभावित करने वाली चिंताएँ और रोग अपेक्षाकृत बढ़ गए हैं। व्यक्ति मानसिक समस्याओं से पीड़ित हैं तो कुछ व्यावहारिक कारणों से खुद को शांत व स्थिर बनाए रखने के लिए वह तरह-तरह के मादक द्रव्यों का सेवन करता है किंतु उनसे शांति नहीं मिलती बल्कि वह जीवन को नर्क बना लेता है। संभवतया धूम्रपान और मादक द्रव्यों से वह कुछ समय के लिए दुःख भूल जाएँ परंतु यह समस्या का हल नहीं है। वे शारीरिक और मानसिक विकार तो पुनः लौटकर आ जाते हैं। हमने प्रयोगात्मक रूप से देखा है कि जीवन में प्राणायाम जैसा सशक्त माध्यम अपनाने से हम कई समस्याओं को हल कर सकते हैं। प्राणायाम तर्क, वाद-विवाद से परे है। इसे सीखने के लिए उल्लास, धैर्य, आत्म-समर्पण, गुरु-निर्देश और सावधानी पूर्वक की गई चेष्टा की ज़रूरत होती है और यही इसे सार्थकता प्रदान करती है।

आयुर्वेद में भी वायु का विशेष और महत्त्वपूर्ण स्थान प्रतिपादित करते हुए महर्षि चरक ने चरक संहिता सूत्रस्थान 12/7 में स्पष्ट किया है कि वायु-शरीर और शरीर अवयवों को धारण करने वाला प्राण, उदान, समान, अपान और व्यान इन पाँच प्रकारों वाला, ऊँची और नीची सभी प्रकार की शारीरिक चेष्टाओं का प्रवर्तक, मन का नियंत्रक और प्रणेता, सभी इन्द्रियों को अपने-अपने विषय को ग्रहण करने में प्रवृत्त कराने वाला, शरीर की समस्त धातुओं का व्यूह वाला, शरीर का संधान करने वाला है। वाणी का प्रवर्तक, स्पर्श और शब्द की प्रकृति, श्रवण और स्पर्शन इन्द्रिय का मूल, हर्ष और उत्साह, जठराग्नि करने को प्रदीप्त करने वाला, विकृत दोषों का शोषण करने वाला स्वेद, मूत्र, पुरीष आदि मलों को बाहर निकालने वाला, स्थूल और सूक्ष्म स्त्रोतों का भेदन करने बाला है। इस प्रकार अकुपित वायु, आयु या जीवन के अनुवृत्ति निर्वाह में सहायक है। यह भी कहा है कि प्राण को मातरिश्वा कहते हैं। वायु ही प्राण है। भूत, भविष्य और वर्तमान सब-कुछ प्राण में ही अधिष्ठित है।

आत्मा को महात्मा, देवात्मा और परमात्मा बनने का अवसर इस प्राण शक्ति की अधिक मात्रा उपलब्ध करने पर ही संभव होता है। चेतन की विभु सत्ता जो समस्त ब्रह्मांड में संव्याप्त है चेतन प्राण कहलाती है। उसी का अमुक अंश प्रयत्न पूर्वक अपने में धारण करने वाला प्राणी-प्राणवान एवं महाप्राण बनता है। आज जरूरत है इस प्राण शक्ति के आव्हान की। यही शक्ति हर समय श्वास के साथ अपना परिचय देती है। इसी शक्ति के अभाव में मृत्यु ही है। हमे प्राण शक्ति को शरीर के साथ साधना है। तोड़ देनी है खुद की सीमाएं और साध्य करना है वह लक्ष्य जिसे हम पाना चाहते है? अंत में हमारे जीवन का लक्ष्य क्या है?